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Chapter 165: Huangfu Tianlong, Dominating Everything

At the rear cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

Gu Jianxian slowly appeared in front of everyone.

While walking, he was slightly unsettled.

Despite knowing that Su Changyu was a wastrel, just like most of the people in the Qingyun Dao Sect, Gu Jianxian somehow felt that he had become a beginner again.

He felt the same as he did when he just entered the immortal sect.

The feeling was strange and wonderful, but in any case, it made his long-jaded heart ricochet again.

Hence, Gu Jianxian was willing to accept it all as he just treated it as a fresh start.

In fact, Gu Jianxian was a supreme Sword Dao expert, but he still couldn’t cross the last realm.

He had been stuck at it for a full 500 years.

Lots of things had changed in 500 years, and even some small dynasties had changed several times before.

Gu Jianxian thought about becoming a mortal for the sake of breaking through the last realm.

However, he hesitated to become a mortal.

Becoming a mortal was easier said than done.

Becoming a mortal was not as simple as going to the mortal world to experience life as a mortal. The struggles and battles between immortal cultivators were full of deception, schemes, and danger. Compared to the dangerous world of immortal cultivation, the mortal world was really nothing.

The true mortalization was almost like going through reincarnation again, where one would forget everything and start anew as a human. Even their cultivation would be removed and they would just be ordinary humans.

Those who were luckier might even get to join an immortal sect while those who were unlucky might die after encountering a mishap.

That was the real mortalization. It was full of the unknown and dangers. One would understand the true meaning of life during the rebirth.

It was not that Gu Jianxian did not have the courage to become a mortal, but because he had some emotional ties.

Now that he had met Su Changyu by chance, Gu Jianxian wanted to try a new way of life.

Since he was there, he would take it easy and stay there.

They arrived at the rear cliff, and Gu Jianxian looked at Ye Ping before bowing to him. “Greetings, Uncle-Master.”

Gu Jianxian saluted.


Ye Ping returned the greeting. If it were under normal circ.u.mstances, he wouldn’t have to do so, but this time, Gu Jianxian was older than him so he naturally had to do so.

“Disciple-Nephew Gu, Senior Brother has asked me to teach you the Sword Dao today, but it’s my first time teaching, so I hope you won’t mind.”

Ye Ping was modest and politely stated that it was his first time teaching.

“You’re being too serious, Uncle-Master.”

Gu Jianxian still had a deadpan expression on his face. It seemed that his character was just like that.

“Oh, okay.”

Ye Ping didn’t care about Gu Jianxian’s emotions and instead drew his longsword and immediately closed his eyes.

After a while, Ye Ping suddenly drew a sword mark on the ground.

Xia Qingmo and Da Xu, who were at the side, were rather puzzled by what Ye Ping had done, but they did not say anything and waited for Ye Ping to continue.

“Disciple-Nephew Gu, I’ve engraved a little bit of Senior Brother’s sword intent into this sword mark. Take a good look.”

“If you can comprehend a little something, it’ll prove that you are slightly talented. So, you can take a look at another sword mark.”

At this point, Ye Ping pointed to a sword mark that was not far away.

The sword mark was already somewhat blurry but it was still vaguely visible.

“This is the sword mark left behind by your master, who is also my eldest Senior Brother. It contains his supreme sword intent. Comprehend it well, don’t be in a hurry. You must know the logic of more haste less speed.”

Ye Ping smiled.

‘Okay, I’m done teaching.’

However, Ye Ping called it a day.

Both Xia Qingmo and Da Xu were confused.

‘Just with this?’

‘Are you teasing us?’

‘We told you to use the simplest method but not to such an extent.’

‘What you taught is as good as not teaching at all.’

‘This is doable by anyone with hands.’

‘Big Brother, you shouldn’t be that lazy even if you want to skive.’

Xia Qingmo and Da Xu really did not expect that Ye Ping would use such a method to teach Gu Jianxian. If that was it, they could do it too.

However, what made the two of them the most shocked was that…

Gu Jianxian spoke up.

“Thank you for your teaching, Uncle-Master.”

Xia Qingmo and Da Xu were dumbfounded.

‘What kind of people are the both of them?’

One dared to teach and the other dared to learn.

“It’s alright, everything I know, I learned from your master so he deserves credit.”

Ye Ping did not think much about it.

However, Ye Ping looked at the expressions of Xia Qingmo and Da Xu, and he couldn’t help but be curious.

“Why do you guys have such expressions?”

