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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 645

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife is a web novel made by 花容月下.
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Chapter 645

Sitting her on his body, he deepened the kiss .

She still had some rationality left in her . Consciously realizing that they were in a restaurant’s private room and not knowing who might enter at any given time, she, inevitably, felt a tad nervous .

“Don’t do it here . Someone is bound to enter later . ”

“That won’t happen!”

He rea.s.sured her with his lips .

This place was under his rule . Hence, without his permission, who would dare to step in here?

Her worries were, thus, entirely superfluous .

Unable to resist him further, she could only succ.u.mb to his intense kisses .

She must admit, though, that this man’s initial kissing technique was rudimentary .

When he had first kissed her, he had clumsily seized it by force .

Now, his kissing skills were superb and polished, and he made that clear to her .


She was not at all his match .

One lingering kiss, and she melted into his embrace .

He did not even move to the next step yet . Kissing alone had already caused her to feel a spine-tingling sensation . Her emotions emerged abruptly .

Her shoulders trembled slightly as she shrank inwardly .

She could not help reaching out to fend off his advances .

He took advantage of the situation to land light pecks on her jade-like fingertips .

Numbness spread from her fingertips to her heart .

His long, slender fingers then lifted her chin . With half-hooded lids, he kissed her lips and tossed them around .

He proceeded to support her body by hugging her waist, and this elicited an exclamation from her . As he came back to reality, he noticed the ambiguous position of her body tightly pressing against his .

The ambiguity was inexplicable .

The temperature in the room suddenly heated up .

He lightly pecked her lips and whispered to her ear, “Shishi, be with me . ”

His clear and hypnotizing voice held a tinge of unprecedented indulgence .

He voiced out his wish for her to be with him and to give her the whole world – his whole world .

Her face warmed at his request . Slowly, she nodded with a low ‘hmm’ .

Yes . Let them be together .

She would give him the whole world, too – her whole world .

There was also a bedroom in the private room .

Washroom, bed, sofa… The room was fully equipped just like a dream apartment .

He hugged her to the sofa and carefully laid her on it .

As if she were an extremely fragile treasure, his movement was so gently she seemed to be dreaming .

She had never been so tenderly loved by a man before . Could she perhaps be dreaming all this?

As she worried needlessly, her heart trembled in fear .

She feared that everything here was all but a dream .

When the dream fell apart, she would awake to reality .

She was confused . Unable to restrain her emotions, she reached out to caress his handsome face . Long slender fingers caressed every inch of his G.o.dly features . It felt incredibly real .

This was not a dream, then .

Her fingertips trembled at the thought .

He grasped her hands and planted kisses on them . Interlocking their fingers, his body slowly laid on top of hers .

He entered her in this position .

There was neither a harsh a.s.sault nor extortion .

His movements were much gentler than before .

He cherished her .

He could not bear to hurt her .

He wanted to make it clear to her that being with him was a wonderful affair .

In the aftermath, she gently closed her eyes and lay in his embrace . With his warm chest as her pillow, her fingers played with the necklace on her collarbone .

The diamond embedded in the pendant was carved into the shape of an exquisite shooting star .

Exquisite, n.o.ble, elegant…

It was simply mesmerizing .


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