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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 1129 – I Can Kill You Now.

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Read WebNovel One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 1129 – I Can Kill You Now.

Chapter 1129: I can kill you now.

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

She looked lazily at her opponent with half-closed eyes. She said nothing and merely locked eyes full of pity, despise, and contempt on the latter. The glint of coldness in them seemed to mock her opponent’s stupidity and naivety as her gaze appeared to be capable of cutting through the bones from head to toe.

Would she let her go even if she begged for mercy?

He he!

She kidnapped and brought her here for a reason, and she wanted her to beg for mercy just so she could humiliate her before she achieved her aim; that was all.

Why would she want to humiliate herself in the first place?

Mu Wanrou was thoroughly antagonized by her cold and belittling look. Pulling her by the hair, she smashed the other’s head against the concrete wall.

“A b*tch who doesn’t know any better! He he! I really like to see how much longer you can hold out!”

Yun Shishi let out a stifled sound of pain while her brows furrowed deeply. She could feel the pain violently reverberating in her head, as if her soul would be knocked out of its dwelling.

The view swayed before her eyes and then she could feel a viscous liquid dripping down her forehead to her eyes shortly after. Her vision was stained red with an accompanying sharp pain, which caused her to curse under her breath while grimacing.

“Who’s the one who doesn’t know any better? Mu Wanrou, don’t you go too far! What’s your motive exactly?! You may as well tell me now.”

Just as she uttered that, something sweet and b.l.o.o.d.y welled up her throat, and she coughed out a b.l.o.o.d.y foam out of the blue.

The other could not help gloating as she looked at her sorry state.

“He he! My motive? You really want to know?”

She inched closer and yanked her hair with a wicked look on her face. “Do you believe that I can kill you now?”

Yun Shishi looked away in disgust and gave the other a side-eye. “Since I’ve already fallen into your hands, you can do anything to me. There’s no need to listen to your nonsense!”

“Such defiance! He he! If it’s allowed, I really want to finish you off right now. Unfortunately, the time isn’t ripe for that yet!”

“He he! You finally revealed your true ambition after so long, but you are still ridiculously naive. I’m now wondering what your death will be like!”

Her ruthless mocking agitated Mu Wanrou so much that the latter sent a slap across her face.

Yun Shishi’s face was harshly slammed to one side. Her cheek burned with a red, palm mark. Glaring coldly at her enemy, she sneered. “Don’t touch me with your filthy hand; I find it disgusting!”

Her opponent lost her patience at this point.

After bringing this woman here, she ordered her men to teach her a good lesson. She initially thought that, upon her return, she would find her enemy kowtowing for mercy. She had even gleefully envisioned this scene on her way here. Now, contrary to expectations, her enemy remained calm and composed despite being covered in wounds.

She was so upset that she vented her anger. “You know that you are at my mercy, yet you remain defiant in front of me. Aren’t you afraid that I may just lash out at you for good?”

Yun Shishi merely sipped her lips mockingly.


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