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Read No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right? Chapter 114 – The Golden Wheel of Expiation, Ancient Bodhi Tree

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Chapter 114: The Golden Wheel of Expiation, Ancient Bodhi Tree

The ancient city of Qingzhou.

The venue of the Sword Dao Meet.

Tens of thousands of cultivators looked at Ye Ping in shock.

When Ye Ping’s voice sounded, even Wei Lin couldn’t help but look at him.

He simply did not believe that Ye Ping could condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation.

However, at this moment, as a gentle breeze blew past, a smile of epiphany appeared on Ye Ping’s peerlessly handsome face.

In the next moment, Ye Ping opened his eyes.

At the same time, the Golden Light of Expiation vanished.

It was as if the entire Qingzhou Ancient City had slipped into eternal darkness.

“Hahahaha! You call this an epiphany? I really thought you had comprehended something, but I didn’t think you were actually pretending to be impressive here, hahahaha!”

“If you can condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation, I, Wei Lin, will eat the p.o.o.p of everyone in Qingzhou, hahahaha!”

Wei Lin sneered.

His voice was full of maniacal derision.

However, at this moment, Ye Ping opened his eyes and spoke up.

“At the very beginning, the first person to be expiated by the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning is of superior-grade. The Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning tells the sutra.”

There were ancient sounds.

As the breeze blew over, Ye Ping suddenly thought of a sutra.

The supreme Daoist sutra, the expiation sutra.

Ye Ping had chanced upon that sutra when he was hunting.

In the past, Ye Ping did not understand the mystery of that sutra, but now, he understood a portion of it.

He recited the sutra.

When he recited the first word, a beam of light, which seemed to be from the Nine Heavens, shone from above.

The dazzling golden light shone in the entire Qingzhou Ancient City.

The ancient sounds were like thunder that spread throughout the ancient city, and the Five-Grudge Ancient Poison gas dissipated too. All the cultivators who were still confused or in the midst of killing stopped their attacks.

Their gazes became clear.

The millions of resentful spirits stopped wailing too and instead fell silent.

“Hurry up and look at the ground.”

Someone exclaimed out loud.

All the cultivators could not help but look at the ground either.

With Ye Ping as the center, several golden lotuses suddenly appeared in the surroundings.

“This is the Earthly Golden Lotus!”

“Look at the spot above the sky dome, there are petals falling, aren’t there?”

“Ah, this is such a messy scene. Great, great, Senior Brother Ye has really comprehended it.”

“Earthly Golden Lotuses are everywhere, I never thought that I would get to witness this sight in my lifetime. I will die without regrets.”

“I’ve comprehended, I’ve really comprehended.”

“Hahahaha, long live Senior Brother Ye!”

“Long live Senior Brother Ye.”

The tens of thousands of cultivators at the venue were so excited that they couldn’t contain their emotions at all. They really didn’t expect that Ye Ping had really comprehended it himself.

“Hurry up and look, guys. Look what has appeared behind Senior Brother Ye!”

At this moment, someone noticed a golden light appearing behind Ye Ping’s head.

“It’s the Golden Wheel! The Golden Wheel! The Golden Wheel of wisdom. Oh my G.o.d, he has really condensed the Golden Wheel of Expiation.”

“Heavenly Venerable, Ye Ping is the best in Qingzhou.”

“Heroes are all young. The ancient people are right!”

Several cultivators of the older generation spoke up one after another. They were astonished.

The Qingzhou City Lord laughed bitterly and said, “He’s such a genius. I wonder how many geniuses have been dealt a heavy blow because of this.”

Ye Ping’s apt.i.tude was incredible. If word about it got out, the Qingzhou cultivators would be anguished.

At this moment, a dazzling Golden Wheel of Expiation appeared behind Ye Ping’s head, which represented the supreme realm of wisdom and enlightenment.

Once the golden wheel appeared, Wei Lin wailed miserably immediately, as if he had been burned.

“Impossible! Impossible! How is it possible to really condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation!?!”

“This is impossible, this is impossible. Is Heaven out to kill me? Is Heaven out to kill me?”

Wei Lin refused to believe that Ye Ping could really condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation.

However, the problem was that Ye Ping had indeed managed to do it. Not only had he condensed it, but it was also an extraordinary Golden Wheel of Expiation.

It was the Supreme Golden Wheel of Expiation.

That wasn’t all. At this moment, an ancient tree suddenly appeared behind Ye Ping. It was emerald green and had ten thousand tree branches that emitted turquoise light. They drooped and made Ye Ping look extremely wise.

“Ancient Bodhi Tree!”

“This is strange, it’s the Ancient Bodhi Tree.”

“What a strange sight. What a strange sight!”

Everyone was shocked.

Sikong Jiantian, who was on the battlefield, was just as stunned.

Not only was he surprised, but he was a little sour too.

“Ancient Bodhi Tree and the Golden Wheel of Expiation. How can there be such an extraordinary figure in Qingzhou? I thought that I’m the best genius in Jin Nation and can stay in my position for hundreds of years, but it seems like it won’t be long before this kid takes it away from me.”

Sikong Jiantian was a little upset.

He hoped that Ye Ping would be able to condense the Golden Wheel of Expiation, but he really didn’t want Ye Ping to produce such strange phenomena.

After all, once Ye Ping had condensed it, the gap between the two of them would become much larger.


