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Early in the morning, Qian Hui arrived at one of the Feng Clan storage.

Feng Ao Xiu angrily looks at the man that just arrived, “Do you know what time is it?”

Qian Hui didn’t answer and just stand smilingly.

After seeing no else was coming, Feng Ao Xiu said, “I feel like I already know the answer. But where is Qian Lu?”

“Fatty is sleeping like a log right now. Today is his turn to rest, we are taking turns every day.”, answered Qian Hui.

Feng Ao Xiu was not surprised at all. In fact, no emotions were shown on his face at all.

[Ah… This answer has too many faults, this Second Young Master is confused about what to say]

Feng Ao Xiu gave up on reprimanding. Instead, he explains the characteristic of pure coloured spirit stone.

“Do you understand?”

“Second Young Master need not to worry, I’ll do my best to find it!”

One hour pa.s.sed, unlike what Qian Lu did in the past, Qian Hui did not say anything. Feng Ao Xiu smiled, It looks like Qian Hui helping was the right choice. He does not bother the Second Young Master during work.

[Qian Lu was a pain, he took too much time and indecisive. Look at Qian Hui, he does not bother this Second Young Master to a question, he only sleeps calmly like a…]

[Wait! He is sleeping! He really is f*cking sleeping!]

[This Second Young Master is working hard for an hour to find a pure coloured spirit stone for you. And you’re sleeping!?]

Feng Ao Xiu wants to slap himself. He took back his words.

Qian Hui was worse than Qian Lu. Qian Lu may ask a lot of questions, he may also be dumb, but he still tries to work. But this guy was pathetic, he will tell you that he’ll do his best, then the next thing you realize, he already stabbed you in the back.

Feng Ao Xiu kicks Qian Hui in the stomach.

“Wake up!!! Wake up, you moron!”

“Whoa! Second Young Master!”, Qian Hui wakes up. “I’m not sleeping, I’m not sleeping! I’m searching! I’m searching!”

“What searching!? I can definitely see clearly you’re sleeping like a log!”

Qian Hui just smiles wryly.

Feng Ao Xiu let out a big sigh, “Qian Hui, I need you to focus now. If we can’t find the pure coloured spirit stones, you’ll definitely die in the hands of Li Gao Yun.”

“Okay! Okay! The Second Young Master can count on me! I will definitely find it for you!”

Ten minutes later, Feng Ao Xiu noticed Qian Hui from behind. Qian Hui was standing straight before the pile of spirit stones.

[Oh! Qian Hui is actually working, looks like this guy can do anything if he wants to.]

Another ten minutes later, Feng Ao Xiu noticed Qian Hui still standing straight.

[Good! Good! As long as he worked hard, it’s only a matter of time before one of us find a pure coloured spirit stone]

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed, Qian Hui was still not moving.

“That’s weird. Why is he still not moving from that spot?”

Feng Ao Xiu decided to take a closer look. The Second Young Master’s mouth was wide opened.

[He is sleeping! He really is f*cking sleeping while standing!]

Ah… This man can sleep while standing, such a G.o.dly move. This Second Young Master has been duped by this move for more than thirty minutes.
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Feng Ao Xiu shouts, “This is it! I had enough!”

Qian Hui wakes up by the shout, he is surprised, “Second Young Master! What happened? What happened?”

Feng Ao Xiu furiously runs his mouth, “You motherf*cker, You’re sleeping! Do you know how hard it is to find a pure coloured spirit stone for you? Don’t you want to advance to Dream Mortal Realm?”

“Wait! I can advance to Dream Mortal Realm?”

“Yes! Quite possibly in an instant! Why do you think I ask you to find a pure coloured spirit stone!? It’s for your cultivation!”

“Pure coloured spirit stone can push my cultivation level instantly?”

“Yes! Didn’t I say it yesterday? Find pure coloured spirit to strengthen you and your brother! How else can I strengthen you within three days?”

