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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 479

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Chapter 479

Outwardly, he was a picture of innocence with his angelic face .

Inwardly, he was much more frightening than the king of h.e.l.l!

“Hm? Not talking?” He c.o.c.ked a brow, dissatisfied at his defiance . He stuck his hands into his pants pockets and drove a foot on to the man’s abdomen . This caused the latter to let out a pain-filled groan . “Speak . Are you mute? My patience is wearing thin . This is your last chance; don’t waste it!”

“I’ll talk… I’ll talk…”

“Good boy . ” He placed his hands behind him and, looking like an elegant and polite young man, asked with an air of nonchalance, “Who exactly is your target?”

“I received this mission three days ago . My employer offered me two million to kill off two people . ”

“Which two?”


“First is Yun Shishi and second is her son, Yun Tianyou . ” The man fixed his gaze on to him . “You!”

Something flickered in his eyes . While he looked stoic on the outside, he was actually already all over the place on the inside .

He already knew that he was this man’s target and could roughly guess that his mother was also one .

He gripped his fists tightly as a deadly look fleeted across his lovely face .

Someone actually dared hire an to kill his mother…

D*mn it!

Recalling that day, if his mother had not been lucky enough to be separated from them, it was possible for her to have been in danger as well . Thinking up to this, bloodthirst surfaced in his eyes .

“Who ordered the ‘hit’?”

“He he he… Ha ha ha!” the man guffawed . “I’m a hired killer . She paid the money, so I carried out her order . It’s as simple as that! I shouldn’t be revealing my employer’s ident.i.ty in the first place, but I must give my hat to you! In the end, I want a quick and painless death! Don’t torture me anymore!”

“Fine . I accept your terms . ” He agreed to his imploration, as if he were bestowing him the greatest gift . “Speak . Who’s that person?”

His lips quivered as he spoke . “Mu Wanrou!”

“Mu Wanrou?”

His brows came together tightly . Clearly, he was unfamiliar with the name .

Li Hanlin, meanwhile, was startled at first and then appalled . “Why is it her?!”

“You know her?” He raised his eyes to his agent before he narrowed them with menace .

“Mm! I’ll explain her ident.i.ty in detail to you later,” the agent a.s.sured .

He returned his gaze on to the man and asked emotionlessly, “Why did she want to get rid of me?”

“Of course, she didn’t let me in on the specifics! She only said that you are a sp.a.w.n that must be disposed as you’re a threat to her position!” The man strained to move his lips despite the pain .

“I must be disposed of?” Yun Tianyou quickly caught on to this cryptic phrase .

The man coughed up blood a few times before he replied, “Yun Shishi gave birth to two children as a surrogate for the Mu family six years ago . One child was p.r.o.nounced as stillborn . The Mus all a.s.sumed that he’s dead, but Old Mu recently acquired information stating that this child is alive . Naturally, he would want to return this child to the Mu family . ”

The boy squinted his eyes . He came up to him and demanded, “What else do you know? Spill everything . ”

“As for why she wants to have your mother eliminated, it has something to do with her birth . I only managed to get this much information!” Speaking tired him out, so he shut his eyes thereafter . The immense pain coursing through his body had slightly dulled his senses, and when he made his request, it was with a trembling voice . “I beg you; give me a quick and painless death!”


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