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In a hurry, Feng Zhong Tian grabbed Feng Ao Xiu. He quickly turned his son the other way around and changed the topic of the conversation.

“Never mind him. He’s just tired after all the fighting from today. Anyway, how is the preparation for the banquet going?”

The First Elder wanted to ask some more question on this topic but waved it off as it does not seem to be that important. Then, he smiled, as he glanced at Feng Ao Xiu, “Second Young Master just came at the right time. The banquet will start soon!”

It was not long before the banquet started.

As expected by the event planned by the Yang Clan, the exquisite foods and wines were ones that were rare and delicious. There’s numerous entertainment where one would net got bored of watching it all day long. To prepare all of this in half a day was amazing. It’s such a shame that the venue in the Feng Clan was a little bit smaller than the Yang Clan. But overall it was still better than the banquet to celebrate the return of Feng Ao Xiu held previously.

The celebration has gone for half an hour. In the midst of all, Yang Wen Jia stood up and said in a loud voice.

“Thank you all for your effort tonight. We are here tonight to celebrate two things. First, without all of you soldiers and beloved members of the clan, we would not make it alive here today. So, as our token of grat.i.tude, do not hesitate to fill your stomach with the foods provided here.”

All of them nodded and smiled as a symbol of acceptance to the thanks given by Yang Wen Jia. Of course, no one takes his words seriously. All the people who attend this banquet were one of the significant members and high-ranking soldiers, where most of the time was on the back of the line. The lower soldiers can have their own later.

These people would not dare to fill their stomach to the brim, except Qian Lu, who’s an exception in this case. Almost half of the current food was eaten by him.

“However, our Yang Clan especially give our thanks to my son-in-law, Feng Ao Xiu. His prowess and might have saved the entire Yang Clan from extinction.”

Of course, the other agreed with Yang Wen Jia. No one can deny the importance of Feng Ao Xiu in the fight.

“Yeah! Congratulations to Second Young Master!”

“Cheers for Feng Ao Xiu.”

However, not all will cheer. No matter how good you are, there’s always someone that hates you, including Feng Ao Xiu.

“Wait! Second Young Master, please tell us why you were hiding in the bushes earlier.”

“Yeah! And also explain why you were so slow when all of us were fighting. If you’ve come earlier, there will not be so many people dead.”

Two men come forward and hurl some complaints at Feng Ao Xiu. As Feng Ao Xiu became more famous on defeating Ma Zhong, the numbers of supporter on Feng Cheng Hong decreased significantly. These men were the last two out of six Feng Cheng Hong’s supporter.

The other guests frowned upon the action of these two men. However, none of them stood up with Feng Ao Xiu, since these two make a valid point. Feng Ao Xiu’s action of hiding in the bushes and came late was inexcusable. At least they should hear for the explanation, before scolding these two men.

The focus of the attention was quickly pointed to the man in question, Feng Ao Xiu. The sudden accusation has made him panic. He glanced at his father beside him, but Feng Zhong Tian can only look back at him with helplessness.

Feng Ao Xiu gritted his teeth in. There’s no use thinking about it. He just has to give them a vague answer. Then, reply appropriately according to the response. So he answered a question with another question.

“What do you think I’m doing in the bushes?”

However, the two men replied with the answer he never expected.

“Why do you ask me? How the h.e.l.l I supposed to know what you are doing!?”

“Yeah, all we know is you’re hiding because you’re afraid. If it is not, please answer!”

Feng Ao Xiu began to sweat heavily. These two people have hatred against him, so this method of the vague answer will not work. He must find some other way.

“Do you really think I’m hiding out of fear!?” Feng Ao Xiu’s voice gets slightly coa.r.s.e. “Why don’t you two fight against me? We’ll see who’s afraid of whom.”

“No, Hiiieee…”

“Yeah! We did not mean it that way.”

Feng Ao Xiu sighed slightly as his threat work. He could not help but imagine if these people were reckless and fight against him, he would be dead already.

Feng Ao Xiu said again. “Now, everyone, please think! Why I went into the bushes? Why I’m late in going to war? How can I easily defeat Ma Zhong? All these questions have an easy answer!”

[I hope one of them comes up with some kind of an answer. Otherwise, I will be doomed!]

The others suddenly went into deep thinking.

“Did Second Young Master perhaps…”

Feng Ao Xiu looked at the man that started talking with glittering eyes.

“… Sorry, that does not work.”

Feng Ao Xiu looks down dejectedly.

“I know! Second Young Master is…”

Feng Ao Xiu’s eyes became hopeful again.

“Ummm… Never mind me. I’m wrong…”

Despair started sprouting back in Feng Ao Xiu’s eyes.

Five long minutes have pa.s.sed, but no one came up with a good idea. They finally give up.

“Second Young Master, please forgive us as our comprehension is too small. Please explain to us what is happening!”

Feng Ao Xiu too did not come up with an answer. He gulped before his shaky voice was saying.

“I… I…”

[Is this it? Is this the end? Not being able to come up with an explanation…]

“I know what happened!”

All eyes were suddenly directed to the owner of the voice.

“Fairy Xue Yi! You know?”

It was Yang Xue Yi. She walked to the front and nodded, “Yes, I know everything. This is the only possible explanation.”

She glanced at Feng Ao Xiu. However, her att.i.tude seemed a bit different than usual, as if she’s ready to reveal something groundbreaking.

“However, before I answer. Would Young Master Ao Xiu answer one question of mine?”

“Wha… What is it?”

“Young Master Ao Xiu, what’s your cultivation level?”

Feng Ao Xiu was confused, but at the same time, his heart almost explodes at this question. There’s only one answer to this, whether he likes it or not, he has to lie.

“My cultivation level is… as you know, an Ancient Earth Realm…” said Feng Ao Xiu slowly.

“Wrong!!!” Yang Xue Yi said. “You’re lying…”


Yang Xue Yi turned back and looked at the guests, “Everyone, this man is not an Ancient Earth Realm!”

[What!? No way!] Feng Ao Xiu was sweating waterfall.

“Let me tell you the truth!”

[How the h.e.l.l did she know!?] Feng Zhong Tian’s face became white as a ghost because of the nervousness.

“His real level is…”

[Nooo!!! It’s over!?]

Feng Ao Xiu and Feng Zhong Tian shouted loudly in their heart.

They do not know how Yang Xue Yi discovered the truth. But, even Feng Ao Xiu’s fake fighting show from earlier will be easy to dispel once she asked for another proof. And Feng Ao Xiu won’t be able to give one since Jun Yin Ying was currently not here.

“Ancient Sky Realm!” Yang Xue Yi said with a smile.

“Noo… Wait! What!?”


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