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Translator: Satya

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The main reason for Dragon Baby ‘protecting’ Ye Chui from Oupu was not loyalty, it was to anger Dawkins who was subdued by its cuteness. Of course, someone like Dawkins would not be fooled into taking deadly action just because of an accident like this, so now it is Ye Chui’s turn to enter the stage and act while Dragun Baby still struggled on the ground and squirmed. Ye Chui looked at Dragon Baby and then looked at Oupu with a face filled with anger and said: “Guild Master Oupu, if you have to hurt someone then hurt me; why must you attack my Magic Pet. It is not even a day old child, and he is as fragile as gla.s.s, you… you… how could you be so cruel!”

Oupu while still vigilantly pointing his wand towards Dawkins shouted at Ye Chui angrily: “What kind of nonsense are you blabbering, that thing just simply touched my leg.”

“It just touched your leg?!” Ye Chui ‘was shocked’ when heard Oupu’s words, “It is but a newborn baby! Your leg is hard! Guild Master Oupu, even if it was an accident I will not let you off the hook!” he ‘warned’ Oupu.

“You… stop your nonsense. Even so, it was not me who hit him but him, who hit me…” Oupu answered angrily.

“Enough, how can you keep talking like that?” Ye Chui held Dragon Baby with a face filled with sadness, “baby, Baby! You are still so young! I have yet to take you to see and experience the world! How can I live on if you leave me! Baby! Baby! Aah…”

“Is… is he alright?” Dawkins asked with worry and with great concern.

“It is losing vitality fast…” Ye Chui said with pitiful face, while Dragon Baby started to slow down its scampering and waved its arms slower and slower under Ye Chui’s directions … “Gu Ji” it kept repeating its pitiful cries as its voice slowly dimmed down…

Dawkins cannot see what the Dragon Baby’s condition was but she can clearly hear the Dragon Baby getting weaker and weaker from its weakening voice and from what Ye Chui said about him losing its vitality fast, all of this made her more and more enraged. With her anger flared up to a whole new level, it was as though fire erupted from her eyes. She stared at Oupu… well at the bookshelf to Oupu’s side, with a look that was enough to kill him.

Oupu had been cautious of Dawkins from the beginning. He knew that the Mattan Empire’s Royal Family has dispatched a Level 9 magician in aiding Booth to protect the pa.s.s, but he did not know that they have sent such a young la.s.s. As far as he was concerned, it was impossible to become a peak-level 9 Magician at such a young age. Now that he had thought this far, he was less fearful of the opposite party. But, if he were to calm down and observe the imposing aura she was emitting, he would surely a.s.sess that even if she were not a level 9 magician, she was powerful enough to rival one.

However, he was filled with rage, drunk and annoyed by Ye Chui’s shameless actions… [do you think you can fool me with such dumb acting skills? You think I can’t see how you signaled you Magic Pet to act a moment ago…] he said in a cold voice: “hmm… a mere Magic Pet, even if I kill it, so what?”

“You… you really wanted to kill the baby from the start!” Ye Chui accused Oupu angrily.

“Who wants to kill whom…” Oupu was about to explain his innocence but remembering that Ye Chui came here on his own initiative, he decided to be cruel until he broke Ye Chui and spoke with a cold voice: “That was just the start? Not only him, but even you also will not walk out of here alive!’

By now Dawkins’ anger had reached its peak and would break out at any moment!

Finally, all the hard work Ye Chui put into were coming to fruition, and just a bit more to go. He suddenly realized that Miss Dawkins was filled with rage so he started to ‘calm her down’ loudly: “Miss Dawkins, please calm down. I am sure that Guild Master Oupu did not mean that!” and then shouted at Oupu, “Guild master Oupu, stop your tantrums and apologize to Miss Dawkins, kneel in front of her and admit your mistakes. Maybe then Miss Dawkins would forgive you of your transgressions and let you live. This is no time to think of your pride or else, even a strand of your hair will not remain. I implore you to let go of your pride and apologize to her right now!’

Blue veins popped on Oupu’s forehead [apologize and kneel in front of a little girl? In your dreams!] That single thought made him let out a cold roar: “No matter who this girl is, today she will be buried along with you. I want to…”


A Giant Fire Dragon came roaring, flew right by Oupu to the bookshelf, and unsurprisingly the bookshelf turned into a pile of ashes. Seeing this Oupu’s throat had lump blocking It and his face paled with fear.

Ye Chui’s heart sank in disappointment. [Miss… could you please aim a little bit. I’m just asking for a little bit better, and cast the spell again?”

Looking at Oupu’s shocked expression, Ye Chui’s head started to work in overdrive before Oupu discovered how powerful Dawkins truly was. He did not want Oupu to apologize to Dawkins as she might really forgive his. Thinking things through, he held the resting Dragon Baby and rushed towards the reception room while shouting: “Miss Dawkins, be careful. now that Guild Master Oupu had gauged your strength, he is preparing to cast a spell before you can cast another! And Guild Master Oupu, I have truly underestimated you. You sure take advantage I did not expect that you would not falter after seeing Dawkin’s power just now. You truly are a man of courage!”

Oupu: “Who is planning to attack…?”


Ye Chui reached the reception area and turned to see the situation only to witness a bellowing fire sweeping across, turning the place into a sea of fire. Although the attack was fierce, Oupu was still an Advanced Magicial in Level 7, so, it was not easy to defeat him. Suddenly there was a whirlwind amidst the flames, and out rushed a disheveled Oupu from dead leaves with a messy dark hair with a heavy smell of burnt hairs spread from his head.

He crawled up from the ground and anxiously aimed his wand towards the reception room.

Intermediate Offensive Spell

The wind started to dance in front of his wand and slowly it compressed into a ball the size of an egg. Him being the creator of this High Magician’s spell, it was far more powerful than what Ye Chui could do with it. Once this ball size wind was broken, it would become an exceptional explosion.

A sneer hung on Oupu’s face bringing out his crazed and bloodthirst, as he was waiting for Dawkins to come out of the fire

Dawkins walked out of the reception room that was incinerated

Being the creator of those fires, she was not affected by them in the slightest

Seeing her appear uninjured had replaced the sneer on Oupu’s face with incomparable fear

Advanced Offensive Spell

b.a.l.l.s of blue lightning and electricity started to appear around Dawkins, and each of the lightning b.a.l.l.s was filled with the powers of Armagedde which sent chills down anyone’s spine. This sight would make anyone consider Dawkins to be the G.o.ddess of death from h.e.l.l. Her golden locks furiously whipped in the air, her long gown fluttered in the wind. And all that without any Special Effects. Her eyes were still empty as always, but this time she was accurately pointing towards Oupu. Even though she was practically blind, she still has spirit force, which allows her to feel what is happening around her based on the aura letting her detect the presence of her friend and foes.

Oupu was petrified, and looked with eyes as open as a perfect circle and shouted: “….”

But it was too late.

Ye Chui was stunned to the core when he saw the seven lightning b.a.l.l.s that circled Dawkins were sent towards Oupu with decent accuracy. Bang… the garden behind Oupu was continuously being bombarded and it was filled with multiple craters, some big some small, smoke raising from it, house destroyed. Everything in front of Dawkins was turned into ashes and debris as if it was. .h.i.t by a train or something.


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