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Probability, this was purely a matter of probability!

After making that terrifying punch once again, Junior Leopard gained a deep apprehension regarding how to hit with such strength. Yes, it was apprehension!

He apprehended the conditions needed to make such a terrible fist.

The key lay in the mental cultivation methods of the Extraordinary Strength Fist and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill.

Junior Leopard could not explain it in detail, but he understood why it happened.

The mental cultivation methods of the Extraordinary Strength Fist and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill were like two waves with two different frequencies. While running, they ran at different frequencies. Since the waves had different frequencies, both their peaks and troughs were different as well.

But this did not mean that the two would not overlap. Different frequencies meant different peaks and troughs. However, when the two waves reached a certain extent, there was a probability that they would overlap. When the peaks overlapped, the fist strength would be as terrifying as the two punches he made when he battled with Dragon Granny. Junior Leopard called this a “Critical Hit”.

This was the effect when the wave peaks overlapped, then what about when the troughs overlapped?

Junior Leopard wasn’t sure. He needed time to experiment, a lot of time.

From his experience of the previous two punches, the probability of a Critical Hit appearing was one in fifty. As for the probability of wave troughs overlapping, it was even smaller. He made eighty four fists, and that did not happen even once.

What depressed him most was that the probability did not seem to improve. Since he could not alter the mental cultivation methods of the two secret skills, he was unable to alter their frequencies, thus, he could not control the frequency of the waves overlapping. This meant that the only thing he could do was to improve his punching speed and the operation speed of the two mental cultivation methods, so as to make a Critical Hit within the time he needed.

“Critical Hit, haha, it truly is what it is, a one in fifty probability. It seems that my next step is to improve the speed of punching!” Junior Leopard thought to himself, feeling a little pleased, but a little helpless at the same time.

If the probability of this Critical Hit could be increased a little more, he would truly have the confidence to face a Level Seven expert, even while his body had only Level Four cultivation.

Everything depended on how much power you had! Absolute power!

With his Extraordinary Strength Fist’s mental cultivation methods, his fist strength could completely rival a full-forced blow from a Level Seven expert, and could even be much stronger. Moreover, when he integrated his Black Sun Fist Intent into his fist strength and combined with the changed Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi, his fist strength once again increased dramatically, surpa.s.sing that of a full-forced blow from a normal Level Seven expert. And after the Critical Hit appeared, his fist strength became 10 times that of a Level Seven expert.

The only thing he needed to worry about was his physical strength which was not robust enough. This was his only weakness; without a robust body, if he fought with a Level Seven expert with the same power, the only possible outcome for him was death.

Similar to his previous fight with Dragon Granny, while it looked like he had the advantage, his fist and even his body were greatly damaged. Without the protection of his fist intent, he could at most only deal 10 punches in his fight with her. After a consecutive eighty four fists and taking Dragon Granny’s life with the last blow, he left without a second thought, precisely because he needed the time and s.p.a.ce to recover.

Otherwise, if he had really killed Dragon Granny that easily, then the gap in power between the Level Four master and the Level Seven expert would be too small.

Carrying Little Du back to his courtyard, and, waking him up with a slap, in his heart he instructed him to guard the entrance and to kill anyone who dared to enter his courtyard. Then, he hurriedly went into his room and started to regulate his breathing to heal himself.

Through this fight, the rewards Junior Leopard gained were enormous, but at the same time, his muscles and bones were injured. He sat cross-legged on the bed, took out a tiny ceramic bottle, and poured out two pills. These two pills were the Bone-Forging Pills he made.

He tilted his head up, swallowing the two pills, and ran his martial arts to let the pills take effect.

A warmth started to spread from his stomach, slowly spreading into every single corner of his body. Then, within his Inner Vision, he found that his entire skeleton was full of thin cracks. If it weren’t for his special eyes which gave him Inner Vision, he would not have been able to discover the cracks. The healing effect of the pills spreading out from his stomach gradually repaired the cracks, but Junior Leopard found that they weren’t healed thoroughly. The cracks were only hidden from the outside, while the damage deep inside was overlooked.

“This is not good!”

Junior Leopard said to himself.

The principle behind taking the pills to repair the damage on his skeleton was simple. Since the effectiveness of the Bone-Forging Pill was much too strong, he only needed to ingest them into his stomach and use his Internal Qi to trigger the pills to release their healing power. The healing power that was triggered would naturally start to strengthen his skeleton. If this was combined with bone forging punching skills, the effect would be even better. In reality, this was the method he used all the time. After taking Bone-Forging Pills and triggering their healing power, he would practise the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist and Tai Chi Fist at the same time to increase the speed of healing.