Ye Ping asked curiously.

“No, it’s just our first time seeing such a teaching method. We can’t quite accept it.”

Da Xu was bewildered.

Xia Qingmo did not say much.

“Extreme people resort to extreme means. Da Xu, don’t blame me for lecturing you, but you’ve been sealed for so long, times have changed.”

Ye Ping wanted to pat Da Xu’s shoulder, but he was more than two meters tall and it was hard to do so. Hence, Ye Ping did not pat him.

“Okay, Disciple-Nephew, stay here and comprehend well. I’m going to go cultivate. If you do not understand anything, come straight to me.”

Since he had taught what he should have, Ye Ping didn’t say anything more. Since he had to cultivate too, he couldn’t keep wasting time there.

Ye Ping found a place and started to meditate and cultivate.

He was still thinking about how to perfect his Foundation Establishment, which was a matter that he had been thinking about for the past few days.

Gu Jianxian did not say anything more and instead stared at the sword mark on the ground, seemingly pondering about something.

Xia Qingmo and Da Xu looked at each other, both at a loss for words.

At this moment, outside the Jin Nation Academy.

There was a young man dressed in a long green robe.

The young man looked extremely handsome and was about seven feet tall. However, the most eye-catching thing about him was his pure golden hair that made him look like the G.o.d of the sun.

His s.h.i.+ny golden hair cascaded down his back, greatly accentuating his aura and appearance.

No matter where he appeared, he would be the existence that drew the most attention.

He was Huangfu Tianlong.

At the age of only eighteen years old, he had cultivated to the sixth level of the Great Dragon and Elephant Ancient Technique.

He awakened the power of the Dragon and Elephant, and now had an invincible body.

When one’s combat power reached a certain extreme, the Dharmic Dao would no longer matter because cultivators at this level would be as fast as lightning. They were terrifying and one would be delusional for thinking that they could suppress them using Dharmic Dao.

Huangfu Tianlong merely appeared outside the Jin Nation Academy.

Yet, he had already attracted the attention of many who gathered outside the Jin Nation Academy.

Among them, many were powerhouses of the Ten Nations who had been following Huangfu Tianlong, just to see how invincible this genius was.

He dominated the nine nations in seven days.

That was probably a battle record that no one could surpa.s.s within a hundred years.

“I, Huangfu Tianlong, am here at the Jin Nation Academy to fight all enemies.”

At this moment, a loud voice sounded.

It was Huangfu Tianlong’s voice that reverberated throughout the entire Jin Nation Academy.

At this moment, several figures appeared outside the Jin Nation Academy.

They were the geniuses of the Jin Nation Academy, and when looking at Huangfu Tianlong, their expressions changed after just taking a glance.

At their realm, they could see through plenty of things at just one glance.

Huangfu Tianlong was truly worthy of his name. He had a terrifying physical body, and when standing still, he was like a mountain. His aura alone was extremely oppressive, and it was as if the Dragon-Elephant shadow had condensed behind him.

He had the physique of a dragon.

He had the strength of an elephant.

It was a symbol of the Major Perfection of his physical body.

Fang Lei and the others were astonished. He was simply too terrifying, and none of them dared to make a move.

“Greetings, Senior Brothers.”

At this moment, Huangfu Tianlong bowed at Fang Lei and the others politely.

Fang Lei and the others could only respond stiffly, but Huangfu Tianlong soon spoke up.

“I, Huangfu Tianlong, have come to challenge the Jin Nation Academy. Is there anyone who will come forth to take on the challenge?”

Huangfu Tianlong asked.

He was very calm, but his words were somehow derisive and harsh.

‘Is there anyone who will come forth to take on the challenge?’

‘What does that mean? Has he concluded that no one from the Jin Nation Academy is going to fight?’

There was a trace of anger in their eyes. Although they were furious, they could not say anything and thus had no choice but to remain silent.

“Junior Brother Huangfu, since you want to fight, then go to the combat arena.”

The first generation disciple looked at Huangfu Tianlong and invited him to a battle.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Huangfu Tianlong shook his head and said, “No need to go to the combat arena. We’ll fight right here. The Ten Nations Grand Tournament is happening in ten days, I want to get this settled sooner so that I can go cultivate.”

Huangfu Tianlong spoke up. Since the Ten Nations Grand Tournament was just around the corner, he wanted to get it over and done with sooner so that he could focus on cultivating.


