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Read One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 675

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Chapter 675

In her eyes, that newbie was merely a pushover . If not for Qin Zhou at the latter’s back, she would have long gotten rid of this thorn in her flesh .

The production a.s.sistant gritted his teeth and pleaded, “Sister Bingqing, you are truly the beautiful G.o.ddess in my heart, but if you insist on having me choose which of you two is better, then you are really wishing for my death . ”

He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead .

He had just said something against his conscience .

He preferred Yun Shishi over Yan Bingqing .

Setting aside other things, just character alone, the former was way more down to earth .

Many rookies acted like divas solely because they had powerful backers .

Meanwhile, Yun Shishi was never like that .


On set, she was humble, gentle, and polite even . She also took extra care not to disrupt the peace and harmony . Even to a small production a.s.sistant like him, she was very approachable and accommodating .

Yan Bingqing and Yang Mi, in contrast, were only ever bossy .

It was hot and sunny these past few days . Seeing the production a.s.sistants and camera crew under the scorching sun, she ordered a few boxes of cold drinks out of her pockets and let her a.s.sistant distribute them to everyone for them to be relieved from the heat .

One must understand that this kind of action in the production team lowered her stage presence .

Most stars were usually haughty .

An example was the superstar . Although his character was not bad, he seldom interacted with small flies like them .

After all, the image of a star must be maintained .

She, for her part, never put on airs .

She could even mix around with a lowly log-keeper .

Everyone was genuinely fond of her .

As for looks, he disliked making comparison between the two .

One was seductive and the other was pure .

One was mature and the other was youthful .

In his eyes, Yun Shishi’s beauty had a youthful energy and was not artificial at all . Furthermore, with the application of makeup, her features could adapt to the challenges of any roles .

Yan Bingqing’s acting path was very narrow with her overly coquettish face . For instance, if she was requested to portray a queen or a mischievous lady, she could only ever present herself as a white lotus .

Yun Shishi’s acting path was the opposite of that . First, her features could pull off any types of makeup and did not look out of sorts with whatever role was thrown her way .

Lin Fengtian’s eyes were very picky, yet he was only full of praises for her .

Just as the atmosphere was starting to get awkward, the actress’s trusted aide, whom she had planted at Yang Mi’s side, ran over and pulled her aside . The aide carefully asked, “Sister Bingqing, earlier, did you… splashed hot tea on Yun Shishi’s little a.s.sistant?”

“How did you know?” Sans the slightest remorse, she laughingly said, “I didn’t do that on purpose; there’s no need to make a fuss!”

“I just heard from someone that a bubble had formed on that little a.s.sistant’s hand . Yun Shishi is still filming and hasn’t returned, so try to give that a.s.sistant an apology while her master is still in the dark!”

“What of her knowing about it?” She shrugged . “Can she beat me up?”

“Sister Bingqing, listen to me; you’d better hurry and apologize to Mu Xi!”

“What?” She glared at her and then sneered . “You want me to apologize to a small a.s.sistant?!”

“No choice; I’m kindly reminding you . ”

She did not dare to speak clearly and only carefully reminded her . “You’re not here that day, but I was . That newbie, she has a bit of background . Sister Bingqing, you’d better not offend her!”

“In terms of background, can she compare to me?”

She snorted disdainfully to express her disagreement .


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