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Read No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right? Chapter 76 – Scaring Him Out of His Wits

No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right? is a web novel created by Dark Knight.
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Chapter 76: Scaring Him Out of His Wits

Kong Hai froze in shock.

He saw a beam of golden light flash by not far away.

Unfortunately, the white mist obscured his vision, and he couldn’t see clearly who it was.

“Is he an expert from a Dao Sect or a Buddhist monk?”

Kong Hai was a little surprised.

The existences in Jin Nation that could condense the Golden Light of Expiation were few and far between.

It was extremely difficult for a cultivator to condense the Golden Light of Expiation.

Firstly, one would have to condense a thousand powers of merit, which could not be obtained just by killing a thousand vengeful spirits.

Instead, it was a true expiation. Kong Hai spent 15 years, but he only ended up condensing about 670 power of merit.

There was still a long way to go before he could obtain a thousand of them. Besides, even if one had gathered a thousand power of merit, they would only be able to sculpt the Golden Buddha Body and then nurture the golden light afterwards.

Hence, those who could have the Golden Light of Expiation were all Dao experts who were genuinely advanced in the Dao.

The golden light would wash away all resentment.

The Linhe Ghost Grave had been rather tumultuous lately, and the senior monk of the temple thought that it was because the seal of the Linhe Ghost Grave was a little lax. Hence, he sent Kong Hai over to investigate.

Unless the Ghost King was resurrected, it was unlikely that it would attract the attention of an advanced Dao expert.

“I think it should be a senior, but unfortunately, I can’t just leave and wander off on my own. There are two patrons here. If I leave, there will definitely be ghost cultivators coming to trouble them.”

Kong Hai was feeling rather upset because he wanted to go see that expert.

However, considering the fact that Ye Ping and Su Changyu were right beside him, he dared not leave, for fear that the ghost cultivators would take advantage of the situation.

At this moment, a bunch of lonely ghosts gathered in the white mist.

“Why haven’t Lan’er and Yang Wen come back after being away for so long?”

“Yeah, it’s already been half an hour. If we keep delaying, the array formation will vanish and we’ll be in trouble.”

“Could they be in danger?”

There were about 30 of those ghosts, which were considered a small force in the Linhe Ghost Grave. They would usually just capture some cultivators who were on their own and absorb their Yang energy.

“It can’t be. Those two are only Qi Refinement cultivators. Yang Wen and Lan’er are at least at the Perfected realm of Ghost Soldiers, which is tantamount to the Perfected realm in Qi Refinement. They won’t be in trouble unless they have provoked that monk, but I don’t detect any Buddhist power.”

The man who was taking the lead said so in a firm tone.

“Lord, could it be that those two cultivators are pretending to be at the Qi Refinement realm but are actually already at the Foundation Establishment all for the sake of luring us there?”

“Otherwise, why would two Qi Refinement cultivators, one of whom is only at Level 2 of Qi Refinement, dare to come to the Linhe Ghost Grave?”

One of the vengeful spirits asked, seemingly very curious.

As soon as he said that, the other ghosts were shocked.

They thought about it and realized that it was indeed possible.

“It shouldn’t be possible, there are millions of vengeful spirits in the Linhe Ghost Grave. He can deceive us but not the other evil ghosts. Besides, even if that’s the case, there is no need to worry.”

“I’ve already broken through to the Ghost Warrior realm. Even if the two of them are cultivators of Foundation Establishment realm, they won’t be able to do anything to me.”

“Well, they can’t possibly condense the Golden Light of Expiation, right?”

The leader of that bunch of ghosts was very confident. He was a cultivator of the Ghost Warrior realm, which was equivalent to the Foundation Establishment realm for Qi cultivators.

Besides, they were at the Linhe Ghost Grave, which gave them an inherent advantage.

During a battle where both parties were evenly matched in realm, he was confident that they definitely wouldn’t die at the hands of the other party. Hence, he was fearless.

Thus, the ghost cultivators nodded.

Indeed, so what if Ye Ping and Su Changyu were really pretending to be weaker than what they really were?

They couldn’t be at the Golden Core realm and pretending to be at the Qi Refinement realm, right?

That was basically impossible. Moreover, Golden Core Perfected Ones would not likely come to such places.

‘They can’t really condense the Golden Light of Expiation, right?’

While the ghost cultivators were pondering about it, a voice suddenly sounded.

“He’s here, he’s here!”

As the voice sounded, the ghosts quickly perked up one after another.

As expected, a familiar figure appeared in their line of sight.

All of a sudden, they were overwhelmed with excitement.

“Don’t move, let him come closer, lest that monk ruins things.”

