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Chapter 170: Qingmo Leaves, Ye Ping Returns To The Residence

Late at night, in the Qingyun Dao Sect.

The sky was as dark as ink.

Everyone gathered inside the dining hall again.

Since Xia Qingmo was leaving tomorrow, Daoist Tai Hua cooked a feast again, but this time, he put in even more effort.

At the dinner table, no one talked about the farewell.

Instead, they asked Xia Qingmo about some things about the Great Xia Dynasty.

“Princess Qingmo, it’s said that the palace of the Great Xia Dynasty is extremely luxurious, is that true?”

Chen Lingrou looked at Xia Qingmo and asked curiously.

After all, she had never even seen the Jin Nation palace before, let alone that of the Great Xia Dynasty.

“Lingrou, your question is too silly. The Great Xia Dynasty is definitely opulent and luxurious. It’s one of the five major dynasties. I bet each pillar of the palace is made of gold.”

“Gold? You’re underestimating the Great Xia Dynasty, it should at least be made with superior-cla.s.s jade.”

Xu Luochen and w.a.n.g Zhuoyu were arguing about what the pillars of the Great Xia Dynasty palace were made of.

Xia Qingmo smiled calmly.

“It’s not made of jade, but a type of violet-gold divine wood. Gold and jade are too tacky, so such things will not appear in the Great Xia Dynasty.”

Xia Qingmo said.

After she said that, everyone was shocked.

“How big is the Great Xia Dynasty then?”

Chen Lingrou asked.

“I’m not sure how big it is, there are 3,333 palaces within the imperial palace itself, and each one is almost ten times the size of this place. There are also places of wors.h.i.+p and Ancestral Dragon Lands, which are all very large. In the entire palace, there are a thousand gardens, a thousand places to enjoy a picturesque scenery. There’s a majestic mountain in two areas in the Northwest that are used for summer vacations.”

Xia Qingmo explained.

She did not exaggerate at all, and even deliberately chose not to go into great detail.

“3,333 palaces? What do you need so many palaces for?”

Chen Lingrou was dumbfounded. In her opinion, a palace was magnificent and spectacular enough, and 3,333 palaces were simply extremely exaggerated.

Soon, Chen Lingrou kept bombarding her with lots of questions.

For example, she asked about the type of chopsticks used by the emperor, as well as the emperor’s diet.

The crowd also listened with great interest.

However, after Xia Qingmo explained clearly in detail, they somehow felt that the dishes on the table were a lot less fragrant.

Apart from Gu Jianxian, the rest did not have much of an appet.i.te. After all, they had just heard about the luxurious fare that the emperor often enjoyed.

Looking at the dishes on their own table, they naturally felt some inexplicable emotions.

The dinner lasted till late at night.

On the front cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect, Xia Qingmo sat alone on the edge of the cliff, quietly gazing at the black dome of the sky.

The cold wind blew and crumpled Xia Qingmo’s long skirt.

There was still a trace of melancholy on her beautiful face.

In fact, she had always been that way. When she was in the palace, she would be in low spirits all day and her mood would be lifted only when she was out of the palace.

No one bothered Xia Qingmo as they all knew that she wanted to be alone and quiet.

Ye Ping appeared.

He did not say anything and instead brought a brush, ink, and some rice paper over.

It had been a long, long time since he had painted.

Ye Ping laid the rice paper on the ground and habitually pressed down the corners with a weighted ruler.

Staring at the night scenery, Ye Ping remained silent while the cold wind blew his long hair.

On the front cliff.

Xia Qingmo had already noticed Ye Ping’s figure, and she didn’t say anything, but merely glanced at him with slight curiosity.

Upon realizing that Ye Ping had brought some rice paper, a brush, and ink, Xia Qingmo couldn’t help but be curious.

“Senior Brother Ye, do you know how to paint?”

Xia Qingmo was a little curious.

“I do know a thing or two.”

With a gentle smile on his face, he waved his brush and started painting.

He did not paint the night scenery and instead made a landscape painting.

Ye Ping waved his brush skilfully, and with a few simple strokes, he drew a majestic mountain that seemed lifelike, followed by a river.

The s.h.i.+ps seemed rather lifelike, and there was a boatman pulling a boat on the bridge. The painting seemed very ordinary but his skills were impressive.

Xia Qingmo’s gaze was full of curiosity, but for some reason, she found Ye Ping’s painting style to be extremely familiar but she couldn’t recall it immediately.

