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I picked up the longsword which was put back into the sheath attached to the’s thigh, and removed it from the sheath.


The longsword suddenly started glowing before it slowly turned into a wisp of light that flew to my spatial ring before vanis.h.i.+ng.

[ A Sword type weapon ( Longsword ) has been detected. ]

However, as it vanished more slowly than the ‘Heavy Sword of Death’, I managed to throw an ‘Eye of Knowledge’ check on the longsword.

[ ‘Longsword of Silence’ (Special*) (Weakened)

Description: A sword left behind by a mysterious shadow who preferred using the sword to the conventional daggers, the sword carries his elusiveness and stealthy aura. However, due to the pa.s.sing of countless years, the sword’s ability has naturally been weakened.

*Item Skill – ‘Silence’ (Pa.s.sive)

– provides a layer of shadow stealth to the sword. ]

It seemed like an item with deep history and it even had an item skill that completely erased the disadvantage of sword, it practically became a hidden weapon of sorts, which easily explained why it would be used by the corrupted

The shocking part is, however, item skills were supposedly only capable of manifesting on Unique ranked weapons, Special ranked weapons were supposed to only hold hidden attributes, such as increased sharpness or whatnot, yet this weapon had an item skill. It was obvious to say that it was a Special weapon at its peak!

[ ‘Longsword of Silence’ (Special*) has been absorbed by ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique*) ]

[ ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique*) → ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique**) ]

[ Item Skill – ‘Silence’ added. ]

[ ‘Lightning Cloud’ has unlocked the (  Longsword ) form… ]

[ ‘Transformation’

Description: ‘a sword has no fixed shape, it follows the heart of its wielder’

Current forms:

1st – ( Great Sword )

2nd – ( Longsword ) ]

[ ‘Lightning Cloud Sword’ lv.??? (Unique**)


*Item Skill – ‘Transformation’

– Current forms:

1st – ( Great Sword )
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2nd – ( Longsword )

*Item Skill – ‘Silence’ (Pa.s.sive) ]

[ Lightning Cloud ] was not a normal sword by any means, it had the ability to devour other swords to grow and absorb their form, it even ate the Longsword’s item skill!

I left that aside for now as it was only better to have such a sword which could adopt to several forms of combat and eye-scanned the items left on the demon’s dead body.

There were roughly about 30 daggers strapped all over his dark outfit, naturally be dark in color to suit the camouflage of his outfit, but 5 of these daggers were surprisingly ‘Blood Chasers’ which were something that couldn’t be easily acquired, sadly though, they were useless for me who still didn’t practice dark element, moreover, unlike my previous deduction, the wasn’t a true dark, he only used his demon seed’s ability to perform a similar linkage with the blood chasing daggers, so the daggers were already tainted by corruption, leading me to throw them beside the corpse for now.

I kept the 25 daggers in my ring as they would come in handy to manipulate using ‘Telekinesis’ due to their light weight, and checked the last item on the demon’s body, another sheathed longsword strapped to his other thigh, I picked it up and wondered if it would result in another aborption or not, since it had a similar form to the one that was just absorbed.

[ ‘Longsword of Silence.2’ (Special)

Description: A duplicate sword created by a master blacksmith trying to make a perfect copy, however, a simple mistake lead to the sword’s inability to carry the abilities of the mother sword. ]

Was that guy into dual wielding as well?! His style was really quite strange, though dual wielding’s weren’t as rare as sword’s anyway.

[ A Sword type weapon ( Longsword ) has been detected. ]

[ ‘Longsword of Silence.2’ (Special) has been absorbed by ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique**) ]

[ ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique**) → ‘Lightning Cloud’ (Unique***) ]

[ Item Skill – ‘Duplication’ unlocked. ]

[ ‘Duplication’

Description: ‘Twin swords as one’. ]

It was actually still absorbed resulting in the birth of another item skill? And while the skill description seemed quite vague, it was easy to discover what the skill could actually do, it was another great skill as well…


Silently muttering the skill’s name, [ Lightning Cloud ] which I summoned earlier after it absorbed the first sword, sent out a similar wisp of light to its side which took the shape of a perfect copy of its producer, moreover it had the effect of ‘Silence’ applied on it as well!


I was kind of agonizing about giving up on my dual sword wielding, after all, it was hard to find another sword that could hold up to [ Lightning Cloud ], and using another normal sword wouldn’t allow me to merge my current ‘Swordsmans.h.i.+p’ with dual wielding, only becoming a mere defective ability and losing its usefulness as a damage enhancement ability.

So, this skill was in fact, greater in value to me than ‘Silence’, the loot of this battle was truly on another level.

Despite the life threatening danger I went through, it was worth it! After all, I didn’t only gain two elemental arts of high value, but [ Lightning Cloud ] even managed to get upgraded twice and gaining two grand skills!


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