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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 486

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife is a web novel produced by 花容月下.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 486

He sat across the table from her . With his little hands propping his head contentedly, he said, “Not at all! Youyou is happy if mommy enjoys my cooking . ”

“Youyou cooks very well; it’s better than those made by Michelin chefs!” She held up her thumb and unabashedly showered her baby with praises .

Blushing, he hastily urged, “Mommy, quickly finish your dinner . What if it turns cold again?”


She lifted her bowl of rice and gobbled down its recently heated content .

Her son observed her for a bit before he said in a hushed voice, “Mommy, Youyou wants to ask something!”



“That man you introduced as your university professor… um… Who is he exactly?”

She had just swallowed a mouthful of rice when he asked that question . It got her coughing non-stop .

He readily presented soup before her to help her wash down the stuck food in her throat with it . Seeing her down the soup in big gulps, he said wryly, “Mommy, you look ugly when you eat!”

“Youyou,” she grudgingly asked, “are you saying that I look terrible when eating?”

“Eh . You don’t look elegant at all . Mommy, you shouldn’t eat like this when you are outside, or else you’ll scare others off . Your baby here is used to your inelegant table manners, so it’s okay to behave like this at home . ” He had a resigned look on his face .

“What is the problem with the way I eat?”

She did not take his words to heart . His earlier question had just given her so much shock she had choked on her food .

“Don’t change the topic! You always avoid answering when I ask a question . Don’t take me for a kid, mommy; I’m not that gullible . ” He could see that she was trying to maneuver herself away from the question again . This time, though, he would not let her off .

“Am I doing that?”

“Answer my question, then; who exactly is that uncle?” She was cornered by his graceful smile and relentless questioning .

She sighed sheepishly, put down the utensils, and looked him in the eye . “I’m sorry . Mommy lied to Youyou previously; he’s not my university professor . ”

“I know . ” He c.o.c.ked a brow at her .

“You do? Last time—”

“Mommy, sometimes your IQ is really lacking! I was just playing along with you last time . I do look in the mirror, you know?”

He looked at her resignedly . It was clear from his words that he easily saw the physical similarities between him and that man .

The boy had known his relationship with Mu Yazhe for quite some time .

He was only asking now to give her a chance to come clean for once . He did not want her to hide the truth from him anymore .

“Eh! He’s… your daddy,” she announced slowly, carefully studying his expression . His calmness gave her a start .

“Why aren’t you surprised?”

“Why should I?” He held his head calmly . “In fact, I also know the uncle’s name is Mu Yazhe, and that he is the CEO of Disheng Financial Group . Besides that…”

He drew close to her and elbowed her waist . “That uncle seems to really like you!”

She was a little embarra.s.sed as she pinched his tender cheeks .


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