It was Ye Pin’s first time painting a landscape painting so his style was naturally different. It was normal for Xia Qingmo to be unable to tell anything.

It took less than five minutes.

The painting was completed.

Ye Ping looked at the painting with a smile on his face.

It was a landscape painting with a bridge and a winding path.

Soon, he slowly painted.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. There’s no need to worry too much.”

Ye Ping added a proverb to the painting.

It was a parting gift from Ye Ping to Xia Qingmo.

Xia Qingmo had been paying attention to Ye Ping.

The painting was actually rather excellent, and be it the scenery of the landscape or the image of the people in the painting, she could tell that it was exquisite and wonderful.

However, when those words appeared, it made Xia Qingmo feel stunned.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. There’s no need to worry too much.”

Those words somehow made Xia Qingmo feel much better as she became livelier.

However, at this time, something that made Xia Qingmo shocked happened.

Ye Ping took out a seal and started writing on it.

‘Householder Qing Lian.’


It was like a bolt from the blue.

Xia Qingmo froze in shock.

She looked at the words, feeling more astonished than she would be if she saw a peerless expert.

“Are you Householder Qing Lian?”

Xia Qingmo had been neglected and unfavored in the palace. A few years ago, her maid gave her a book of poems.

It was a book of poems by Householder Qing Lian, and she felt that she could relate to each poem.

Hence, she fell in love with the poems of Householder Qing Lian and wanted to meet him very much.

She even tried to get to meet him using her status as the princess of the Great Xia Dynasty. However, at that time, Householder Qing Lian had disappeared and no one could find him.

Hence, Xia Qingmo could only buy some of Householder Qing Lian’s paintings and take it as an indirect meeting with him.

However, she didn’t expect that her favorite poet-painter was right beside her.

Besides, he was extremely young and had even saved her life.

“It’s just a moniker.”

Ye Ping was surprised by her reaction too, but he reckoned that she knew something about him.

However, he did not care about his t.i.tle. He had already stepped into immortal cultivation, and now, he was no longer Householder Qing Lian but Ye Ping.

“Are you really Householder Qing Lian?”

Xia Qingmo walked over, her gaze still full of shock and disbelief.

Ye Ping got up, rolled up the painting, and then handed it to Xia Qingmo.


“Princess Qingmo, you and I have known each other for a while so we’re considered friends too. This painting is a gift for you. If you’re really bored in the palace, you may take a look at this painting and recall some memories.”

“However, don’t worry, maybe I’ll go to the Great Xia Dynasty Palace to look for you in a few days. I hope you’ll still acknowledge me as your friend.”

Ye Ping said with a smile.

In Ye Ping’s eyes, Xia Qingmo was one of his very few friends. Su Changyu and the rest were his Senior Brothers who were just like his relatives.

Ye Ping naturally wouldn’t forget his friends, and if it was necessary, he would also intervene to give her some help, lest she became too depressed.

“No, no, how can I deny you as my friend, Senior Brother Ye?”

After receiving Ye Ping’s exact answer, Xia Qingmo had some inexplicable emotions.

In the palace, she spent her lonely days reading Ye Ping’s poetry collection, and although it would be a bit exaggerated to say that she was in love, she had indeed repeatedly imagined what kind of a person Householder Qing Lian was.

She had also imagined countless times how her first meeting with Householder Qing Lian would be.

However, she did not think that it would be so sudden and incredible.

Perhaps, that was life. There were just too many strange things.

“Princess Qingmo, no matter what you encounter, do not give up. Although I have no idea what you have actually experienced, I won’t advise you to let it go, but you just have to remember that there is a rainbow after the storm.”

“You must be happy in life, don’t mull over the small things.”

Ye Ping gave Xia Qingmo a few more words of advice.

After saying this, Ye Ping left.

He did not come over to dissuade Xia Qingmo, but he merely came over to talk some sense into her.

Now that he had already said what he should, Ye Ping did not continue.

On the cliff, Xia Qingmo watched as Ye Ping left.

After Ye Ping left, Xia Qingmo looked at the scroll in her hands and soon had a heartfelt smile on her face.

Six hours pa.s.sed.

The sky had brightened.

The Wei-Wu Marquis iron cavalry also arrived, but it was not as magnificent as before. The cavalry of less than a few hundred people also kept a low profile.