“Also, don’t kill him right away. Scare him first, so it’ll be easier for us to absorb the Yang energy.”

The leader instructed the ghosts not to be agitated and take action only after Ye Ping was closer.

“Boss, don’t worry, I’ll definitely scare him to death.”

“Hehehe, it’s rare for someone to show up here. We have to take our time and play.”

“Yes, I hope this guy isn’t like the one who came previously. We scared him to death right away.”

The ghosts guffawed loudly. They were extremely excited and eager.

Not far away, Ye Ping looked extremely relaxed holding onto the flying sword in his hand.

He was vexed.

‘Didn’t they say this is the Linhe Ghost Grave? Why haven’t I seen a single ghost yet even after walking for so long?’

‘Where are the ghosts?’

‘Where did they go?’

‘Have they all been exterminated?’

Ye Ping was really upset. He had finally learned the method of expiation and was thinking of getting some merit, but to his surprise, there were no ghosts at all.

The feeling was so unbearable that Ye Ping couldn’t put it into words.

Thinking of this, Ye Ping could not help but bear a grudge.

However, at this moment, he was stunned all of a sudden.

The Supreme Expiation Sutra was not only used for the redemption of the souls of the dead but could also be used to expiate resentment.

‘I’m full of resentment now, can I expiate myself?’

‘If I do that, will there be merit?’

‘If there’s merit, wouldn’t it be possible for me to create my own merit?’

At the thought of this, Ye Ping couldn’t help but pat his head, and a beam of light golden light shot into his body through the top of his head.

It was the Golden Light of Expiation.

At the next moment, he had an indescribable feeling.

He felt as if he had entered the Saint mode as all his worries, stress, and dejection vanished.

The only shame was that there was no merit.

However, it felt wonderful as he felt as if he had been enlightened and gained wisdom. He couldn’t help but be in high spirits.

“There may be no power of merit, but it can put me in a state of enlightenment, bring me wisdom, and get rid of my worries. That’s not too bad.”

Ye Ping evaluated and remarked.

Although there was no power of merit, it could free him from his worries and that was quite good too.

However, just as Ye Ping was thinking about it, a chilly breeze blew over all of a sudden.

Some hoa.r.s.e and deep voices suddenly sounded.

“I… died… such a terrible death.”

The voice was extremely low and even seemed to be wailing, which was definitely hair-raising.

At this moment, Ye Ping was stunned. of black fog appeared and turned into evil, headless ghosts. Some were limbless and some were stained with blood, forming a ghastly sight.

The chilly wind blew and together with the howling, dozens of vengeful spirits crawled on the ground while glaring at Ye Ping resentfully.

Upon sight of the “dumbfounded” Ye Ping who was standing rooted to the ground, they all secretly rejoiced, thinking that Ye Ping was already shocked silly.

They really enjoyed that horror.

However, at the next moment, Ye Ping snapped back to his senses, and… there was a look of surprise in his eyes.



The ghosts were stunned.

‘What does that mean?’

‘Shouldn’t he be feeling fear?’

‘Why does he seem surprised?’

The vengeful spirits were dumbfounded.

Ye Ping, who had just snapped back to his senses, indeed looked pleasantly surprised.

After searching for five minutes, he still didn’t find a single vengeful spirit, but to his surprise, dozens appeared all at once.

How could he not be happy about that?

“I… died… such a terrible death.”

“I’m in so much pain.”

“I’m in so much agony.”

At this moment, a bloodied ghost came to Ye Ping’s feet, and it grabbed Ye Ping’s bare feet with its eyes full of resentment and indignation.

It was a ghost who had died from being hanged on a noose, as evidenced by the green mark on its neck.

The ghost stared at Ye Ping, looking forward to what he would do next.

However, at the next moment, Ye Ping squatted down and looked at that ghost benevolently.

“Are you really in a lot of pain?”

Hearing the voice, the ghost was shocked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘Why are you asking me if I’m really in a lot of pain?’

‘Do you want to expiate me?’

‘Come on, be more serious, okay? I am a ghost.’

‘Can you give me a normal reaction like most humans do?’

‘Can you cry?’

The ghost couldn’t help but criticize.

However, despite the criticism, the ghost nonetheless looked at Ye Ping pitifully.

“Yes, I’m in so much pain, can you save me?”

The ghost’s words were full of misery, and its gaze contained some vicious resentment.

At this moment, Ye Ping’s voice rang in its ears.

“It’s okay, you’ll be free from pain soon.”

Before the ghost could react, a stream of golden light appeared in the middle of Ye Ping’s palm.

In an instant, the resentful spirits froze.

“Golden Light of Expiation?”


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