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One Piece Bounty System Ch 38

Chapter 38: Collective strength increase

Momonga is stunned for a while, he is a little awkward, and immediately said: “These devil fruit, I have to escort back.”

Tianlei is laughing, but it is not shown on the surface. After all, it is necessary to give Momonga face. “I will send you.” At the same time, he handed a copy of the devil fruit ill.u.s.tration.

The time of Momonga in the Navy has been very long, and I know that some things are still not known, even if he is a Vice Admiral. After picking it up, he immediately put it into my own arms. Although this thing is only what Tianlei said, but people who can come up with three devil fruits can not make a fuss about this.

After all, the credit is already big enough. If it is really that, it will be incredible. At the same time, it could not help but smile. It seems that if you are not careful, you have entered a troublesome situation and hope to return to the Navy headquarters safely!

After Momonga is gone, Nojiko, who was in charge of carrying the things on the s.h.i.+p, also came to the naval station. The nature that Nojiko carried was the wealth that Tianlei got from Arlong, and it was carried to his real wars.h.i.+p. It was also because she was too responsible for transplanting several orange trees to the captain’s room of Tianlei.

Afterwards, Face also took Bartolomeo and Dezaia, so that Tianlei, the voyage Yuxi, the swordsman Face, the combat ability Kobi, the combat player Alvida, and the two younger brothers Bartolomeo and Dezaia, as well as the cook Nojiko, eight partners arrived.

When Tianlei looked at a serious Bartolomeo and Dezaia, he couldn’t help but look at it. It seems that this guy is definitely not teaching them less. Tianlei knows what kind of virtues they have played in their past lives.

Tianlei: “Okay, 7 people, come together. We are partners now, but some people have not seen each other yet. From my own, I introduce myself!”

Tianlei: “My name is Tianlei, 16 years old, Rear Admiral of the Navy, good at the iron, shave, moonstep, swordsmans.h.i.+p, Haki.”

Kobi: “Haki???”

Tianlei: “I introduce myself first, about Haki, I will tell you later.”

As the first person to follow Tian Lei, naturally Face was the first to stand up: “Teng Yuanyan, 22 years old, the Navy Headquarters Major, a swordsman!”

Yuxi: “Yuxi, 20 years old, Captain of the Navy, the nautical, Devil Fruit: cat-cat fruit, good at finger pistol, paper-art, shave.”

When Yuxi’s words came out, Bartolomeo and Dezaia couldn’t help but look at Yuxi. They really didn’t believe that such a delicate woman would be stronger than the big pervert. However, Captain of the naval headquarters is not available to anyone. It was the Face that was surprised and looked at Yuxi. He did not expect to go out and Yuxi became a devil fruit user.

Kobi: “Kobi, 14 years old, Captain of the Navy headquarters, Paramecia devil fruit user, crystal fruit ability, good at not only ability, but also learning body skills and swordsmans.h.i.+p.” After that, he showed his ability and made some crystals.

Kobi introduction also surprised Bartolomeo, this person is smaller than them! Already the Captain in the Navy? Dezaia looking at the crystal in the hands of Kobi.

Alvida: “Alvida, 26 years old, Navy soldier, Paramecia, slippery fruit ability, good at heavy blows.”

Everyone turn stupid, What is good at hitting? Isn’t that the strength? Moreover, the strength is also aimed at those ordinary people, and it is really nothing in front of them.

Nojiko: “Nojiko, 17 years old, chef! There is nothing other than cooking and planting fruit trees.”

Tianlei smiled and said to Nojiko: “Nothing, after that I will let Yuxi and Face teach you body skills and swordsmans.h.i.+p.”

Nojiko was embarra.s.sed and bowed his head: “Okay!”

In the end, Tianlei looked at Bartolomeo and Dezaia, and the two immediately introduced. Bartolomeofirst stood up: “Bartolomeo, 15 years old. Paramecia, barrier fruit. I am studying swordsmans.h.i.+p with Major.” But at the end of the day, it was obviously low-deficiency and the voice was much smaller. It seems that he did not learn swordsmans.h.i.+p! Tianlei can not help but think.

Dezaia: “Dezaia, 15 years old. I am a swordsman. Now I am studying swordsmans.h.i.+p with Major.”

When he heard Dezaia, Tianlei couldn’t help but look at Face. He only saw a smile on Face. Tianlei almost thought it was wrong, and this Face has an expression on his face? It seems that the qualifications of this Dezaia is quite extraordinary!

For his own people, Tianlei has never been embarra.s.sed, he took out a good sword, and handed it to Face. Then he said to Dezaia: “This is, the snow, one of the legendary swords in 52 swords. I put it in your captain’s hand now. When you got his approval, it will be yours.” Dezaia immediately became excited! This is a famous sword! He almost start to drool.

Tianlei looked at the six people in front of him and said, “Okay! Now everyone is a partner. In the future, we must help each other, because from now on we are a whole team.” Six people could not help but nod.

Tianlei: “Now I will a.s.sign you to your team. Now we are divided into two teams. The first team captain, Yuxi, team members Kobi, Nojiko. The second team captain Face, the team member Dezaia, Alvida. Bartolomeo followed me, the first captain taught them body skills and the second captain taught them swordmans.h.i.+p.”

After a year has pa.s.sed, Tianlei and all of its partners have grown up. Tianlei’s Haki can cover half of the body, and it can also be used on swordsmans.h.i.+p.

Yuxi has the blessing of the devil fruit, and all the six styles have been learned. Under the guidance of Tianlei, some extension techniques have been developed. In fact, Tianlei also tell them the moves which he seen in the anime from CP9.

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