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Read Omnipotent Sage Chapter 322: Wang Daohong Defeated By A Sword, Run Into The Master Of The Mysterious Realm

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The top-secret special technique, the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, was the very first that Zhou Bao had learned.

He had hardly used it though. One reason for that was because his technique had not been practiced to perfection and the other was out of fear that such a powerful technique would be the envy of others and bring him trouble that he could not handle.

But things were different these days. He did not have to worry about it anymore because self-defense was no longer a problem for a man with his power. On the contrary, he had to bring out the best of his power so that his foes would be aware of what he was capable of and would not have the b.a.l.l.s to put up a fight against him. Considering this, he did not give a second thought about applying this powerful special technique that he had newly practiced to perfection.

He decided that the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword would be his first choice of attacking technique from this day on because it was both powerful and handy.

Nevertheless, the truth was that he still underestimated its power.

In the second strike, the Golden Dragon Saber was beaten by the Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, whose dark-red Sword Qi was stronger than ever, shredding that newly formed golden light.


With a sound like pearls dropping onto a jade plate, the Golden Dragon Saber, Jin Mo’s Wizard Weapon, was broken into millions of golden pieces.

Jin Mo revealed himself from the darkness, an old man in his early 50s with a goatee.

At that moment, he looked upset and surprised, dodging like a flash. He had barely dodged the dark-red Sword Qi, but still received thousands of wounds from the flas.h.i.+ng debris of his Golden Dragon Saber.

Jin Mo acted as if he had not even gotten a single scratch on him. Having avoided the Sword Qi, he regathered his inside breath with a flicker of resolve in his eyes. “Nephew! He is at Level Nine. We have to eliminate this malicious man, or he’ll be our undoing!” he said.

“Uncle! That’s…”

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Daohong was astonished as he stared at Jin Mo, who was charging toward him, and he shouted, “No!”

He wanted to stop Jin Mo, but it was too late.

“Open your mind and prepare to let me in! I’ll give you my 200-year essence and blood to help you with your Innate Universal Golden Book!” said Jin Mo.

Like a flash, Jin Mo’s body transformed in the air with a faint Blood Qi. “Hurry! As powerful as his Sword Qi is, there must be a limit. He has already used it twice. We have to destroy him before he regathers his Qi…”

Jin Mo’s voice grew weaker and weaker. By the time he finished his last word, his body transformed into a blood fog, casting itself toward w.a.n.g Daohong.

“Zhou Bao! This will be the end of you!” Seeing the blood fog transformed by Jin Mo, w.a.n.g Daohong roared with his eyes wide open and his head glowing green. The Innate Universal Golden Book between his eyebrows flew out against the blood fog.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Bao smashed the Golden Dragon Saber with his Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, and Jin Mo transformed himself into a blood fog to go at w.a.n.g Daohong, who again called out the Innate Universal Golden Book. All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

The minute that the Innate Universal Golden Book took in the blood fog of Jin Mo, it was s.h.i.+ning in gold, while the cyan book turned into the color of pure gold as well.

The Golden Book fiercely bombarded Zhou Bao with a blast of fearless Qi like a rough sea.

The countless golden characters were four or five times bigger than the ones that Zhou Bao had seen before, and waves of thunderbolt sounds tortured his ears and head.

Zhou Bao groaned a bit. The Golden Flame behind his head became a golden light, which then disappeared between his eyebrows, bringing a gentle Pure Yang airflow into his head and bringing peace to his mind. Meanwhile, although his divine thought was not omnipotent, it was glowing like the glaze and blocked most of the impact for him.

Injected with all the essence and blood of Jin Mo, w.a.n.g Daohong’s Innate Universal Golden Book, though having newly taken shape and imperfect, became hundreds of times more powerful than it was before. Miraculous as Zhou Bao’s divine thought might have been, it was merely one. The mysterious glaze-like splendor dimmed from the impact of the golden characters.

“Impressive!” Zhou Bao said to himself.

Having ruled over the world for thousands of years, the Mingyi School clearly had something. Zhou Bao’s Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword was admittedly one of the best weapons and his Pure Yang Celestial Device was one of the finest, too. But the Mingyi School was no lamb. On the contrary, as a time-honored school, they had to have their own secret weapons. So far, the Mingyi School just showed one of their Pure Yang Celestial Devices. There was no way that it was their only Pure Yang Celestial Device. These thoughts worried Zhou Bao.

There were two in Kunlun Mountain! Besides, as marvelous as the Green Yarn was, it was nothing but a subsidiary Pure Yang Celestial Device after all, not enough to secure fate. Anyway, Zhou Bao would not believe that the Mingyi School did not have a Pure Yang Celestial Device to secure their fate.

