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Read One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love Chapter 93 – Illegitimate Son

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Chapter 93: Illegitimate Son

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Before she could get into a defensive stance, the man dashed close and pinned her to the wall. He crouched toward her and effectively blocked her path of escape.

He regarded her expressionlessly. She was easily trapped within his mighty and merciless arms. He pinched her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. He then asked in a stiff and frosty voice, “Who is that man?”

Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+ was taken aback by his question.

Her silence only served to infuriate him.

“Who is that man to you?”

She looked at him with shock and disbelief. With his brows knitted together, he pinched her chin more firmly.

The pain involuntarily caused her to let out a soft yelp.

“Eh? Speak.”

She was embarra.s.sed and upset as she tried to push him away with her hands. She struggled with all her might, but, with the large difference in their size and strength, the man was unfazed by it. In fact, he drew even closer to her.

“Be good and tell me truthfully of that man’s role into your life.”

Mu Yazhe closed the distance between their faces, his striking face becoming fully apparent before her eyes.


She shook her head as her frail lips trembled.

He frowned and then icily spit another word, “Lover?”

She was more furious than embarra.s.sed now. She glared at him with her doe eyes and lashed back, “No!”


He did not relent and, instead, continued to regard her bitterly. His slender and cold fingertips alternated between lightly and roughly rubbing her lips. He examined her with inscrutable eyes.

“Then, how about that child…”

Her face turned ashen in an instant.

Her long curled lashes trembled ever so lightly as she looked away.

He blinked. Now, he could detect fear emanating from her. It was so palpable that she trembled.

It was the kind of fear that knew that a long-kept secret was about to be exposed.

Why is she so scared? What is she afraid of?

He recalled the earlier scene. Somehow, something seemed strange and fishy about her actions.

She held her breath and avoided his eyes. She was in turmoil.

Why did he bring up about that child? Did he have her investigated and discovered Youyou’s ident.i.ty?

That should not be the case. She had kept the secret well in the past six years.

Her father and the hospital director were good friends and took care of everything. Hence, every detail was erased without a trace.

He should not know… And even if he did, she would not give in!

He watched her expression. With an acerbic tone, he asked, “Illegitimate son?”

Her face froze as if she were hit by lightning.

“Am I correct this time?”

He smiled. “How are you different from the rest of them? You are materialistic and vain. You want to marry into a rich family, right?”

The eyes that he used to look at her had disappointment, coldness, and some other unfathomable emotions in them.

She was out at night, attended a dinner party, got herself drunk, and then boarded a stranger’s expensive car.

If that man is neither her husband nor her lover, yet they are so intimate…

… And she has a child by her side.

Surely, he is her illegitimate child.

In the entertainment industry, so many women were like her. They flirted with men in hopes of marrying into a rich family. They would even schemingly get themselves pregnant before marriage just to achieve their goals.


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