However, this was the first time that he used Bone-Forging Pills to repair injuries. The reason he thought of using Bone-Forging Pills to repair injuries, was that it was clearly written on the prescription of the elixir that Bone-Forging Pills could be used for not only bone forging but also skeleton injuries.

But to repair injuries was different from training his punches. Now, if he were to practice the Bone Forging punching skill without regard for his injuries, it would increase the burden on his skeleton. Who knew if it would worsen the damage.

Therefore, he only used his Internal Qi to trigger Bone-Forging Pills’ healing power, allowing it to work on his skeleton.

This way, as expected, it was effective, but according to his Inner Vision, the effect was not perfect. In other words, allowing the healing power to work itself did not give full play to their healing power. Not only was there an excessive amount of wastage, the effectiveness of the repair was suboptimal. Hence, Junior Leopard tried using the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique Internal Qi to trigger the healing power.

He used the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi to transfer Bone-Forging Pills’ healing power to the site of injuries, then used the strong heat of Internal Qi to unleash the full extent of the healing power, working alongside his Internal Qi within his skeleton. Then, a wonderful reaction happened.

It was something he had never thought of, nor did he think it would ever happen.

His Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi, in the process of repairing his skeleton, was beginning to refine his skeleton!

After the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi and the healing power of the Bone-Forging Pills fully united, they started to refine his skeleton. It wasn’t ordinary refining; foreign matters were purged from within his skeleton.

The golden red Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi covered his skeleton. First it vaporized the healing power, which penetrated into the skeleton and repaired the damage. Then, under the effect of Internal Qi, layers of a pale white mist emerged from within his skeleton.

This mist, was basically the impurities within Junior Leopard’s skeleton. When he was practicing the Blood Evil Harden Bone Fist, these impurities flowed out from his skeleton as well, but that was not as obvious as now, neither was it directly vaporized like now.

While this was happening, the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi was further solidifying Junior Leopard’s skeleton. Now, Junior Leopard’s skeleton was just like iron in a furnace, after being exposed to the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi, it became stronger and stronger.

Gradually, a fantastic scene appeared. Within Junior Leopard’s Inner Vision, he watched as the cracks covering most of his skeleton began to disappear. After the surface of the cracks was healed, the internal cracks were disappearing as well. At the same time, after being exposed to Internal Qi, his skeleton was shrinking in a very subtle way along the cracks. He did not know how long it had been when the shrinking of the entire skeleton stopped. He could feel that his skeleton was a little smaller than before, but was many times tougher than before. His skeleton actually started to glimmer with a golden light, and even acquired the texture of metal.

“How lucky I am!”
Junior Leopard took in a deep breath, and his eyes flew open. Within his eyes, an unnatural red light glimmered and black lines loomed. He recalled what had just happened, and he knew that he was a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“What a coincidence!”

If not for the battle with Dragon Granny, his skeleton would not have sustained that kind of injuries. It was just because of these injuries, which created cracks covering the surface of his skeleton, that it was so simple to purge the foreign matters.

In fact, for his current physical strength, his skeleton’s hardness was already comparable to steel. The higher the level of cultivation, the tougher the body became, and the more difficult it was to continue improving. Junior Leopard’s skeleton went through so much, that the opening for the impurities was created unintentionally. As for those cracks, they contributed to laying the foundation for furthur strengthening of his skeleton, not only making his skeleton more easy to cultivate, but they also allowed the special effects of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique’s Mysterious Fire and the healing effect of Bone-Forging Pills to penetrate the skeleton fully. That way, his skeleton was successfully strengthened.

Also, after this success, the nature of his skeleton changed subtly, and the compatibility with his Internal Qi, especially the Mysterious Fire, became even higher. The next time he practised, the effectiveness of using the power of Mysterious Fire within his Internal Qi to refine his skeleton would be greatly increased. For Junior Leopard, this was a truly unexpected occurrence.

Once again closing his eyes, feeling the skeleton glimmering with golden light within his body, Junior Leopard slowly clenched his fist and swung it fiercely.

“Woo!” A sound was heard, and then a sonic boom happened.

“Wow, even without using the Extraordinary Strength Fist’s mental cultivation methods, my fist strength is three times more powerful than before, and this is only a random punch. But now, my body seems unfamiliar with this level of toughness. It looks like I still need some time to adapt!”


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