He could not lower his guard even when he won just now, let alone when the Innate Universal Golden Book started to display its incredible power.

“How curious! What on earth is it that the Mingyi School used to secure its fate? Why would they rather sacrifice a Level Nine expert than show the celestial device? What are they trying to hide?”

Zhou Bao was more vigilant than ever. He raised his right hand, and the dark-red Sword Qi was once again resolved by the Dragon Flying Technique, protecting him. The immense Sword Qi scattered in all directions, blocking the power of the Innate Universal Golden Book.

“You surely have lived up to your name!” said Zhou Bao. With the Sword Qi protecting him, Zhou Bao was quite relieved. He took his divine thought back with a smile on his face and a flash between his eyebrows.

“But, do you really think you can stop me with the Innate Universal Golden Book? If I were you, I would choose to hand over the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who tried to kill me. Just think about it.”

“Zhou Bao, how dare you! You’re a dead man walking! I swear it!” w.a.n.g Daohong was covered with the golden light of the Innate Universal Golden Book. The sedate and dignified look on his face was replaced by the l.u.s.t for killing. This leader of the Mingyi School had zero tolerance for Zhou Bao right now. His hatred had reached a point where he would do anything to eat Zhou Bao’s flesh, smash his bones, and crush them into ashes.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Zhou Bao sneered. He looked up and only saw the Innate Universal Golden Book hanging over w.a.n.g Daohong’s head with thousands of characters dancing. The sound of chanting grew louder and louder, starting to impact Zhou Bao’s protective Sword Qi.

“Okay, if that’s what you want. I’ve warned you!” Zhou Bao looked out as his fingers reached into the air, suddenly trying to grasp the Innate Universal Golden Book over w.a.n.g Daohong’s head.

After he saw Zhou Bao’s movements, a hint of mockery flashed through w.a.n.g Daohong’s eyes, but then that unfinished expression became astonishment.

w.a.n.g Daohong felt a tremendous shutter upon his mind and spirit by that sudden grasp. It was as if his soul was being pulled out of his body by a giant invisible hand.

“d.a.m.n it! What is that? A kind of martial art or special technique?”

It had done something to his spirit! He was lucky that the hundreds of years of practicing forged his firm and determined mind, but still, his spirit had been shaken by that grasp and he almost lost his mind for a minute. At the same time, five rays of red light came out of Zhou Bao’s fingertips and shot toward the Innate Universal Golden Book. The lights penetrated through the thousands of golden characters surrounding the Innate Universal Golden Book, reached the book itself, and formed a red vortex around it, rotating in a swift and fierce fas.h.i.+on.

That was Soul Cutting!

“Oh, no!” w.a.n.g Daohong panicked the moment that he saw the red vortex. It needed to be known that the Innate Universal Golden Book was an exclusive secret of the Mingyi School, not any secret skill or special technique, but a Divine Sense.

The Divine Sense had great power. When cultivated to the Advanced Level, it would be golden just like this one, with countless formations and talismans dancing and rotating, hurting and taking your mind and spirit. And even worse, it had the power to turn you into a walking dead if you were not strong enough and your spirit was destroyed by it.

Because of the great attacking force of the Divine Sense toward the spirit, it had an extremely high demand on and close relations with the spirit of its pract.i.tioner. Zhou Bao’s Divine Sense of Soul Cutting, on the other hand, was exactly the undoing of all other Divine Senses of the spirit kind.

If w.a.n.g Daohong had not fought Zhou Bao with the Innate Universal Golden Book, Zhou Bao could not have had the chance to defeat his enemy once and for all. He should have attacked by force. But now that he was using the Divine Sense, powerful as it was, it provided an opportunity for Zhou Bao.

Once released, the Soul Cutting Divine Sense immediately crashed the part of the spirit that was blended in with the Innate Universal Golden Book.

w.a.n.g Daohong could do nothing but screech. The glowing Innate Universal Golden Book with Jin Mo’s essence and blood dimmed, becoming thousands of golden light dots, and then found its way back between w.a.n.g Daohong’s eyebrows. w.a.n.g Daohong’s face was like a piece of gold paper as he retreated 10 steps under the impact, momentarily falling into a trance. He was unable to do anything and blacked out.

“My, my, my… This Soul-cutting Skill is so unexpectedly powerful!”

This time, even Zhou Bao was surprised. He just intended to defend himself from w.a.n.g Daohong’s Innate Universal Golden Book, but now, he basically just killed w.a.n.g Daohong. He did not see that coming.

w.a.n.g Daohong had not expected Zhou Bao to know how to directly attack his spirit and Divine Sense in a way that was much more savage and cruel than his Innate Universal Golden Book.