Qian Hui immediately fired up, “Second Young Master, why didn’t you say it sooner? Let’s find it! I’ve been waiting so long for a breakthrough!”

[Ah… That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you from the start! This is killing me! And by saying that now, It means you’re not serious earlier. Is it my fault for not telling him clearly?]

At last, Qian Hui finally did his job properly. Only then Feng Ao Xiu could relax and started looking as well.

While Feng Ao Xiu was looking around the area near the storage door. A man entered the storage, “I’ll get them!”

“First Elder!”

“Eh… Second Young Master!”

The man who just got in was the most respected member in the Feng Clan right after Feng Ao Xiu, the First Elder.

“Second Young Master, what are you doing in this dark storage?”

“Ummm… I’m just organizing”

Feng Ao Xiu naturally couldn’t tell his matter. At least not for now, the time was just not right.


“What about First Elder? What are you doing here?” Feng Ao Xiu hurriedly diverted the topic of the conversation.

“Actually…” The First Elder told his story. Yesterday, he and his granddaughter pa.s.sed by the storages and inadvertently overheard an indecent act between two men. At first, he thought to just leave them be, but Feng Xiao Rong was a very curious girl, she occasionally asked him what happened inside. Of course, he didn’t tell. But no matter what, Feng Xiao Rong would not budge. Furthermore, because of the constant rejection, she became angry at him.

As a doting grandfather, Feng Xiao Rong was his treasure, he could not stand being hated by his own granddaughter. He decided to capture those men responsible for this event. Once he found them, he will give them a lesson and thoroughly discipline them.

“So, there it is… Indecent act in public is not allowed! I will surely return them to normal. A man can’t love another man!”

“I see… First Elder, you can give them some lesson. But, please don’t separate them from each other.”

Feng Ao Xiu gave his opinion. He used to have the same thinking that those with the same gender can’t be allowed to have each other. However, during the three years journey, he met a lot of new types of people and was even helped by them.

If it was another person, the First Elder would not listen. But, because Feng Ao Xiu said so, with the addition that separating them was only a secondary objective, the First Elder complied.

“I think I know who those guys are!” Qian Hui approached while bringing buckets full of spirit stones.

“You knew?”

“Not exactly, but I know some people who are gay.” Then, Qian Hui gave the First Elder some names of his friend.

After receiving the list, the First Elder immediately leave to investigate these people. Maybe the two of the names written on this list was what he looking for.

Qian Hui picks up a stone from inside the bucket and showed it to Feng Ao Xiu, “Look! I found it!”

Feng Ao Xiu shook his head, “No, it is red and brown, the colour is in contrast, can’t you see?”

“Oh, so there’s red!”, Qian Hui immediately picks another one, “This one! How about this one?”

Feng Ao Xiu was furious, “Can’t you see that is clearly green and yellow? That is obviously not a pure coloured spirit stone!”

“There’s green?”, Qian Hui asked confusedly.

“Of course there would be green… “. Feng Ao Xiu paused a moment and said, “Could it be?”

Feng Ao Xiu picked up several stones, “What’s the colour of these stones?”

“From the left is grey, then light blue, and yellow in colour”

“No, it’s red and grey, dark blue and cyan, and also red-orange”, The Second Young Master picked another one, “How about this one?”

“It’s blue! Dark blue!”

“No, it’s pure purple! I can’t believe this, you actually suffer from colour blindness!”

Qian Hui said while scratching his head, “How could I forget!? I did have a partial colour blindness. I can’t see red and green!”

Feng Ao Xiu felt headache. If he knew Qian Hui has colour blindness, he would just let Qian Hui sleep. Making Qian Hui helps with anything related to colours would only waste time.

[He actually thinks that this pure coloured purple stone is blue if this stone has a blue col…]


[Heavens! It’s a pure coloured spirit stone! It really is a pure coloured spirit stone!]


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