Finally, someone couldn’t help but speak up. It was Fang Lei who then took a step forward and looked at Huangfu Tianlong with his eyes full of anger.

Although Huangfu Tianlong was strong and he didn’t deny it either, Fang Lei felt that Huangfu Tianlong was being too arrogant.

Even if the Jin Nation Academy was a relatively low ranking academy, they did not deserve to have their dignity trampled on.

It was the rule to fight in the combat arena, but Huangfu Tianlong repeatedly defied the rule and disrespected the Jin Nation Academy.

Being a young person too, Fang Lei was full of zeal and vigor. Hence, he naturally couldn’t stand it.

In an instant, everyone looked at Fang Lei.

The disciples of the Jin Nation Academy looked at Fang Lei with admiration in their eyes. Although they knew that Fang Lei could not beat Huangfu Tianlong, they thought that he was brave enough to stand up to Huangfu Tianlong.

“Oh? How so?”

Huangfu Tianlong looked at Fang Lei, giving the latter the creeps, as if he was being stared at by a real dragon.

“The rules of the compet.i.tion are that all bouts have to take place in the combat arena. The fact that you’re blocking the gate of my Jin Nation Academy is already a defiance of the rules and you’re provoking us too. Isn’t that being arrogant?”

Fang Lei continued to speak and reprimand Huangfu Tianlong, his voice sounding like a bell.

However, Huangfu Tianlong did not get angry at all and instead smiled.

“Along the way here, I defeated all the geniuses, and there are invincible experts everywhere in the Nine Nations. None of the ones in Li Nation, Chen Nation, and Jing Nation called me arrogant. Yet, you did.”

“Moreover, the dignity of the academy is earned with our hands. Since I came to challenge you, you can just defeat me to restore your dignity. Why bother to continue arguing here?”

Huangfu Tianlong was indeed arrogant, and his words were even more provocative.

All of a sudden, everyone in the Jin Nation Academy was furious.

“Okay, in this case, I’ll take on the battle.”

Fang Lei didn’t talk nonsense and simply arrived in front of Huangfu Tianlong.

“Fang Lei, no.”

“You have just recovered from a serious illness, you’re no match for him.”

“You’ve only just recovered from your injuries, don’t fight.”

The first generation disciples of the Jin Nation Academy hurriedly stopped Fang Lei.

After all, Fang Lei had been seriously injured previously and had just recovered recently. He was laden with some ailments too, and even in his heyday, he wouldn’t be able to beat this Huangfu Tianlong.

However, Fang Lei was a young man after all and was full of vigor and zeal. How could he stand such an insult? He stubbornly walked towards Huangfu Tianlong and challenged him to a battle.

“You’re too weak and you’re injured. I won’t bully you. Even if I win, it won’t mean anything.”

However, Huangfu Tianlong, who was like the G.o.d of the sun, did not accept Fang Lei’s challenge and instead could tell right away that Fang Lei had been injured. Besides, even if Fang Lei wasn’t injured, he still wouldn’t be his match. He was too weak and he didn’t want to take action.

“You either fight or shut up.”

However, Fang Lei did not say any nonsense and immediately challenged him to a battle.

“You’re too weak.”

Huangfu Tianlong shook his head, his eyes clear and calm as he stood still like a condescending G.o.d. He did not show any contempt, however.

“Whether one is weak or not has to be proven by action, not talk.”

Fang Lei continued to speak. He knew that he could not defeat Huangfu Tianlong, but he would not allow Huangfu Tianlong to continue insulting the Jin Nation Academy either.

“How silly.”

Huangfu Tianlong sighed and gazed at Fang Lei. In the next moment, the terrifying roar of a dragon sounded.


A terrifying power emanated from Huangfu Tianlong’s body, as if a True Dragon was awakening. It immediately sent Fang Lei flying. He did not move and simply got into his strongest stance.

He defeated Fang Lei.


Fang Lei was blown away, and a first generation disciple immediately caught him but was still pushed backwards by dozens of steps.


“Is the sixth level of the Great Dragon and Elephant Ancient Technique that terrifying?”

“He defeated Fang Lei without even making a move?”

“I know Fang Lei, he’s the best among the second generation disciples of Jin Nation. He’s very competent and he practices physical cultivation. I didn’t expect Huangfu Tianlong to defeat him without having to make a move.”

“He’s too strong, he’s really too strong. Huangfu Tianlong has dominated the nine nations and after leaving each place he visits, his strength will increase greatly. At this rate, he’s destined to be invincible.”

