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Read One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate Chapter 257: “Kizaru!”

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Chapter 257: “Kizaru!”

The speed and the power of Rogen were just unbelievable. Kizaru hasn’t seen such a thing is his life.

Rogen didn’t stop laughing, and in a blink of an eye, he hit Kizaru.


He waved his sword on Kizaru’s shoulder, making him suffer a huge pain.


Borsalino wanted to avoid this attack, and he turned into light. Unfortunately for him, Rogen was faster and he hit him first.

“Interesting, he can still Elementalize!”

Rogen’s eyes flashed.

It doesn’t seem that he paid much attention to him. he stared at Borsalino and then laughed.


A scarlet ray rushed from Rogen’s hand toward the golden ray of Kizaru.


The powerful rays created a huge explosion in front of Rogen, and as an effect, a strong wind blew his body back. After several flashes in the air, he stood in a piece of ruins.

On the other side, Kizaru stood up, and his whole body was covered with blood. At that moment, he was gasping violently and his forehead was perspiring constantly.

“Is it over?”

Rogen was disappointed for a while.

But then, he got excited again when he saw Kizaru attacking again.

“Yata no Kagami!”

“Ama no!”

In a blink of an eye, a reflected ray appeared into void. And at the same time, the dazzling sword came toward Rogen’s head.


“Getsuga Tenshō!”

Rogen didn’t care about the golden light, and he tilted his head.


White smoke rose, the high temperature sword of Kizaru just hit Rogen’s shoulder. The smell of flesh burning spread out.

Kizaru’s eyes trembled, his enemy was completely crazy.

At the same time, the black light flashed and slashed Kizaru before he could escape it.

The dark light expanded quickly and hit him hard.


The flame soared to the sky, and in a while, Kizaru’s body submerged in this crazy surging fire. The Admiral of the Marine was panicked, and he kept moving until he sprang out of the fire. He was sweating and gasping violently.


A hoa.r.s.e laughter came out, and as Rogen moved forward, the flame divided into two parts. What was shocking for Kizaru that he saw that Rogen’s shoulder healed itself.

“What a horrible ability!”

Borsalino’s eyes contacted, he could only feel the danger approaching.

the opponent’s attack was fierce and strange. Besides, he has the ability to heal himself.

How could Kizaru fight this thing?

After recovering, Rogen rushed up again with his sword.

Just like a wild animal that fights and never get tired, Rogen rushed again and again.

“Getsuga Tenshō!”

Rogen approached quickly, and then, the black light expanded in front of Kizaru.

“d.a.m.n it!”

Borsalino raised his sword to block Rogen’s attack, but he was thrown away by the Getsuga Tenshō and drowned in the sea of fire.

“He got stronger again!”

Kizaru’s heard trembled, he felt that the guy in front of him was not a human being.

How did he get all this power?

Rogen was extremely excited, he laughed loudly and kept attacking Kizaru with his sword. Every strike he made, the buildings of the Marine Headquarters were cut in a half, making a loud crash.

Up to now, the battle between the two men has completely destroyed the area of ten thousand meters.

In the side of the fight between s.h.i.+ki and the Marines.

Sengoku and all the powerful characters turned their eyes toward the southeast corner.

“Didn’t defeat him yet?”

He was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“That kid, his strength is beyond expectation!”

Garp sighed.

Being able to fight against a powerful person like Kizaru and make the area look like this, there’s no doubt that his strength is beyond expectation.


After a while, Sengoku shouted.

Kuzan responded quickly, and then he went down and pressed his hand to the ground.


After blocking s.h.i.+ki’s attack, Kuzan turned and nodded and moved toward the southeast corner.

“I understood, Sengoku-Sama!”

“Hahaha, it seems that the Marines have another problem to take care of!”

The Golden Lion laughed loudly.

He was very curious about who that guy was. It’s quite a distance from the southeast corner, he couldn’t see the other side’s appearance, but he could hear the horrible movements. He was definitely a master no less than the Admiral level.

“s.h.i.+ki, don’t get, we will take care of that kid after taking you down!”

Sengoku shouted.

Immediately, a shock wave of Sengoku rushed toward s.h.i.+ki, but it didn’t hit him, he dodged it quickly.

Immediately aftermath, a huge building like a hill collapsed.

“I’m curious right now. Who’s the guy that can make a mess in your Headquarters like me?”

“I don’t know anyone strong like this, can you tell me?”

s.h.i.+ki wielded his swords against Sengoku and Garp to defend himself from them.

The two Marines are not an easy opponent to resist them easily. After attacking s.h.i.+ki, he trembled slightly, it was clear that they were strong enough to damage the Golden Lion.

“Don’t rush, you’ll meet him in Impel Down soon!”

Sengoku smiled.

The southeast corner.

Kizaru was helpless under the Rogen’s powerful attack and strong sword. He suffered very dangerous injuries, and he got exhausted.

“I’m not his opponent!”

Kizaru was very desperate.

He almost died in the last fight against Rogen, and now, as if he was fighting another person, which was stronger and braver.

He had a premonition that this kid would kill him.

“Ice Age!”

Suddenly, a dull voice came out, and then, the temperature fell and the whole ground was covered with ice.

Rogen turned his head quickly; he was completely surprised.


The ice spread quickly, freezing his legs in a blink of an eye.

“What is that?”

Ice didn’t stop, after a while, covered all his body, except his head.

“Kizaru, are you okay?”

Kuzan moved forward slowly and asked with a low voice.

“Well, just be careful of him!”

Kizaru sighed and then stared at Rogen.

He was sure that the other side wasn’t easy to deal with at all.


In the ice, Rogen showed a ferocious smile, and suddenly, he moved his right hand.


The ice that covered Rogen broke into pieces.

“Another one?”

“Like your comrade, you’re useless!”


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