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Omnipotent Sage is a web novel completed by Snake Swallows Whale, 蛇吞鲸.
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“Holy c.r.a.p, that’s the White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou!”
 said Junior Leopard. Seeing Qin Xuanlong disappeared at the corner of the street, Junior Leopard’s face flashed a trace of anger. What was written in the books of the past life was indeed correct.

Those guys who practiced martial arts thought they were all masters, having a strong sense of justice and ready to help the weak or doing whatever they thought was right. They had no idea at all that how their behavior would enormously affect the common people.

Chasing or escaping, Lu Shaoyou had been responsible for half of the deaths killed by Xue Wuya to vent his anger on the way.

Surely, Junior Leopard was neither a judge nor an upright gentleman. The reason why he resented was that Xue Wuya might also be a tremendous threat to his family or himself. It was exactly because they infringed his personal interest that he detested Lu Shaoyou and Xue Wuya so much.

Although Junior Leopard scorned very much Lu Shaoyou’s chivalrous conduct of getting more kicks, he just kept it in his heart to himself.

It had nothing to do with him at all in some way.

In the next days, he could just stay in the ironware shop, practicing martial arts or hitting iron every day. He started to get obsessed with making Anesthetic Pill when he was bored. Since he found out the magical power of Anesthetic Pill, he was also interested in the business of making pills.

After all, the ingredients for Anesthetic Pill were not expensive and you could get several portions of them from the street within a lap-time. Moreover, he got familiar with the technique of making pills by making an Anesthetic Pill, which prepared him for refining Bone-forging Pill in the future. As the ingredients needed for refining Bone-Forging Pill were much more precious than those of Anesthetic Pill, there was no room to waste materials.

He wasted almost half of the ingredients when he first made Anesthetic Pill, but now he could make as many Anesthetic Pills as the given amount of ingredients. Shortly ten days later, he already stored ten full small porcelain bottles of Drowsy Drug.

The so-called Drowsy Drug was the powder ground from the completed Anesthetic Pill. Whenever he looked at these porcelain bottles, he always felt like a successful thief.

As time flew by gradually, the White Blademan and Xue Wuya who were said to be the Level Eight master still only existed in the legends and rumors in Qingyang Market. Just like the rumor of end of the world existed on the earth. Legends are always legends. Even if they were real, common people like Junior Leopard could hardly have the chance to get involved with.

Legends were legends all in all. After a flurry in Qingyang Market, life was back to peace and the nervous atmosphere that originally shrouded the whole Qingyang Market dissipated gradually since there was nothing special happened.

Junior Leopard’s life was peaceful as usual. In these days, he had a free and unfettered life with weapon forgery or refining pills. There were some lonely moments when he sat in front of the windows and stared at the moon, recalling this and that in the past life. It was just like a dream.

Today, he finished practicing a set of Tai Chi Quan. After inhaling and exhaling, he took a dart nearby with a look as if he was thinking something.

“My martial arts cultivation has reached its bottleneck and it seems that it’s time to forge a handy weapon!”

After such a long period of practicing, his martial arts had reached his age’s extreme. Certainly, it would not be a problem to force himself to improve. However, as a child who hadn’t enter his adolescence, it surely affected his growth or even his potentials in the future if he forced himself to improve his power and the strength of his body in that way. Therefore, at this moment, he just needed to make sure that he maintained his current level and pursue no more unnecessary strengthening. He was indeed a child in other people’s eyes and he was not in danger either, so there was no need to force anything.

But if there was a handy weapon for him, he should leverage his current fighting power to its maximum. Although in his view, whether to leverage his fighting power or not, has little influence on himself at the moment.

As a blacksmith, he had been forging weapons for a long time and thus he was very familiar with weapons. He also hesitated once about what kind of weapon would be suitable for him at the moment, but now he had made up his mind.

“It would be too eye-catching for my age to have a broadsword or a regular size of a sword. My old man may beat me up if I took such a thing back home. It would be better for me to have a small but exquisite one since I have accomplished some achievements in using concealed weapons. This dart may not aim at the target with one hundred percent accuracy but ninety percent can be a.s.sured. Just its function is too simple and myself is not Dagger Lee who can solve all his problems with his fly cutter. How about forging two Kunais!”

As a fan of Naruto in the past life, he studied quite a lot about kunai which was the most popular and most frequently shown weapon in Naruto. Kunais were approximately 18 centimeters long and it looked like darts but had much more functions. Except for the most basic function of throwing, it also had other basic functions of the four long weapons: horizontal cleaving, vertical chopping, slant cutting and straight stabbing. This suited Junior Leopard very well for the moment. Therefore, he decided to make himself two Kunais to carry with for it was indeed useful and could be a memento of his past life.

Although he worked as a blacksmith in the Wu’s ironware shop, the weapons he made were for the Wu’s and for selling. If he wanted to make his own weapon, he needed to find another way to do it. Of course, he can also forge his Kunais in the Wu’s ironware shop once paying an additional material fee.

This was the rule.

The material fee yet was quite reasonable for those blacksmiths who were working in the Wu’s ironware shop. They could directly take materials from the storage room and got a bill from old Zhang who was responsible for watching the material storage room. After paying the bill in the counter, they came back to old Zhang again to verify the bill.

The yard of the Wu’s ironware shop was not very big and thus the storage room was not far away. After lunch, Junior Leopard went straight to the storage room without thinking twice.

“What! you want to buy materials for forging weapons?!” Old Zhang looked a little bit surprised after knowing Junior Leopard’s purpose. He still opened storage room’s door without any hesitation. He knew that Junior Leopard needed weapons because he was learning martial arts from Qin Xuanlong now. In the Wu’s ironware shop, there was no such thing as the shortage of weapons. As long as you kept the weapons in the ironware shop, you could use whatever weapons you like and there was no need to forge one for yourself unless you wanted to use it in Jianghu.

Of course, he didn’t speak to Junior Leopard about that since he was barely an old man who was in charge of the storage room and surely Junior Leopard had his own reason for making his own weapons. As long as he paid, he could take anything he liked.

This was not the first time Junior Leopard entered the storage room and thus the superb collection of various materials in the room were not that attractive to him. He merely walked to piles of materials as he was familiar with the room and started to pick the materials he needed.

After he finished picking what he needed and was to leave the storage room, old Zhang, however, looked surprised and said, “This amount of material doesn’t look enough at all for even just a dagger!”

“I’m not going to make something big. I just want to make a few darts for fun since I have been learning how to use darts recently from Master Qin!” Junior Leopard smiled and said.

“Well!” Old Zhang showed a look of understanding and then he took out a blank receipt, quickly wrote on it and put the receipt in Junior Leopard’s hand and said, “Go and pay before claiming your materials, no arrears!”

“Understood!” Junior Leopard took the receipt and left the storage room smiling.


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