Even the Wei-Wu Marquis Bo Zhong did not come over personally and instead sent his subordinates to meet Xia Qingmo.

They were very respectful and did not dare to make a fuss.

When parting, Xia Qingmo said goodbye to all of them one by one.

They were also rather reluctant.

After spending a short period of time together, they could tell that Xia Qingmo was very pitiful and they knew very well that they might not meet again.

However, all good things must come to an end. Everyone gave Xia Qingmo a farewell token, which was considered a memento.

Su Changyu, in particular.

He picked a secret manual and gave it to Xia Qingmo because he had nothing else to give her. Hence, he had no choice but to pick out a secret manual from the pavilion that was up to standard.

The cover of the manual was t.i.tled “Heaven and Earth Immortality Technique”

Su Changyu did not read it since it was a gift. If Xia Qingmo could pick up something from it, it would further confirm his status as a peerless expert, but if she couldn’t, it would only mean that Xia Qingmo was inferior to Ye Ping.

“Everyone, if you are free in the future, you can also come to the capital to look for me. I’d definitely set up a banquet to entertain you guys.”

Finally, after saying that, Xia Qingmo left with the cavalry while everyone watched.

Once Xia Qingmo left, all the people in the Qingyun Dao Sect were overwhelmed by the sadness of parting.

Everyone was speechless and at a loss for words, but since it was not a life and death situation, they soon resumed their respective duties.

Just like that, another four hours pa.s.sed.

Outside of Jin Nation.

A large dragon boat of the Great Xia Dynasty was cruising through the sky dome quickly.

Xia Qingmo was standing silently at the end of the dragon boat.

At this moment, the Wei-Wu Marquis appeared.

“Princess Qingmo.”

Bo Zhong’s voice made Xia Qingmo snap back to her senses.

“Greetings, Wei-Wu Marquis.”

Xia Qingmo turned around and bowed to the Wei-Wu Marquis but she was a little curious. At this moment, he was wearing a mask on his face for some reason.

“Princess Qingmo, I should not be intervening in the matters between dynasties, but there are some things that I have to remind you about.”

“Now, there are many internal and external problems in the Great Xia Dynasty. Ever since that incident happened, the Great Xia Dynasty’s luck has been plummeting and the other four major dynasties are all coveting us.”

“Therefore, the marriage alliance with the Great Ze Dynasty cannot be changed. I really don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“However, I don’t care what you think either. In fact, no one in the entire Great Xia Dynasty will care about what you think.”

“The marriage alliance with the Great Ze Dynasty is beneficial to the border warfare, so everything is destined.”

“If you’re willing to take my advice, don’t cause any extra trouble or harbor any other ideas. Otherwise, it might lead to death or even the collapse of the nation.”

The Wei-Wu Marquis’ voice was calm and he wasn’t looking at Xia Qingmo but the heaven and earth.

He had already said what he had to and did not want to say anything else.

“Got it.”

At this moment, Xia Qingmo’s voice sounded. In just two simple words, she explained everything.

Soon, Xia Qingmo returned to the s.h.i.+p to rest.

The Wei-Wu Marquis remained silent and sighed for a long time for some reason.

Just like that, in the blink of an eye, three days pa.s.sed.

On this day, Ye Ping had to return to the Jin Nation Academy.

It was not that Ye Ping wanted to return to the Jin Nation Academy, but rather, he had come over this time to ask Xu Luochen about the pill formula.

He was naturally told to go back earlier. He procrastinated till now, entirely because Ye Ping wanted to stay in the Qingyun Dao Sect for a longer period of time.

On this day, Ye Ping made a special trip to go see Su Changyu.

“Eldest Senior Brother, are you there?”

In the room. Su Changyu was studying the Sword Nurturing Technique.

Although there were some twists and turns when he went out some time ago, he had nonetheless obtained the supreme sword technique, the Sword Nurturing Technique.

Ever since he got the Sword Nurturing Technique, Su Changyu felt better and better about himself because whenever a cultivator appeared in front of him, Su Changyu would memorize the battle.

Although there were times when he almost lost, like when he faced the Wei-Wu Marquis previously, the final result was that he had obtained hundreds of consecutive victories.

Be it Ye Ping, Gu Jianxian, the Wei-Wu Marquis, the Fiendcelestial Cult disciples or pa.s.sersby, they would all be defeated after Su Changyu looked at them.

