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at 26th of July 2019 06:35:03 PM
Chapter 89: 89

“Alright, since it’s about time, shall we get going then?”

A person clad in dark robe with a white mask on his face asked coldly as he glared at me, I shuddered slightly before finally giving up .

“Of course…”

Ian didn’t make it, we had to leave earlier to see if we can stall for time while hoping that he would arrive before we leave . However, he didn’t .

‘Sigh… at least it’s somewhat better this way . . ‘

I believed that this wasn’t a bad thing, while I did know that Ian had confidence on taking care of this matter, even though father agreed readily when I told him that Ian offered his help for some reason, I didn’t want him to get involved in this as much as possible .

Even stalling for time was something Ian asked me to do if he were to be late, but now that he was left out of this, I felt a bit relieved as it was probably for the best .

However… . .

“Sorry, I was late, I got caught up with something . “

The escort looked at him for a second before turning his face around, it seemed that he found him not worth a notice as well… .

For some reason, Ian seemed to be shrouded in more mysteries than I think, or else he wouldn’t have beat a cave of that level one handedly while still failing to be taken into notice of Emmitt and the escort . Especially the escort, who didn’t have a normal ident.i.ty, he was on the few executioners of the a.s.sociation, a person that you would call a veteran by all means, so how was he unable to catch a glimpse of Ian’s brilliance… . .


12 hours earlier… . .

I woke up from bed, covered up in sweat, as I hurriedly checked the time, it was already about 1 AM after midnight, I had less than 12 hours left before the time for departing .

‘Sigh . . ‘

I sighed in relief as I didn’t miss the time up yet like I expected, However, it seemed like I spent at least 6 days in the state of constant tempering . Before collapsing to sleep from tiredness as soon as I finished .

Thankfully, I didn’t faint like I used to, I just slept a regular sleep, I seemed to have already gained a faint resistance!

‘Pffft . . ‘

I laughed a bit, before turning into the main points that I needed to get done now, since I still had 10+ hours of time left, I intended to check what I gained and familiarize myself with the second stage before preparing for heading out .

[ • Techniques:

– ‘Cell Mastery’ lv1 ]

I tried to check the info of the more skill-like ‘Cell Mastery’ that evolved from ‘Lightning Cell’, but just then… .

[ ‘Cell Mastery’ has leveled Up! ]

[ ‘Cell Mastery’ has reached level 2 . ]

[ ‘Cell Mastery’ (Special**)

Description: an elemental art created from the fusion ability of ‘Lightning Cell’ along the fusion function of ‘Omni-Mastery’ .

‘Lightning cell’: 2nd Stage, Initial Layer .

‘Thunder cell’: 2nd Stage, foundation Layer . (Lightning-Thunder dual wave) ]

Thump! Thump!

My heart beat faster as I realized what had happened, this wasn’t supposed to be the result of ‘Lightning Cell’ evolving… .

The conclusion was supposed to end with the technique evolving to something like ‘Lightning-Thunder Cell’ or something similar, However, as Omni-Mastery was involved the result became something much greater, that opened another road full of possibility, it somehow gave rise to a peculiar ambition in me .

However, this wasn’t the end . . . … . .


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