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One Piece Bounty System is a web novel completed by Unknown.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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One Piece Bounty System Ch 40

Chapter 40: We are actually rewarded?

Sengoku: “The Rear Admiral stationed there was seriously injured and returned to the Navy headquarters to recuperate! Others recommended you to me! I think your strength is really right, it is up to you, how? Don’t want to go?”

Tianlei is already very clever, and only a fool will believe in Marshal! It seems that there is a problem here, but as long as you are strong enough, there is no fear of any intrigue. Besides, if you are afraid of that, don’t mix in the world of this One Piece. Tianlei immediately said: “Ok, I will handle that position, I will leave tomorrow.”

The next day, Tianlei, Yuxi, Face, Kobi, Alvida, Bartolomeo, Dezaia, Nojiko and the original 500 soldiers are ready to go to Alabasta in Grand Line.

After half a month, Tianlei reached Grand Line. In this half a month, All the member just party everyday without any exercise to enjoy the life. It was just like a party on the swimming pool, while drinking the rum and eating the snacks made by Nojiko.

Yuxi, Alvida and Nojiko are either swimming in the pool or setting and sunbathing. The days of Tianlei group are really like heaven!

But these days are very soon going to turn into h.e.l.l. The first one who responded was the owner of Observation Haki.

“Thousands of Thunder!” Kobi shouted, and at the same time, everyone got alerted.

Tianlei asked Kobi: “How many people have come?”

Although he can feel that someone is coming, this is just the intuition of the strong, but he doesn’t have Observation Haki, and he can clearly feel the peoples quant.i.ty. Of course, there are some special people who can’t feel it. For example, there are people who are far superior to Kobi, and who are particularly hidden.

Kobi brow frowned and said: “Three people on the left, two on the right, but it seems that it is not a group.”

Everyone stopped eating and drink. Yuxi and Nojiko also put on their clothes, and they all waited for it. After all, this is already in Grand Line. They have to be careful! After all, the strength of their own is not enough.

Two people on the right first appeared. They flew up from the right side. Their tool is an umbrella!!! This way of appearance, so that all the people except Tianlei are vigilant, after all, this way of appearance, at first glance is a Devil fruit ability. There are several abilities among them!

However, Tianlei smiled. When the two men flew up, he recognized it. They are Crocodile’s senior cadre in the Baroque work, Mr.5 explosive fruit ability and Miss Valentine ability to float the fruit.

The ability to fly up is the ability of Miss Valentine. When they arrive, Tianlei expected it. After all, they will soon be stationed in Alabasta Kingdom. With the behavior of Crocodile, he will naturally send someone to test it.

Mr.5 and Miss Valentine came up, and found that all the people were staring at them. They couldn’t help but they had never encountered such a situation, but they immediately recovered. They have their own strengths.

Tianlei looked at Mr.5 and Miss Valentine and shook his head. This is the devil fruit of explosion and the fruit of fluttering. These are very strong devil fruit but their user are the worst. The fruit of explosion is also under the high-ranking cadres of Doflamingo team, the blasting fruit of Gladius is of the same cla.s.s! But strength is too far away from Mr. 5!

As for the fluttering fruit, It is even stronger, think about the floating fruit of s.h.i.+ki the Golden Lion and the gravity of Admiral of the navy headquarters Fujitora. They are all devil fruits of the same cla.s.s, and it is conceivable how strong the devil fruit is.

How many people in this past life want to abuse these two worthless person that wasted these two devil fruit!

At this time, three people on the left were also up.

As soon as the three of them came up, a funny scene appeared. Tianlei group had not spoken yet, and the two groups wants to fight each other. Just listening to Mr.5 quite arrogantly said: “You are all idiot, get lost, I will kill you all.”

The three people did not show weakness: “Mr.5, Miss Valentine, your Baroque work is really strong, but our bounty work is not bad. This Tianlei Rear Admiral is rewarded with 80 million in the underground world. A reward of 80 million, You want to get alone, is impossible.”

Tianlei group are quite speechless, and they have already gathered aside, completely ready to enjoy to watch infighting between them. When they listen that Tianlei was rewarded by the underground world for a reward of 80 million, they laughed out loud.

Bartolomeo: “Boss, I really didn’t think that you are rewarded with so much money!” Bartolomeo’s original personality of the rogue, once again revealed.

Of course, Dezaia, who is also a tyrant of Logue Town, is also the same. He shows his hooligan’s look: “Boss, it seems that you are blocking, other’s way! This is to take you roadblocks, sweep it!” Dezaia is a little rogue, but his brain is very good, and he can see the problem.

After all, Tianlei is the top genius in the navy. It is the underground world that rewarded him. After all, it is very likely that Navy personal put his reward in underworld.

Dezaia can think of it, others can also think of it., but in addition who did this. He didn’t offended Crocodile till now, it seems that he did not offend anyone!

But who is that? Who is the way I blocked? Tianlei actually thought that he had just promoted Rear Admiral, and could not help but think that it may not be the promotion place for himself. If this is the case, he get someone else position.

Tianlei is not a tangled person. He don’t want to think much about it. He finally sighed that one of my navy was actually rewarded, and it was 80 million. With this 80 million reward, he would definately be chased by Pirate Hunters!

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