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Read Ninth In The World Chapter 864 – The Starry Sky Saber Sect

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Chapter 864: The Starry Sky Saber Sect

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Di Jiu regretted leaving the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone in such a hurry. He had actually forgotten to ask Dao Lord Po Xu where he could find the Soul-Gathering Immortal Lotus. However, Dao Lord Po Xu would not be leaving the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone anytime soon, so he could afford to ask him again when he returned.

The nomological escape technique was without a doubt the fastest escape technique in this universe. In combination with the use of Teleportation Arrays during the journey, it took Di Jiu only two weeks to arrive at the Great Ultimate Realm from the Mountain Gaze Forbidden Zone.

Di Jiu had achieved the impossible by reaching the Great Ultimate Realm in such a short time.

The void square near the entrance of the Great Ultimate Realm’s Defense Array was crowded. Countless cultivators boarded their flying boats there and disappeared far into the distance. Evidently, these cultivators knew that the Great Ultimate Realm was about to collapse, so there was no point in staying there.

Many cultivators were anxious, however, for not every cultivator was used to wandering in the void. To them, the Great Ultimate Realm was their home. Once the Great Ultimate Realm disappeared, they would become homeless. Should they wander in the void, they would only die.

Additionally, not every cultivator wished to explore the void on their journey to becoming an exceptional expert. Most cultivators wished to cultivate peacefully and live their life.

However, these were all empty hopes and dreams now. Most of the sects and regions in the Great Ultimate Realm had already been swallowed by the black mist. Only the sects that were located very far away from the mist remained unscathed. It was not hard to imagine that the entire Great Ultimate Realm would completely disappear in the near future.

In the Great Ultimate Realm, anyone who was present when the black mist was swallowing things would die. There was no exception.

“Brother Di!” A happy voice was heard the moment Di Jiu landed on the Great Ultimate Void Square.

He recognized the cultivator immediately. It was Ren Jisha, who had traded the Two-Realm Flower with him. Ren Jisha must have been severely injured after they had met previously, as his face looked gray.

“Brother Di is here! The Great Ultimate will be saved!” Ren Jisha came up to Di Jiu and bowed deeply.

Upon hearing that, almost everyone looked at Di Jiu. This was the first time since the Great Ultimate Realm had started facing trouble that they heard someone say that the realm would be saved.

Even late-stage Dao Integration cultivators would be lost forever after entering the black mist. Who else could save the Great Ultimate Realm other than third-step experts?

“Senior Di, please save the Great Ultimate Realm…” Before Di Jiu could answer Ren Jisha, he heard a sorrowful plea. Then, a lady knelt in front of him.

“Are you Su Qianqian from the Winter Valley?” Di Jiu immediately recognized this woman.

He could not believe that Su Qianqian would kneel in front of him for the Great Ultimate Realm’s sake.

“Yes, it is indeed me.” At that moment, Su Qianqian knew that Winter Valley’s Grand Elder Jiu You had already been killed by Di Jiu.

Di Jiu was the enemy of the Winter Valley, yet she had no choice but to kneel in front of him. After all, in a few days, the Winter Valley would be swallowed by the black mist as well.

If the Winter Valley was destroyed under her care, she would be condemned as a sinner forever. Even if she died, it would not be a peaceful death. It was very simple for a sect to be destroyed, as time was its worst enemy.

Ren Jisha hurriedly came over and explained, “The black mist will be swallowing the Winter Valley in a few days, Brother Di.”

I see… Di Jiu looked at Su Qianqian and said nonchalantly, “Stand up. The fact that I intend to save the Great Ultimate Realm has nothing to do with the Winter Valley.”

“Okay, okay.” Su Qianqian agreed as she hastily stood up.

Di Jiu had nothing to say to the Sect Master of the Winter Valley, so he turned to Ren Jisha and asked, “Is the Two-Realm Flower useful?”

Ren Jisha replied gratefully, “Thank you, Brother Di. My son would have died if you had not given me the Two-Realm Flower. Other than saving my son, you have also saved me once. It is just that I never had the opportunity to thank you face to face.”

Di Jiu knew what Ren Jisha was implying. Ren Jisha might have been killed by Jiu You if Di Jiu had not killed the latter.

