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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 163

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife is a web novel created by 花容月下.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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“She’s worth it.”

Hanyu Yan who was standing still on the floor got stunned with his words. *

Shao Dong has been looking all over the place for Hanyu Yan. But, when he found her, he saw her standing beside Gu Xingze so he immediately felt unhappy.

However, when he got close. Gu Xingze looked to him coldly and said: “Shao Dong, can’t you even manage your woman?”

“What do you mean?” Shao Dong asked with his dark looking face.

Gu Xingze coldly snorted and arrogantly said: “She’s flirting with men everywhere. So, if you will still not going to disciple her, I bet you will soon wear a green hat.” (In Chinese culture: The men who wear a green hat is a prost.i.tute.)

Gu Xingze said then walked away. When Hanyu Yan heard his words, her face extremely turn dark and couldn’t help but gritted her teeth.
Shao Dong felt he was extremely got humiliated, so his dark looking face got even darker and sneer at Hanyu Yan.

“Shao Dong, listen to me. I will explain &h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip;” Hanyu Yan said while trying to catch up with him.

On the site, Yang Mi was able to witness their fight, so she coldly laughed and said: “Hmph! That’s what you deserve from trying to imitate the dog and stealing the chicken (have an affair). You cheap wrench!”


Gu Xingze walks along the corridor, but he found it quite strange.

So, his heart vaguely felt uneasy.

The people from the entertainment circle is full of tricks.

So, if someone like Yun Shishi fall under the wolf’s den. She will definitely be swallowed alive!

But, he took the situation lightly when he was supposed to be guarding her!

Earlier, he felt really weird when the Attendant approached her and took her to the VIP dressing room.

After all, whenever a party like this was held. They will only reserve the lounge and the emergency room, but never reserve a VIP dressing room. However, there were really some occasions that they will reserve VIP rooms for the investor’s ‘immediate needs’.

Especially, when those investors had fancy an actress and offered a gla.s.s of wine on them. Which he knows that it’s not just an ordinary red wine.

The drug that was added to those red wine has a slow effect. So that those actresses who will drink it won’t get panic, scared or think too much.

Just like that certain young actress that also attended such occasion for the first time. That young actress looks so beautiful and tender, so soon enough, there were several investors that immediately got attracted to her and offered her a gla.s.s of wine. Then, later on, she was taken to a room&h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip;

After that day, a rumor spread that the young actress was played by seven or eight investors. But not just twice, they didn’t stop until she almost turns into a sc.r.a.p.

So, when she was rushed to the hospital, she already breathed her last breath.

Those investors are real big time men. So, they could just pressure or turn the life of the newly actresses.

So, he could say that the entertainment circle is really cruel.

The more Gu Xingze tried to recall the dark side of entertainment circle, the more he got worried.

And felt like the corridor seems so long, as if it is endless.

So, he tried to walk fast. But, when he pa.s.sed through the VIP suite, he vaguely heard intermittent and ambiguous sounds of breath. Although he couldn’t hear it much, he knows very clear what it was.

Gu Xingze suddenly stopped his footsteps and almost had a cold sweat.

After all, he has always been so vigilant with sounds. That’s why he could still hear the intermittent sounds even if the room has a sound proof.

Gu Xingze got scared to walked near the door when he heard the woman’s voice. After all, her voice sounds like she was in pain. While the man has a ragged breathing and was laughing so wild which could almost stab his eardrum.
d.a.m.n it!

At that moment, Gu Xingze bites his lips and refused to think too much. Then, he uses his big hand to knock on the door.

However, the people behind the door seems couldn’t hear anything.

“Shishi &h.e.l.lip; Shishi!”

Gu Xingze grabs the door k.n.o.b and twisted it to open the door, but the door was locked. So, he only stood in front motionless.

But, when he could no longer stand still, he took a few steps back and forcefully kicked the door to get inside.

Gu Xingze just entered, but he already smells the fragrance of the incense.
The room has a dim light, but he could see all the clothes on the floor and could still hear the man’s endless movement and evil laughed. Which seems wanting to remind him what is really be happening.

So, Gu Xingze frowned and nervously open the door of the bedroom. But after opening door, the scene that greeted him had made his face sunk immediately &h.e.l.lip; &h.e.l.lip;

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