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Read Offer To The CEO 307 The Press Conference Regarding Du Xuxu – Part 3

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Monday, continued …

Anna took a breath, and continued “Look we are getting distracted, and if you do want to talk about this further, I will try and direct you in ways to get your information, but let us get to the real reason that we are here for.”

“The phrase that I just used investigative journalism is something that you have seemed to have forgotten in the last week. Not one member of the press, when provided with contact details for our personal media advisors to obtain the information you were advised would be made available. The only contact was to demand information on your timetable, not requesting flight information for the Hou Enterprises jet and statements that could be provided.”

“You were happy to hara.s.s my parents-in-law while they were in Hong Kong this past weekend. While the were there, they were accompanying my grandparents-in-law, and members of my family who were visiting, including children between four and twelve years old. You demanded that my parents-in-law tell you the truth about the situation. On the one occasion when they spoke to you, you accused them of lying to you.”

“You camped outside the home of Ms Du’s parents, and when they told you that they could supply the DNA test results that confirmed my husband was not the father of the foetus that Ms Du miscarried, you told them they were lying, and demanded that they confirm the affair, the birth of the child and that the child was missing.”

“It is now such a point that this situation cannot continue. We will therefore be laying all the information out for you. As you arrived, we asked for the provision of email addresses. The evidence that you will be taken through, will all be forwarded to your emails.”

“If you were true investigative journalists, over half the information that I am about to take you through is easily found. Almost all of the rest is would have been able to been obtained with appropriate requests. It is as if you have blindly accepted information without checking information.”

“My husband met Miss Du XuXu, when he was in City A. Unlike my husband, I have confirmed ith the woman in question that it is OK to reveal her details. She and her now husband are fine with this. At the time he was involved with the now wife of the Chief of Government in City A.”

“In meeting Du XuXu, my husband met distant family members of his and his mother. For my husband, he saw Du XuXu like the little sister he never had. Du XuXu, was highly educated and quite adept in the business world and had been appointed to a middle management role within Hou Enterprises City A office.”

“As my husband said last Monday Du XuXu’s brilliance if she was in fact his sister would have seen her appointed at Hou Enterprises CEO. We have academic information from her university that is in the material that shows her brilliance in education. The Job appointment was such that it was not to be seen to play favourites with a distant relative but based on her skills and ability.”

“Due to the family connection and his then girlfriend my husband was a frequent visitor to City A to spend time with them. He maintained a standing reservation at the Cona Plaza Hotel in City A, and there is a confirmation of that in the materials, along with the confirmation from Hou Enterprises for payments of the room and the reimburs.e.m.e.nt from my husband for his private use of the room.”

“Due to the family connections Du XuXu and her family had been given the permission to use the suite at the Cona Plaza Hotel when it was not in use by my husband, his parents or senior management of Hou Enterprises. The confirmation of this authorisation is also contained in the material from the Cona Plaza Hotel.”

“Part of the reason for my husband providing this authorisation is, as Doctor and Madam Du can confirm, their relations.h.i.+p with Du XuXu’s relations.h.i.+p with her family could be testy. As a result she often used the suite, when needed a break from them. Like any parent Doctor and Madam Du, were glad that their daughter had somewhere safe to go.”

“Du XuXu, was helpful to my husband in determining that his former partner was, at the time cheating on him. We have a letter from the Chief of Government and his Wife in City A that confirmed the relations.h.i.+p, and the bitter end of that that was issued to clarify information. It also spells out that the Chief of Government was not involved in the breakup of the relations.h.i.+p between his now wife and my husband.”


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