Upon hearing Ye Ping’s voice outside, Su Changyu immediately snapped back from his thoughts.

In an instant, he knew what Ye Ping had come to him for.

He knew that Ye Ping was definitely there for the supreme sword intent.

However, Su Changyu had already thought of something to say in the past few days, and he was now waiting for Ye Ping to come to him.

“Come in.”

Su Changyu said.

In the next moment, Ye Ping pushed open the door and walked into Su Changyu’s room.

“Greetings, Senior Brother.”

Upon sight of Su Changyu, Ye Ping immediately bowed.

“Ye Ping, don’t be so polite.”

Su Changyu instructed solemnly.

“Junior Brother, did you come here to ask me about the matter of Jin Nation’s supreme sword intent?”

Su Changyu asked calmly.

“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother, I was at the Jin Nation Academy to comprehend the sword intent some time ago, but I feel that I might have thought wrongly. So, I thought that I should come and ask you about it. Where is the supreme sword intent in Jin Nation Academy?”

Facing Su Changyu, Ye Ping was not embarra.s.sed. He was rather open and curious about the sword intent in the Jin Nation Academy.

Su Changyu did not rush to answer his question.

He then slowly poured a cup of tea for Ye Ping.

After a while, Su Changyu said, “Ye Ping, remember well that the true supreme sword intent is hidden in the most conspicuous places and also in the least conspicuous place. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be the supreme sword intent.”

Su Changyu said indifferently.

In fact, Su Changyu was indeed good at describing, and all his words were full of a Zen style. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too poor, and if his realm could catch up, it would mean even more.

Ye Ping was rather silent in the room as he was carefully comprehending Su Changyu’s words.

After a while, Ye Ping seemed to have comprehended.

“Senior Brother, I understand.”

Ye Ping probably understood what Su Changyu meant.

‘There must be a supreme sword intent in the Jin Nation Academy but Eldest Senior Brother can’t tell me. Otherwise, it would not be a supreme sword intent. I have to comprehend the real supreme sword intent myself without the guidance of others.’

“Good that you understand. Take good care of yourself this time, don’t let us worry.”

Hearing Ye Ping say that he understood, Su Changyu couldn’t help but slowly sigh with relief.

‘Good, finally, we have overcome this ordeal.’

“Okay, I won’t bother you any longer then, Senior Brother.”

Ye Ping nodded, and then got up to leave.

At noon, Ye Ping also bid farewell to his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters in the sect.

The Senior Brothers were also a bit reluctant to see him leave, but they knew that Ye Ping must go to the Jin Nation Academy because only then could he really learn the real Dao.

However, Lin Bei and Xue Zhuan gave Ye Ping two manuals of insights before they left.

“Ancient Talismans Full Volume”

“The Three Thousand Treasures of the Great Dao”

The fourth Senior Brother, Xue Zhuan, cultivated in talismans while the fifth Senior Brother, Lin Bei, had a special profession and that was treasure appraisal.

Their insights made Ye Ping overjoyed.

Ye Ping thought he would have to go back to the sect next time to ask the fourth and fifth Senior Brothers for advice, but he didn’t expect that they had already prepared those books of insights for him.

Finally, Ye Ping, who was supposed to leave at noon, said goodbye to all the people and delayed until the afternoon to leave.

Da Xu stayed in the Qingyun Dao Sect. He did not want to leave, much less go to the Jin Nation Academy.

He would rather stay in the Qingyun Dao Sect and have a relaxed time.

However, in order to prevent Da Xu from going outside to cause trouble, Ye Ping left the Band Curse on him. Once Da Xu developed any evil thoughts, the golden hoop would be activated and Ye Ping would sense it immediately too.

Just like that, after settling everything, Ye Ping returned to the academy using the Teleportation Array.

The array formation that he had set up at the academy had a Teleportation Array that could allow him to return directly to the Jin Nation Academy.

At the same time, outside the Jin Nation Academy.

As usual, Huangfu Tianlong came outside the door of the Jin Nation Academy.

He had done that for eight consecutive days.

Huangfu Tianlong had gone to the Jin Nation Academy for eight consecutive days and asked if Ye Ping had returned.

However, the answers he got everyday were much to his disappointment.

The Ten Nations Grand Tournament would be happening in a few days.

However, just as Huangfu Tianlong was getting ready to return to the inn, he suddenly heard a piece of news.

Ye Ping… had returned.


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