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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 1044 – Resistance

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife is a web novel made by 花容月下.
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Chapter 1044: Resistance

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Nicely put, behind every big-shot celebrity was someone!

Which celebrity out there relied on their capability to break through?

Crudely speaking, to him, all those actresses were just high-cla.s.s prost.i.tutes.

They may have entered the industry clean and innocent, but after mixing into a dirty pot for so long, who would be left untainted?

As he thought about this, his movements became nimbler.

He pressed her against the floor and kissed her cheek messily, only to see her twisting her head to evade. He was reluctant to let go and threw his leather belt aside after unbuckling it. He kicked off his pants and began tugging at her skirt. Right now, he was ready to get down to business.

She cowered sensitively. She looked down, and seeing him reveal an ugly part of his body, her heart was filled with disgust!

The last shred of her rationality had completely snapped, and she madly kicked him in the crotch with her knee!


With his frail manhood suffering such a heavy blow, Li Dongliang arched his back and bent over in pain. He was curled to the ground rigidly!

Yun Shishi backed away from him as he pointed a shaky finger at her with a face full of disbelief!

Never did he think that this woman would be so ready to die for her chast.i.ty!

He managed to spit out a few words, forcing each syllable out through gritted teeth. “D*mn… it! Wh.o.r.e!”

She swayed as she stood up, her bloodshot eyes focused on him. She was alert for any movement from him, afraid that he would pounce on her at any second.

As she kept her eyes on him, she backed away toward the door. She tried to turn the doork.n.o.b handle, but it would not open no matter what she did!

She remembered now that the door was locked from inside out. Therefore, she needed a cardkey to unlock it.

Yun Shishi dashed into the living room. The man was still lying on the floor; his body posture was twisted in an odd way, evidently in extreme pain. His forehead was soaked in cold sweat.

He continued to swear as he glared at her viciously!

She began to look for the key frantically in the dimly lit living room.

The man noted that she was thoroughly searching the place from behind; thus, he let out a breathless laugh. “Ha ha! Are you… looking for this?”

She turned around impatiently, only to see him slowly taking out the blue cardkey from his pocket. Her pupils narrowed as she yelled, “Give me that!”

“Did you forget what I had said earlier?”

He exerted his strength to stand back up as he spouted word by word, “Don’t even think about ever leaving this place tonight!”

With that, he took out a bottle of medicine from his clothes.

It was v.i.a.g.r.a.

His manhood had withered after being stunned by her.

After all, he was already at a certain age and his vitality was not the same as his younger days.

After eating two pills, he turned red at once and was in great spirits!

D*mn it. This woman is really hard to deal with!

He did love this type, though!

The more uncontrollable and wilder she was, the more desirable she became for conquest!

At the thought of this, he walked closer to her step by step, just like a predator waiting for the right opportunity to capture its prey!

She slowly retreated until she was forced into the dining room. From her periphery, she caught sight of a pair of scissors on the kitchen counter. Her fingertips began to shudder, the struggle and hesitation clear in her eyes.

Trembling, she reached out her hand and grabbed onto this pair of scissors. Her fingers tightened around it, but she was shaking all over!


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