Such negligence brought him directly into Zhou Bao’s trap. He was lucky that his cultivation was unfathomable and, therefore, had only blacked out. Otherwise, he could have died on the battlefield.

w.a.n.g Daohong was in a coma, while the entire Mingyi School was plunged into utter chaos.

The Mingyi School was crowded with experts, but under the challenge of Zhou Bao, they faced total destruction. Among the three Level Nine experts, namely the leader and the two Elders, one was dead and two were injured. As for other experts below Level Nine, about 20 of them were badly injured by the backfiring of their own battle formation.

There was nothing but dead silence on Mingyi Lane, even the sound of breathing was gone as well.

Everyone was looking at all this, at Zhou Bao, the cold-blooded man standing at the center of the mess. The look in their eyes was nothing but surprise and fear.

Yes, fear!

Their previous interest in this young man had turned into fear.

Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.

What happened on Mingyi Lane was dreadful!

How could the Mingyi School, boasting a history of a thousand years, have been defeated by a boy barely in his 20s in such a short time?

What the h.e.l.l was he?

Was he even human?

There were over 20 experts, three of which were Level Nine experts!

And what about the Pure Yang Celestial Device and the secret Divine Sense? Was that the end of them?

What about the time-honored Mingyi School, one of Jin’s Three Great Sects, ruling over the world for 5,000 years? That could not be the end of it, could it?

The crowd swallowed hard and kept looking at the incredibly unreal scene…

Suddenly, a light sigh came from nowhere in such subtle silence.

“Soul Cutting. Kid, that’s a total surprise!”

Zhou Bao slightly raised his eyebrows, looking up at the Mingyi Tower, and with a gentle breath, the gold Gang Qi was floating around him. He did not speak, but just raised his hand and a long whip of flames appeared in his hand.

The Goat-shaped Dragon!


The long whip kept extending among the crowd to over 1,000 feet in a minute, violently whipping the Mingyi Tower.

The walls surrounding the Mingyi School were slashed apart by the long flame whip, like b.u.t.ter being cut. The Mingyi Tower, however, was untouchable as if it was s.h.i.+elded by an invisible wall.

“Humph!” Zhou Bao gave a cold snort and was not ready to give up. All of a sudden, dozens of golden flames were conjured around him.


The golden flames were fired toward the Mingyi Tower, but again, they were s.h.i.+elded and put out by an invisible force 10 feet from the Mingyi Tower.

“Nine Forms of Real Dragon, the third form of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique. My, my, my! A mortal could do that. Impressive!” said the mysterious voice. Zhou Bao’s attack did not cause any damage at all and when the black and red Sword Qi flashed in Zhou Bao’s fingertips, the sound coming from the Mingyi Tower said again, “Kid, you’d better take your Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword back. I mean no harm to you, but if you slash me again with that thing, I’ll have to do something!”

Zhou Bao’s eyes squinted, and the black and red Sword Qi was withdrawn little by little. He could feel an invisible pressure coming from the Mingyi Tower and a coldness arose on his back. At the same time, the Golden Flame Mirror was activated and its golden light covered his body. And even the Poison Cold s.h.i.+eld, which he had not used for a long time, was also activated like a telepathic connection and its cyan lights flashed around him.

“Haha, don’t panic, kid. I mean you no harm. Just stop what you’re doing now, and I promise that I won’t touch you. Owing to your vigorous and firm Internal Qi, your Pure Yang Celestial Device and all those Divine Senses, although your cultivation is only at Level Eight, your combat capability is above Level Nine. No wonder that kid from the w.a.n.g family is no threat to you. But that’s enough. You have made the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds pay for what they have done to you. Well, just do me a favor and stop here. Let’s call it a day, shall we?”

“Stop?” said Zhou Bao, his eyes lingering on w.a.n.g Haiming and You Tianjing. “It’s not fair. I came here for revenge, but the Mingyi School stood in my way. They asked for it! They totally deserve this!”

“Fair enough!” That voice thought for a second and the next sound Zhou Bao heard was the screaming of w.a.n.g Haiming and You Tianjing. Their bodies were stiff with blood rus.h.i.+ng out of their mouths as they fell to the ground.

“What about now?”

“Hey…” Zhou Bao took a deep breath. Although he was totally focused, he still had not seen how it was done.

“I don’t care if they are dead or not. I just wanted to know who was behind this!”

“Oh, kid! Don’t mess with me. You knew who it was. You asked for revenge, and now you’ve gotten it. Don’t push it!”

Zhou Bao tried to fake a smile but failed.

“Yeah, I’d heard some rumors indeed. But I need to confirm them!”

“That means that you have already gotten what you came for!” The mysterious voice was drifting around, like a candle flickering in the wind. “Oh, one more thing. The little snake that came with you wanted me to tell you that he was done with his business. You might as well want to leave now.”

