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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 279: Raise your hands, or I’ll shoot

Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes in Zhan Nan Tian’s body quickly turned a circle, nodded lightly and said, “Just came back.”

He hung his coat on the hook beside him, went to Zhan Nan Tian’s side and sat down, and he asked, “Are you still going to leave after you come back?”

“No more.” Zhan Nan Tian smiled and put his hands on the back of Zhan Guo Xiong, who was sitting on the other side: “I will stay at home and accompany grandpa more in the future, and don’t let Grandpa worry about my affairs again.”

Zhan Bei Tian glances at the hand that slipped lightly on the back of Zhan Guo Xiong’s hand with his fingertip. It seemed that with a little effort, the fingertip can draw a bloodstain on the back of the hand full of wrinkles.

Zhan Guo Xiong nodded and said, “It’s good that you stay here and accompany me more.”

Zhan Lei Ping also agreed to let his son stay here, allowing his father to take care of his son.

Zhan Bei Tian saw Zhan Nan Tian didn’t take his hand back, and glanced.

All of a sudden, a tender voice sounded behind him: “Don’t move.”

Zhan Nan Tian was slightly stiff.

Zhan Bei Tian and others turned around and saw Mu Qing Tian holding a real pistol at Zhan Nan Tian’s head.

“Raise your hands, or I’ll shoot.” Mu Qing Tian pressed the safety off.

After years of following Zhan Lei Ping, Zhong Xin recognized the real gun in the child’s hand, and his face changed: “Mu Tian, put down your gun, you will hurt your uncle.”

Mu Qing Tian tooted his mouth and said, “He raise his hand and I’ll put the gun down.”

Zhong Xin quickly urged Zhan Nan Tian to lift up: “Nan Tian, you need to lift your hands quickly.”

Zhan Nan Tian face blackened, and he put his hands up.

Mu Qing Tian handed the handcuffs to Zhan Bei Tian: “Father, you quickly handcuff the criminal uncle.”

Zhan Bei Tian raised his eyebrows, took the handcuffs and looked at Zhan Nan Tian. Then, he really handcuffed Zhan Nan Tian’s hands.

“Father, it’s up to you to interrogate the prisoner.”

“Um.” Zhan Bei Tian pulled Zhan Nan Tian straight out of the hall.

Zhong Xin and Zhan Guo Xiong watched as they left.

Zhan Lei Ping laughed: “Our Mu Tian is more and more talented as a policeman.”

He beckoned to the child, “Come here, I’ll see if your gun is a.s.sembled properly.”

Mu Qing Tian chuckled, ran to Zhan Lei Ping and handed the gun to him.

Zhan Lei Ping looked at the gun: “It’s good, it’s good, it’s all a.s.sembled, and there’s no mistake, haha, Mu Tian you are really capable.”

Seeing that there is no bullet in the gun, Zhong Xin said with great relief, “There is no bullet in the gun.”

“How can I play with a loaded gun for my children?”

Zhong Xin didn’t give him a good look: “The child is so small, you dare to play real guns for the child.”

“It’s called growing up. Before, didn’t I teach Nan Tian the same way?”

Zhong Xin scoffed.

Sitting opposite them, Zhan Guo Xiong looked at them. Then, his eyes turn to the two people in the yard, and his wise eyes flashed a little deeper.

Outside the yard, Zhan Bei Tian pulled Zhan Nan Tian out of the yard, released his hand and warned: “If you have anything, you can come directly to me, don’t hurt my family.”

Zhan Nan Tian smiled: “Are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid. I’m warning you.”

Zhan Nan Tian’s smile remained unchanged: “Don’t worry, they are my family no matter what. I won’t hurt them. I just want to make them my own kind.”

Zhan Bei Tian’s eyes were shining with malice.

“Don’t look at me like this, I’ll be scared. By the way, why don’t you ask me, how is Rong Yan now?”

Zhan Bei Tian frowned.

If he didn’t mention it, he wouldn’t remember Rong Yan.

Zhan Nan Tian looked at his frown, he felt very happy, and his smile expanded: “Do you know? She’s pregnant, and the baby’s mine. “

Zhan Bei Tian stared at him coldly and didn’t speak.

“Are you very sad and angry now? Do you want to kill me?” Zhan Nan Tian still smiled: “Zhan Bei Tian, I said, I will not let you have a good time.”

Zhan Bei Tian asked quietly, “Where is Rong Yan now?”

Zhan Nan Tian sneered: “Zhan Bei Tian, are you too infatuated? She’s my woman now. Do you care where she is? You want to find a second-hand product that I used up to buy? Raise a step son for others? Yes, I can tell you. I’ll take your life in exchange for that. “

“You’re a zombie. How could you make a woman pregnant?”

