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Number One Zombie Wife《第一尸妻》Di Yi Shi Qi

Number One Zombie Wife, Chapter 315: You dare to use illusions on me?

As Zhan Nan Tian looked at the research room, he tried to recall about it until the former leading researcher came to him, he stopped scanning and fixed his eyes on the researcher’s face.

The leading researcher coldly glared Zhan Nan Tian and said in a low voice: “First, pull out his nails and toenails, use Serum No.1 to prevent the nails from growing again, and then use gauze to wrap his nails to avoid him scratching us.”

“Yes.” Two researchers found the pliers for that.

He didn’t know what came to his mind. Zhan Nan Tian asked in a panic, “Who are you? Who are you? “

The leading researcher ignored him, turned around and ordered people to shave off Zhan Nan Tian’s hair, and then he put the special headgear on Zhan Nan Tian’s head.

This headgear is very special. The top of the head is open, which is convenient for researchers to operate on the brain of people wearing helmets.

“You’re researcher Li, aren’t you?” Zhan Nan Tian asked angrily, “You must be researcher Li. Even if you wear a mask, I can recognize your voice.”

He remembered that he was sent to the research inst.i.tute by Zhan Bei Tian after he was defeated by Zhan Bei Tian in the last life, and then a researcher surnamed Li studied him.

The researcher, surnamed Li, knew the zombies ins and outs very well. Because the researcher spent two or three years studying the zombies, he has a good way to deal with the collected zombie, he had a plethora of ways which can torture the zombie to the brink of death.

For example, just now, researcher Li knew to pull out his fingernails first, so as to avoid his fingernails scratching people. He also knew that the medicine could prevent him from growing the nails again.

From then on, he spent every day in deep water.

But why is researcher Li here?

He remembered that researcher Li escaped from abroad two years later and was rescued by Zhan Bei Tian.

What’s more, it was only a year since the end of the world. Researcher Li should not know much about zombies.

Then, Zhan Nan Tian didn’t know what he thought, and his eyes widened with fear.

Did he go back to the time to when he was defeated by Zhan Bei Tian?

Just then, Zhan Nan Tian felt a sting from his fingernails.

He looked down and saw that his nails had been torn off.

Researcher Li saw that Zhan Nan Tian didn’t seem to have any pain, and then said, “Prepare Serum No. 2.”

After hearing that researcher Li had to use Serum No. 2, Zhan Nan Tian began to struggle desperately. He even used his powers to attack them, but the powers could not be used.

The researchers. .h.i.t Serum No. 2 in Zhan Nan Tian’s arm.

The second drug was made to improve the sense of touch of the zombie, so Zhan Nan Tian immediately felt the pain on his fingertips growing, and finally, he could not help making a groan from his nose.

Researcher Li was very satisfied with his reaction, and asked the researcher next to him to record this moment: “If the zombie reacts to Serum No. 2 and has pain, then the zombie has the hope to become a human again.”

The researcher plucked out all Zhan Nan Tian’s nails, applied Serum No. 1, and wrapped his hands with gauze.

Researcher Li saw that all the nails were removed, picked up the surgical gloves beside him and put them on his hands, took over the scalpels from another researcher, and was ready to take out the crystal cores from Zhan Nan Tian’s brain.

Zhan Nan Tian looked at the scalpel in his hand, moved his head, and he did not want researcher Li to dissect his brain.

Next to the researcher he quickly pressed Zhan Nan Tian’s head, so that Zhan Nan Tian could not move.


Zhan Nan Tian shout a few words, but when he saw the reflection in the opposite mirror, he closed his mouth.

The person in the mirror is not him. No, to be right, it not the current one, Zhan Nan Tian.

Zhan Nan Tian quickly thought of something. The glare of his eyes flashed. Then, the shackles on his body were lifted. The researcher disappeared one by one, and the powers returned to him. Next moment, he attacked researcher Li angrily.

Researcher Li nimbly backed away from Zhan Nan Tian’s attack, and the masks and clothes on his face gradually disappeared. Instead of seeing Mu Yi Fan’s face, the research room gradually became an office.

The mirror that Zhan Nan Tian saw before is actually the reflection on the window.

He stared at Mu Yi Fan fiercely: “Mu Yi fan, you dare to use illusions on me.”

It’s unforgivable, because Mu Yi Fan just touched his bottom line, touched his darkest moments, something he didn’t want to recall.

Mu Yi Fan clicked his tongue twice: “I thought you had to spend at least an hour in the illusion before you realized that I have used the illusions for you. Unfortunately, it’s a pity.”

