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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 625

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Chapter 625

Did she like him?

Pursing her lips, Yun Shishi recalled when she b.u.mped into that scene of the two at the hospital .

The woman was embracing and reveling in his doting love . The happiness she exhibited on her face was not the kind of adoration one would have for her brother .

Her look spoke volumes of her possessiveness and amorous desire .

An attachment she sought but could not get .

There was no doubt that she liked her uncle .

Her liking could not be obvious; it was suppressed more or less by societal norm .


Still, deep down, her feelings for her uncle was not a simple familial love .

Yun Shishi got a better idea of this woman’s thoughts right now .

Although she accused her of being the third party, in fact, she herself yearned to be the woman standing by his side and not as his niece .

With this newly found knowledge, she smiled at her compet.i.tor and slowly uttered, “I believe you’ve got something wrong here . ”

“What?” Song Enya looked at her with a start .

“I’m not the mistress that messed with their marriage . ” c.o.c.king a brow, she displayed a cool and elegant smile . “Mu Yazhe is only engaged right now; what he has is merely a fiancée . Is he married yet? I don’t think so . How can you say that I’m destroying their marriage?”

“Brother Mu is already engaged to Mu Wanrou!” the latter blurted angrily .

Her choice of word did not escape her, though .

Mu Wanrou .

She had addressed her by name directly without any qualms .

This might be because she could not accept that woman as her uncle’s fiancée .

She added . “So, what if they are engaged? It’s only an engagement ordered by the family elders . He doesn’t feel any love for the other party . How is this considered as me coming between them? Heh . ”

Her sneer thoroughly antagonized Song Enya .

That pushed her to rap blatantly . “Hah! You’re too naïve for your own good! Do you think Brother Mu really likes you? He’s just toying with you! Oh, c’mon . You really think that you can take this chance to earn a t.i.tle and marry into a rich family? The Mu is the top elite family in the capital . Grandpa Mu won’t ever let an actress enter the family! Are you thinking of marrying him? You’d be better off buying a pillow for your daydream as that’d be more realistic!”

She was clearly jeering at her for having such notion .

His niece’s flagrant mocking was like driving a needle, dipped with salt, into her heart, causing her to feel unbearable pain .

Despite the pain she was experiencing inside, Yun Shishi toughened herself up and maintained her gracious smile . “What of that?”

“You…” Song Enya was aghast with the former’s lack of shame and berated, “Shameless!”

“Well, let’s say that your words are right . ” Pouting her lips innocently, Yun Shishi threw her a sympathetic look to hint that she knew of the latter’s immoral affection for her uncle and continued resignedly . “I’m here to marry the rich—to s.n.a.t.c.h your Brother Mu that is Mu Wanrou’s fiancée—and I’m the third party . Still…”

A brief moment pa.s.sed, and then she looked up with a sharp glare at her . “What can you do about that?”


Song Enya lifted her palm high and sent a hard slap to her face .

Yun Shishi caught her wrist halfway, though . She looked meek and feeble, so the other woman did not expect her to possess this much strength! In fact, when she clenched her hand, a row of deep red marks appeared on Song Enya’s fair wrist .

She, when truly antagonized, was akin to a ferocious kitten, which would swing its claws and return unimaginable pain to its aggressor .


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