“I have my ways… naturally.” Zhan Nan Tian smiled: “If you don’t want to use your life for Rong Yan, you can use your life for the safety of your family.”

With that, he turned back to the hall with a smile and said to Mu Qing Tian, “Mu Tian, would you like uncle to take you out?”

“No.” Mu Qing Tian pounced on Zhan Guo Xiong: “I want to stay at home and protect Grandpa.”

Zhan Lei Ping said with a smile, “Since Mu Tian is so young, he also knows how to protect his grandfather?”

Zhan Guo Xiong was also amused by the child’s words: “How are you going to protect me?”

“I have a gun. I can shoot bad people.”

Thinking of a bullet free gun, Zhong Xin couldn’t help laughing.

Zhan Nan Tian asked with a smile, “Can you shoot the bad guys?”

“Yes, I have a good shot.” Mu Qing Tian said proudly.

Everyone laughed and didn’t take his words seriously.

At this time, Cai Yuan came out laughing: “Master, you can have dinner.”

Zhan Guo Xiong looked at the time on the wall: “It’s seven o’clock. Why hasn’t Lei Gang come back?”

Zhan Lei Ping said: “After a few months of snow, it’s not easy to wait until the snow stopped, he took advantage of the road cleaning and went to the camp to deal with things that haven’t been dealt with in these months, so he won’t come back without ten and a half days.”

Zhan Guo Xiong stood up. “Let’s go to dinner.”

After dinner, Zhan Bei Tian called Mu Yi Fan in the corner of the hall.

“Nan Tian, back.”

Mu Yi Fan said, “He’s back? Why is he back? What is the purpose of his return? “

However, no matter what Zhan Nan Tian does, since he dares to come back, it shows that he has great confidence to win in a fight against Zhan Bei Tian.

Zhan Bei Tian raised his eyebrows: “He is going to be trying to make the Zhan Family fly to death, or maybe make my family become zombies.”

Mu Yi Fan was worried: “If this is the case, what are you going to do?”

The Zhan Family’s people do not know that Zhan Nan Tian was a zombie, and there is no defense they can use against Zhan Nan Tian. So, it is easy for Zhan Nan Tian to turn the Zhan Family’s people into zombies.

“I need to think about it. By the way, he would go to Mu Technology Group tomorrow to find Admiral Mu. I’m afraid that he will be bad for you, so you should be careful.”


Zhan Bei Tian hanged up and squinted at the Zhan Nan Tian sitting in the hall talking to Zhan Lei Ping.

Zhan Lei Ping asked in a deep voice, “Where have you been in the past few days since you fled the Mu Tower? Why didn’t you call back to report safety even in the Spring Festival? “

“When I left the B City, I hid in a deep forest and tried to improve my ability. I didn’t call you because there was no power on my cell phone.”

“Are you feeling better now?” Zhong Xin asked


Zhan Lei Ping said, “You will have to stay at home now, you can’t go anywhere, you know?”

“Yes.” Zhan Nan Tian stood up and said, “Dad, I’m tired. I want to go back to my room and take a bath.”

Zhan Lei Ping nodded and gave him a light answer.

Not long after Zhan Nan Tian went upstairs, Zhan Bei Tian hesitated for a moment, got up and went back to his room, picked up his cell phone again and called Zhan Guo Xiong.

When Zhan Guo Xiong got on the phone, he immediately said, “I knew that you would either come to my study tonight or call me, say, what’s the matter?”

Zhan Bei Tian does not speak.

Zhan Guo Xiong added, “Do you want to talk about Nan Tian?”


Zhan Guo Xiong asked, “What happened to Nan Tian?”

Zhan Bei Tian still doesn’t know what to say about Zhan Nan Tian. He worries that Zhan Guo Xiong can’t accept it.

“You keep silent, isn’t it serious? Worried I can’t take it? “


Zhan Guo Xiong took a deep breath: “You don’t have to worry about me. My body and bones can bear anything now. If you don’t say it, it will make me guess all the time or worry about everything.”

Zhan Bei Tian hesitated for a long time, then thought of where to start: “Grandpa, do you remember the video that the Mu Family released Nan Tian trying to kill Mu Yi Hang?”


“Do you remember the power that Nan Tian turned into white light and came to Mu Yi Hang in a flash?”


Zhan Bei Tian asked again, “Do you remember the last time my father was injured?”

“Of course.”

“Do you remember what they said about what injured my father?”

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