“Shao Bingshan from the Heavenly Elixir Sect greets you, Senior Di.” Another lady walked over and bowed.

Di Jiu knew this female cultivator as well. She had once bet with him and helped him win Yin Yueshu’s Moon Core. She was quite stubborn and obnoxious but she had a good heart.

Di Jiu nodded at her. He was about to speak when the surrounding cultivators pleaded collectively. “Senior Di, please save the Great Ultimate Realm.”

Even though Di Jiu had left the Winter Valley immediately after obtaining the Moon Core, the legend of him had already been spread by the partic.i.p.ating cultivators.

Therefore, stories of Di Jiu could be heard everywhere in the Great Ultimate Realm, even though he was physically not in the realm itself. It was said that even Dao Integration expert Jiu You of the Winter Valley had not survived a Dao Integration attack and had been killed as a result. Some people even said that the Great Ultimate Realm’s most arrogant woman, Yin Yueshu, and her master had chased after Di Jiu but had not been his match either…

These were rumors with proof to support them. The number of baseless rumors was much greater.

Now that someone had taken the lead, even more people started begging Di Jiu to save the Great Ultimate Realm. The Great Ultimate Realm had always lacked a leader or a leading sect, which had resulted in a very scattered distribution of power. Now that this crisis had happened, the homeless cultivators of the various exterminated sects finally knew what it meant to be in a state of disunity.

At the moment, even though many people did not know if Di Jiu could save the Great Ultimate Realm, they would not let go of a ray of hope. At most, Di Jiu would die and they would continue their search for the next candidate.

Di Jiu took a step forward in the air, cupped his fists, and announced, “I came here with the intention to save the Great Ultimate Realm. However, I fear that people might say that my actions are unjustified. The reason the Great Ultimate Realm ended up in this state is because it was in a state of disunity. I have decided to build a sect in the Great Ultimate Realm and use its name to restore the realm’s former glory…”

Di Jiu would not have wanted to build a sect if Dao Lord Po Xu had not suggested this to him. He agreed, however, so he had decided to build a sect there. Before he finished speaking, numerous people expressed their support. So long as he could save the Great Ultimate Realm, they did not care even if Di Jiu wanted half of the realm for himself.

“Senior Di, I am an Itinerant Cultivator and an alchemist. If you wish to build a sect, I’d willingly be the first to join it,” proclaimed a young cultivator loudly in excitement.

Di Jiu recognized this young man as Dan Yan, the cultivator who had debated with Shao Bingshan whether the elixir residue could upgrade the cla.s.s of the elixir pill. The fact that the latter had become an Alchemy Deity as an Itinerant Cultivator ill.u.s.trated just how impressive Dan Yan’s apt.i.tude for the Alchemy Dao was.

“Alright, I accept you as a disciple.” Di Jiu knew that Dan Yan had a good character, so he decided to accept the young man as a disciple.

“Senior Di, I’m willing to join your sect as well…”

Now that Dan Yan had taken the lead, many cultivators immediately rushed up and announced their wish to join the sect.

Di Jiu waved his hand dismissively. “We can discuss this matter later. Now, we must save the Great Ultimate Realm first.”

Di Jiu would not accept anyone as his disciple, for his cultivation Dao would only accept a niche group of people.

“Congratulations on building the sect, Sect Master Di. What will be its name?” Ren Jisha was the first to congratulate him, even going as far as to offer up a present.

Di Jiu did not accept the present. Instead, he said, “Let us put this off until the sect’s celebration in the near future. The sect will be called the Starry Sky Dao Sect.”

The words “starry sky” originated from his starting cultivation technique, the Starry Sky Art. However, upon deciding on this name, he sensed that it was not a good match for him. Therefore, he amended it and announced, “The name of the sect I’m going to build is Starry Sky Saber Sect!”

Since his Dharma treasure was the Heavenly Aqua Saber, he changed the sect’s name to Starry Sky Saber Sect instead.

Almost as soon as Di Jiu said “Starry Sky Saber Sect”, the sky rumbled. Then, nine thick currents of lightning struck down on him.

Stunned, everyone frantically retreated. This was the first time they witnessed lightning attacks from the void when the name of the newly-built sect had just been announced.


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