It’s a pity that he could have kill Zhan Nan Tian just now if he had few more minutes, but Zhan Nan Tian woke up at this critical moment.

Zhan Nan Tian roared, and the powerful sound of Zombie King’s control rushed towards Mu Yi Fan.

However, the opponent is also a zombie at the same level, and the sound wave has no effect on Mu Yi Fan at all.

However, when the zombies in the distance heard the roar of Zhan Nan Tian, they became extremely manic and fiercer. Many low-level zombies turned to the B City and walked back.

The conscious middle and low level zombies were waiting for instructions from the high level zombies.

Pan Ren Zhe can’t wait for Rong Xue to come back, so he can only command the zombie of the power to find the place where the survivors hide in the city.

The zombie power with flying power were about to fly to the B City. He heard a roar from afar. It immediately interrupts their actions and oppresses them telling them to go back.

Then another roar came, and their action was immediately lifted.

But just after it was released, another roar sounded, forcing them to leave the B City.

In this way, the two different roars are repeated, and the heads of the zombies are getting more and more painful, as if they are going to explode, and they don’t know which roar to listen to.

However, just because they don’t know who to listen to, even if they listen to one, they will be interrupted by another thought, resulting in their headache and heartache.

All the zombies roared up to the sky in agony, making a cry of agony.

Even senior zombies can’t stand the torment of two Zombie Kings. They are too painful to even try to stand up and some even roll on the ground.

The survivors in the city were very anxious when they heard the roars from the zombies. They hope to leave the B City soon.

Fortunately, the underpa.s.s that Zhan Bei Tian told Sun Zi Hao to create was very wide and flat, and more than 20 lanes were separated by guardrails to prevent survivors from crowding into other lanes and causing congestion.

Moreover, under Sun Zi Hao’s arrangement, many survivors who do not have a car can get on the car and leave quickly.

In addition, jumping in line or making a disturbance will make the offender left in place, and will not be allowed to leave. Therefore, no one dare come here in disorder, so that things went very smoothly, and therefore there is no congestion.

In just half an hour, a small number of people have were left.

Zhan Bei Tian heard the roar and followed the roar to find the building where Mu Yi Fan was.

Seeing Mu Yi Fan safe and sound, he relaxed a little and came to Mu Yi Fan.

Mu Yi Fan saw Zhan Bei Tian and his eyes were bright: “How about it? Are you sure it’s your cousin? “

“He must be him… 80% likely is.”

“What are you going to do next?”

Zhan Bei Tian looked at Zhan Nan Tian.

Zhan Nan Tian saw the arrival of Zhan Bei Tian, stopped the roar and stared at them with red eyes.

Suddenly, a lot of black mist came out of his body and rushed towards Zhan Bei Tian like fierce waves.

Zhan Bei Tian took Mu Yi Fan out of the building.

At the same time, Mu Yi Fan released the light system power to purify the black mist, but it failed, because this time, unlike in the Beicheng area, there was no master of the black mist it was just floating around, so it would be easily purified.

Now, Zhan Nan Tian was here. Under his control, the black mist devoured the light power.

Zhan Bei Tian wanted to take him a safe place and let Mu Yi Fan leave him here to deal with Zhan Nan Tian.

Mu Yi Fan didn’t agree: “It’s going to be time consuming for you alone. It’s different if you have me. We can finish him faster.”

Zhan Bei Tian also wanted to finish Zhan Nan Tian in a short time, so he can only agree with Mu Yi Fan to stay.

Mu Yi Fan added: “He is a zombie. It’s useless for us to hit other parts of him. We can only attack his brain. However, as long as our ability is close to black mist, it will fail, which is the most difficult thing to deal with.”

Zhan Bei Tian said. “He also doesn’t dare to get close to me, either, because he is worried that my different s.p.a.ce would trap him.”

“Then we…”

Before Mu Yi Fan finished speaking, Zhan Nan Tian rushed out of the building. He was like a black cloud full of black mist.

Zhan Bei Tian immediately said, “Let’s act separately.”

The words fell, two people very tacit moved to the East and West walk separately.

Mu Yi Fan suddenly turned around and covered Zhan Nan Tian with a very large shield.

Before the shield Mu Yi Fan had set up was engulfed by the black mist from Zhan Nan Tian, Zhan Bei Tian quickly made use of different s.p.a.ce and then attacked Zhan Nan Tian with a fierce and fast blade like a storm whip.

At the moment when Mu Yi Fan’s shield was engulfed by black mist, the different s.p.a.ce covered Zhan Nan Tian. Meanwhile, the crazy air blade hit Zhan Nan Tian.

At that time, with the seamless cooperation of the two men attacks, the black mist was split.

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