Under the Ancient Bodhi Tree, Ye Ping slowly spoke up. He didn’t have any means and merely said that word.

At this moment, countless resentful spirits were reincarnated.

The millions of resentful spirits, too, completely disappeared with a single thought.

At this moment, Wei Lin’s resentful spirit was also suffering an inexplicable pain. He had committed too many sins in his life and was rendered powerless in the face of the Golden Wheel of Expiation. Hence, he had to pay the due price for all that he had done in the past.

At this moment, the Five-Grudge Ancient Emerald Gourd could no longer struggle either as it landed in Ye Ping’s hand shakily.

It was an ancient treasure.

However, with the enhancement of the resentment, it turned into a heretical object.

Now that Ye Ping had cleansed the resentment it contained, the original appearance of the emerald gourd was revealed too.

It was a Connate Emerald Spiritual Gourd.

Ye Ping naturally stowed it away in his pocket.

Just like that, all his troubles were resolved.

Peace was restored completely in the Qingzhou Ancient City.

Ye Ping’s phenomena gradually vanished.

There was silence.

Absolute silence!

Everyone was watching everything in shock.

It was because everything seemed particularly unreal.

A second ago, they were still struggling and some were even ready to die.

However, at this moment, all the troubles seemed to have been resolved.

The drastic changes seemed surreal.

The reason being, they happened too quickly.

Ye Ping’s speed of subduing Wei Lin was way too quick and he didn’t need a fancy process at all. All he needed was one word to subdue the terrifying demon.

For cultivators with low cultivation levels, it all seemed surreal. But for Chen Zheng and the others, they were very clear about how terrifying the Golden Wheel of Expiation was.

Wei Lin wasn’t too weak, Ye Ping was just too strong.

The method of expiation was not a cultivation level, but another path, and those who possessed the Golden Light of Expiation did not necessarily have to be Golden Core cultivators. Meanwhile, those who had the Golden Wheel of Expiation were not as simple as cultivators at the Nascent Soul realm.

However, they were unclear of how powerful it was exactly because everyone’s Golden Wheel of Expiation was different and naturally, the power was different.

At this moment, tens of thousands of people spoke up after they snapped back to their senses.

“Thank you for intervening to help us and to save the lives in Jin Nation.”

Chen Zheng and the others spoke.

They turned towards Ye Ping and bowed to him respectfully.

At this moment, Sikong Jiantian could not help but look at Ye Ping.

He didn’t thank him but he was smiling.

Sensing the emotions of the crowd, Ye Ping did not say anything more.

Ye Ping returned to Qingzhou this time to establish his sword intent in hopes of letting Su Changyu understand his Heart of the Sword Dao.

His intervention was mainly for himself and the people of the world were of second priority.

Hence, he didn’t think he was all that n.o.ble and benevolent. Of course, he was glad to have obtained merit and saved the world too.

However, Ye Ping did not want to continue staying any longer since the matter had already been resolved.

He believed that Su Changyu must have been hiding in the shadows and watching him. He felt that Su Changyu definitely couldn’t appear at this juncture because he was a peerless Sword Immortal.

Hence, Ye Ping got up and bowed.

After a while, he slowly spoke up.

“Since the matter has been resolved, I plan to return to the sect. I’ve been away for several months and I’m afraid that I might worry my Senior Brothers.”

Ye Ping planned to go back to the sect instead of staying behind.

First of all, he had been out for almost two months but he hadn’t learned anything yet.

He felt that staying in the sect was much more relaxing and he could learn some things too.

“Fellow Daoist Ye Ping, are you just going to go back? How about taking a good rest in the Qingzhou Ancient City?” Chen Zheng hurriedly asked.

He no longer addressed Ye Ping as his junior and instead saw him as an equal. After all, Ye Ping’s actions were enough for him to be considered a Fellow Daoist.

Upon hearing that Ye Ping was intending to leave, Chen Zheng hurriedly tried to make Ye Ping stay too. After all, Ye Ping had done him a great favor and he felt that that called for a celebration.

“Yes, Senior Brother Ye, why don’t you stay for a few more days?”

“Senior Brother Ye, where is your sect? I must visit you when I have the time.”

Everyone spoke up one after another, hoping that Ye Ping would stay for a celebration.

“Nah, the Qingzhou is in a mess now. If I stay behind, I will affect the recovery.”

“Please don’t disturb the sect either. My master likes being quiet, I hope you will understand. If we meet again in the future, we can drink and chat, but as for visiting the sect… forget it.”

Ye Ping hurriedly interjected when he heard that someone wanted to visit him at the sect to thank him.

It wasn’t that Ye Ping was afraid of receiving visitors, but mainly because the sect was full of experts with eccentric personalities.

The hidden sects had to be in quietness. If someone came to disturb them every now and then, he would never get to become an official disciple.

Indeed, as soon as Ye Ping said that, everyone came to a sudden realization. They had more or less already guessed that Ye Ping’s sect was secretly a sect of experts, which was the reason that he was told not to let anyone disturb them.

At this moment, Sikong Jiantian suddenly spoke up.

“Ye Ping, there are some things I have to talk to you about. Come with me to a quieter place.”

His voice attracted the curiosity of many.

Not far away, Chen Zheng seemed to have understood something after hearing Sikong Jiantian’s voice.


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