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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 384

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Chapter 384

She stole a peek at him and examined his extremely handsome side-profile . He had a high nose bridge, chillingly thin lips, and a haughty chin . His s.e.xy and distinct collarbones were exposed from his slightly opened blouse collar .

He looked like an ancient Greek G.o.d that had walked out from a wall mural . Each stroke was akin to a skillful ill.u.s.tration – he was extremely dashing!

She must admit that, despite his despicable actions, she might harbor some feelings for him…

Mu Yazhe frowned when he felt her close inspection of him and lowered his eyes chillingly to her .


Stunned, Yun Shishi hastily steadied her nerves and averted her gaze away from him .

She actually felt a bit satisfied!

Although he maintained an aloof look, from what she could remember, no one, other than him, had treated her this nicely and showed concern for her before .


When they arrived at the hotel suite, he put her down and she scampered into the washroom like a fleeing rabbit .

The man eyed the door shutting tightly and was about to leave when, a second later, a certain shy and sulky woman pried a crack open . She leaned on the door and pleaded with weakened breathing, “Mu Yazhe, help me buy a… sanitary pad!”

He spoke in a grave tone, “I’ll have someone buy it for you . ”

She exclaimed, “NO! Mu Yazhe, don’t let others buy it for me, okay?”

It was too embarra.s.sing!

His expressionless face stiffened and turned gloomy .

“What difference does it make?”

She was stumped .

There was not much of a difference, indeed . It was just that the thought of his chauffeurs and a.s.sistants being burly fellows made her feel awkward . She was too embarra.s.sed to ask them for a favor, so she pouted and acted willful .

“I don’t care! I’m not gonna use any if you’re not the one buying it!”

“Don’t be willful, woman!”

She acted coy and painted a pitiful look . “Mu Yazhe…”

The man’s expression turned cold as he ignored her again . He said nothing more and left without hesitation .

Her brows furrowed in anger . This man was too ruthless! Was he going to turn a blind eye on her and leave her hanging just like this?

Five minutes later—

When the capital’s haughty prince, the well-known impeccable figure in the financial sector, stood at the feminine care column, and when the man’s slender fingers held up a cute and delicate pack of Sofy Sanitary Pads, everyone in the mart was so flabbergasted they threw him sidelong glances in succession . They gave him all sorts of looks, judging him and sizing him up…

Mu Yazhe squeezed that thing tightly as the blood in his chest churned!

He swept a cold gaze across; the freezing look in his eyes caused the air in the entire area to plunge at once .

To sub-zero temperature—

What were they thinking?

Anyway, this was something more life-threatening than getting shot by a gun!

He was clueless about this, hence he bought a little of everything – of different sizes and uses .

As he was making his payment, the cashier stared in shock at the a.s.sortment of sanitary pads in front of her . The cute pinks and blues of the sanitary pads contrasted greatly with the man’s stern expression .

Oh, G.o.d . How heavy was the period that he had to buy this much? These were enough to use for years!

However, when she spotted a box of ladies’ cotton underpants wrapped in finery amongst the items, she stared straight into s.p.a.ce!

… Erm . He was not a pervert, right?

She looked at the immaculately dressed and handsome man in front of her; she could not imagine him being one at all!

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and felt an unusual stare from the cashier inspecting him . He glanced over at her coldly, causing the latter to meekly lower her head to scan the items . She dared not to take another look at him and forced herself to pack everything nicely . By the time she saw the man walk out, her back was already drenched in cold sweat .

What a terrifying aura…


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