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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 1174 – Still Has A Shred Of Conscience…

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Chapter 1174: Still has a shred of conscience…

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The scar-faced man turned and left without a word.

Filled with despair, she felt if she were living in an icehouse.

That was so, indeed.

After all, she was a criminal in their eyes. Why should they fulfill the requests of a prisoner?

Yun Shishi bit her lower lip harshly, but not long later, the scar-faced man returned and threw a bottle of medicine and a roll of gauze at her.

“That’s all you can have. Help him apply that!”

It did not matter how much there was; he just still had a shred of conscience in him. That was why he could not just sit by and look on without doing anything to help.

Her heart was full of turmoil.

Regardless of how the man had treated the two of them, as of right now, there was a slight change in how she viewed him.

If it had not been for him, who knew how those men would have tortured Little Yichen?

She remained quiet and just quickly took the bottle and attempted to apply its content to her son’s wounds.

Alas, her movements were clumsy as she only had one free hand.

The scar-faced man could not continue watching any longer. He opened the cell door and walked in, grabbing the bottle from her hand.

“I’ll do it!”

With that, he got to work.

Mingling in their line of work, it was natural for them to be hurt constantly. Thus, he was an expert at this.

In just a few moments, he had treated the wounds on the boy’s body.

Perhaps due to overfatigue, the boy had fallen into a deep sleep in her embrace.

She hugged him and caressed his face with an aching heart. She refused to move the slightest bit as she maintained her tight embrace around him.

She felt more at ease as she hugged him, and so did the boy.

Snuggling into his mother’s embrace was a huge relief!

What the woman did not know, though, was that it was his provocation that had incurred him so many injuries.

Initially, when he had regained his consciousness, the men were surrounding his unconscious mother. They were rubbing their fists and wiping their palms. Clearly, they were unable to settle the restlessness in their hearts and planned to conspire against her!

Mu Yichen had no idea what their intentions were, but he refused to see them touching his mother with their dirty hands!

As such, he anxiously shouted at them to stop until his voice had grown hoa.r.s.e, yet it his screams seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as the men started touching her in an inappropriate manner.

Seeing this, the boy began to freak out. He had, thus, humiliated and provoked them—cursing at them with all the vulgarities he could think of.

He had a good upbringing since he was much younger, and he was taught to be a graceful and elegant gentleman.

That was his first time using such vile terms to curse at someone.

It was all so he could prevent those men from touch her with their dirty hands!

In the end, he had succeeded in infuriating them.

The men threw punches and kicks at him madly thereafter. They cuffed his hands and hung him up, hitting him with their whips and torturing him mercilessly.

There was even a s.a.d.i.s.tic person among them, piercing his fingers with a needle.

He endured all of it, though.

Even if it were the most painful thing in the world, enough to make him faint, he still would not beg them for mercy in the slightest bit.

It was because he was stubborn and strong-willed.

How could he put up with himself lowering his head toward these perverted men?

How could he tolerate himself begging them for mercy in a soft voice?

Secretly, he regretted not killing Mu Wanrou when he had the chance. It was because his heart had gone soft when he thought of their past relationship.

In all honesty, he had never felt a strong kinship with that woman.

Her treatment of him had not been that bad.

At least, she had never treated him coldly before.


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