“The Great Dragon and Elephant Ancient Technique is an ancient technique. If not for the harsh conditions of cultivation, it would be a supreme secret technique. How many people since ancient times can reach the sixth level before the age of 18?”

“It’s hard to imagine how strong he will be when he reaches the 13th level.”

“13th level? That’s impossible. It’s said that the powerhouse who created this technique is only at the tenth level of cultivation. Someone at the 13th level would probably be able to break the sky dome, right?”

With Huangfu Tianlong’s attack, the surrounding cultivators couldn’t help but marvel at Huangfu Tianlong’s strength.

The disciples of the Jin Nation Academy were also bewildered.

They knew that Huangfu Tianlong was powerful but didn’t know that he was actually so strong.

He sent Fang Lei flying without even attacking? That was absurd.

“I don’t want to really hurt anyone. It’s just a sparring contest. You can be courageous but don’t be without any schemes.”

At this moment, Huangfu Tianlong did not seem gleeful at all. Instead, he even spoke up and tried to lecture the disciples of the Jin Nation Academy.

His words were full of provocativeness.

Although it was the truth, he sounded very arrogant.

However, it couldn’t be helped because that was just what the geniuses were like. If they had such strength, they could do it too.

“Let me do it.”

At this moment, someone appeared.

It was a man who knew that he couldn’t beat Huangfu Tianlong but was also aware that the Jin Nation could not be embarra.s.sed.

He could afford to lose but not without putting up a fight.

Huangfu Tianlong did not refuse the battle. He had come here to sharpen his martial arts skills and also to challenge the Jin Nation Academy. It was not only to hone his skills, but also to establish his martial arts Dao Heart.

He wanted to defeat the Ten Nations and only then could he establish his Dao Heart.


Huangfu Tianlong struck almost immediately, but as soon as he did, a figure flew out horizontally like a kite with a broken string.

“Let me do it.”

Someone spoke up, not giving Huangfu Tianlong any chance at all. They knew that once they exhausted Huangfu Tianlong’s energy, anyone who fought him later would not lose badly.


It was another figure.

“Let me do it.”

The person said.

At this moment, the second generation disciples of Jin Nation Academy attacked one after another.

His fearless spirit moved many people, but the reality was harsh and fearlessness did not mean invincibility.

Losing was losing.

One move.

One move.

One move.

Huangfu Tianlong seemed to be invincible, and the crowd even realized that Huangfu Tianlong didn’t use his true form at all.

He used the Dragon Elephant Divine Fist to tell the crowd what it meant to suppress.


Utter despair.

There were no more second generation disciples in the Jin Nation Academy.

All the second generation disciples had lost, and in the end, Duanmu Yun also stepped up to fight, only to end up getting defeated by a single move.

Now, they could either send the first generation disciples or admit defeat.

“I want to fight the first generation disciples. A meaningless battle is unnecessary.”

At this moment, Huangfu Tianlong wanted to fight the first generation disciples.

The second generation disciples were really vulnerable to attacks.

He felt that it was a meaningless battle.

At this moment, the first generation disciples looked at each other.

They also wanted to fight and suppress his anger.

However, they knew even better that even if they could go on, they might not necessarily win. Even if they won, it would not be a glorious victory.

They were all Golden Core realm cultivators who were geniuses.

Huangfu Tianlong was only a cultivator at the late stage of the Foundation Establishment realm. If it was a real battle, it would not be a glorious victory.

Finally, the man in the feathered robe spoke up.

“Jin Nation has lost.”

He was somewhat powerless as he said those words.

They conceded defeat.

Yes, they actually conceded defeat.

The onlookers were all disappointed to hear his words. They did want to see the first generation disciples of Jin Nation make a move.

It was not that they wanted to see the strength of the first generation disciples, but rather, they wanted to see how strong Huangfu Tianlong really was.

However, they did not expect themselves to lose.

Huangfu Tianlong had really won.

He trumped all the academies in the Ten Nations.

In fact, this was already a predestined thing since Huangfu Tianlong won the first few major academies in a row.

However, they were still shocked.

A genius had really emerged in Nan Nation.

At this moment, a trace of disappointment appeared in Huangfu Tianlong’s eyes.

He was looking forward to a battle with the first generation disciples of Jin Nation.

Unfortunately, the other party had ultimately chosen to turn down the battle.

At this moment, someone suddenly spoke up.

“Not yet.”

A voice sounded.

It was the voice of a newly matriculated disciple.


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