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Read Omni-Mastery 18 Change & Reward

Omni-Mastery is a web novel completed by LightningAsura.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

If you wanna read Omni-Mastery 18 Change & Reward, you are coming to the right place.

Read WebNovel Omni-Mastery 18 Change & Reward

[‘OMNI-Mastery’ lv.1

‘Lv.0’ – you can achieve skill acquisition much easily through knowledge acc.u.mulation & understanding.

‘Lv.1’ – you are able to acquire Mastery skills through skill & knowledge acc.u.mulation.

‘Lv.2’ – ?????????????????? (Incomplete 50%)]

It was halfway through. Although I didn’t know the way to unlock it yet that was a very good start, especially since ‘Lv.2’ seemed to be related to skill combination.

All the I could hope for was that I would be able to achieve the requirements faster, but there was nothing else I could do.


The last work I had to do before leaving was refining the last batch of ores the smith had brought back and then I would be able to leave.

[‘Ore Refining’ has reached lv.10]

[Your skill ‘Ore Refining’ lv.10 is absorbed into ‘Material Processing’ lv.1]

[‘Material Processing’ has reached lv.2]

[Another requirement of ‘Omni-Mastery’ lv.2 has been met (50% -> 65%)]

[‘Material Processing’ lv.2

Skill type: Pa.s.sive

Skill acc.u.mulation:

‘Ore Refining’ Intermediate lv.1, 0.8%.

*The time required for processing a material decreases by 20%

*The quality of the refined Material increases by 40%]

[‘Ore Refining’ Intermediate lv.1, 0.8%.

Skill type: Pa.s.sive

*The time required for refining an ore decreases by 90%

*The quality of the refined ingot increases by 120%]

‘When it rains it pours indeed!’

Not only did this skill absorption increase the degree of the unlocking by 15% but it also left me a clue about the requirements being related to skill agglomeration either it was combination or absorption which was a very important lead.

Maxing skill levels seems to be an important reason of both ways.

So, I had to work hard on maxing skill levels for two reasons, firstly the development of the skill’s knowledge and secondly, to reach the second level of ‘Omni-Mastery’ as it was the only clue of doing so!


“Honestly, I can’t help but be surprised even though I got to know that you can’t be judged by common sense”

“Sigh, in any case I consider my request accomplished, this is you reward”

I received a single coin from the smith but to my surprise it wasn’t a silver one nor a copper one, it was a gold coin!

“You sure are generous, Mr. Smith”

“Your work was worth it! Also stop calling me Mr. Smith, I have a name you know”

“Well, you never told me about it though”

“Listen well, my name is Drake, don’t you dare forget it!”

“Ok, I shall call you teacher Drake from now on”

“Hah, you dare take yourself as my student because I taught you for 10 days, you must be dreaming”

“Come on teach, don’t be stingy”


We laughed it off for a while, but I soon left after bidding Drake farewell as I only had a month & half left, It was time to head to the forest for the hunting quests and gaining combat experience.


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