“Oh!” Zhou Bao blinked, forced a smile and said, “As you wish. Thank you!”

He glanced at the two bodies lying on the ground and said, “They are lucky to have you backing them up this time, but they won’t get away so easily the next time!”

“There won’t be the next time because their cultivation is gone and they can’t even live five years with those bodies.”

“Well, if you’ll excuse me.” Zhou Bao bowed slightly toward the Mingyi Tower, transformed into a green light, and disappeared.

The crowd of experts and masters of martial arts of various schools were left looking at each other, speechless.

“Hahaha. You’ll be famous! Within three days there won’t be a single man who doesn’t know the name Zhou Bao.”

Zhou Bao conjured up the Dragon Flying Technique, flying with the wind. When he was 100 kilometers away from Mingyi Lane, he saw that w.a.n.g She was waiting for him, and probably for a long time. Upon seeing Zhou Bao, w.a.n.g She smiled, with something hard to understand in his eyes. “Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword. I didn’t see that coming. Not bad!”

“F*ck! I came back alive just by pure luck! You never told me about this mysterious expert of the Mysterious Realm in the Mingyi School, nor about his Pure Yang Celestial Device!”

“You don’ t have to worry about that!” w.a.n.g She shook his head and said, “The fact that his cultivation is in the Mysterious Realm is exactly why you don’t have to worry about it. He won’t attack you as long as you don’t attack him first.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re not in the Mysterious Realm but he is,” said w.a.n.g She. “He acts according to the rules and he appreciates talent. That’s why.”

“You know him?” Having heard this, the look on Zhou Bao’s face changed.

“Of course I do. As the Chief of the Tian Long Taoism, I’m quite familiar with the Mingyi School, including the Old Weirdos in the Mysterious Realm. There are three of them. I know them all.”

“Three?!” Zhou Bao froze for a moment and then cried, “There are three experts in the Mysterious Realm in the Mingyi School?”

“Of course! The Mingyi School is one of the Three Great Sects. How do you think they got that t.i.tle? The Mingyi School, Tian Long Taoism, and Sect of Flame, they all have Old Weirdos in the Mysterious Realm. Otherwise, they couldn’t be the way that they are today.”

“Then why did you ask me to break into Mingyi Lane?”

“Just like I said, he won’t attack you as long as you don’t tear the Mingyi Tower down. Nothing will happen to you and nothing did, right? Look what you did to w.a.n.g Daohong. Did he do anything to you?”

“But he still showed up in the end!”

“That was because he was afraid that you’d hurt the foundation of the Mingyi School. Those Old Weirdos in the Mysterious Realm are listed among the G.o.ds. As almighty as they are, they must abide by many rules. Thus, they are the last concern to us.”

Zhou Bao’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning. He seemed to have read something else from w.a.n.g She’s words. “You mean, when you are in the Mysterious Realm, listed among the G.o.ds, you basically can’t attack people casually?”

“No, you can, but with many restrictions.” w.a.n.g She glanced at him. “These Old Weirdos all really appreciate talent. You didn’t bring the best you had back there. Although you caused heavy casualties, you didn’t kill a single expert of the Mingyi School. How could they do anything to you because of that?”

“What on earth does a restriction in the Mysterious Realm mean?”

“I have no idea,” said w.a.n.g She. “All I know is that restrictions definitely exist, and they will attack only if they don’t have a choice.”

“Green Spirit, is that true?” Zhou Bao asked Green Spirit in his mind silently since he could not get what he wanted from w.a.n.g She.

“I don’t know about that. There were no such restrictions back in the antiquity times. The Individual Immortals couldn’t be listed among the G.o.ds. While the Genuine Immortals who were listed among the G.o.ds usually wouldn’t speak to ordinary people. Any ordinary person who p.i.s.sed them off would be a dead man by the lifting of a finger. No restrictions at all!”

“Okay…” Zhou Bao still had doubts. He looked at w.a.n.g She but did not see anything suspicious from his face like he had expected. “Oh, I heard about your tomb digging business at the Mingyi School. Why didn’t they stop you?”

“Yeah, I did that, certainly. He won’t do anything to me, because I didn’t even put a finger on the tombs of the 72 sages of the Mingyi School. Plus, I had good reasons to do that. My biggest concern was the non-Metaphysical Realm experts, which was why I asked for your help. And you wanted to get your revenge anyway. Isn’t that convenient?”

“Yeah, sure. Convenient!” Zhou Bao murmured to himself, and the next second, he looked up with a big smile on his face. “So, my wedding. It’s on schedule, right?”

“Haha, haha, haha, hahaha…”


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