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Chapter 112: Profound Snow Spirit Fox

And at the same time, he noticed the light coming from the stunned Long Mo Ya’s eyes.  He suddenly realized that he could clearly see everything in this dark environment just like him……But thinking about it, he had been here for countless thousands of years, how could he have not adapted to the darkness.

Long Mo Ya was not looking at Ye Tian Xie, rather he was stunned as he looked at the place where the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone was destroyed.  This was something he had been guarding for thousands of years,  the most precious treasure of the dragon race.  It could even be considered the sacred stone that the dragon race believed in…….Right in front of his eyes, it had actually……disappeared without a trace.

Feeling Ye Tian Xie’s gaze, Long Mo Ya turned his head and looked at Ye Tian Xie.  A slight flicker pa.s.s through his sharp eyes…..But, from his eyes, Ye Tian Xie could not see a single trace of anger from the disappearance of the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone.  He could only see deep shock and disbelief.

“It shattered……Disappeared……The Dragon G.o.d’s Stone actually…..disappeared……”  He whispered out loud in a daze.  As a guardian who had faithfully protected the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone, this kind of result, how could he accept it?

Suddenly he gave a long sigh and then his dazed eyes focused once again.  Looking at Ye Tian Xie, he slowly said, “In the history of our dragon race, there are only a few people who can have the light or dark attribute.  Every time one of these individuals appear, they are destined to be the most outstanding figures out of all the dragons.  There has never been anyone who……The Dragon G.o.d’s Stone has shattered because of you.  There is only a single way for the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone to shatter……Only if there is a power stronger than it or a potential it couldn’t contain, that is the only way for it to shatter……But, I don’t know what it means what it means if it happens with a human with dragon blood like you…..”

Ye Tian Xie did not say anything.  When he had heard about the Hidden Dragon Abyss from Kong Xiu in Heavenly Stellar City, he had felt a trace of hope.  But, he never would have imagined he would come here in such a special way and would have obtained this incomparable job that only belonged to him……A job with powers that completely surpa.s.sed the jobs of normal players.  A job that was so powerful that it surpa.s.sed his expectations and imagination.

Under his tranquil appearance, he was extremely excited deep down.  Since he had already accomplished his goal, he did not care about the things Long Mo Ya told him.  He revealed a fake apologetic and ignorant face as he said, “The Dragon G.o.d’s Stone is very important to your dragon race…….I never would have imagined it would disappear because of me.”

“The Dragon G.o.d’s Stone is more important that you think, but, this can’t be blamed on you…..”  Suddenly, Long Mo Ya seemed to think of something.  His face tensed up and his expression experienced a large change, “The Dragon G.o.d’s Stone has disappeared, then the mysterious fox…….Where is the mysterious fox!?”

His voice fell and then he quickly looked around.  His eyes instantly locked onto something hiding behind Ye Tian Xie’s foot.  His eyes could clearly see through the darkness.  Although it had hidden behind Ye Tian Xie’s foot, but the little fox’s white tail quickly revealed its hiding spot.

As Long Mo Ya noticed her, Ye Tian Xie also saw her.  That little snow white fox that had been inside the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone was currently hiding behind Ye Tian Xie’s foot, trying to use his foot to cover herself.  Once their eyes fell onto her, the little fox realized that it had been discovered and it quickly looked up, gazing at Ye Tian Xie with a look of surprise.  Its eyes revealed a pleading look.

Pressure began to fill the air as Long Mo Ya released the power in his body, as if he were facing a dangerous enemy.  The mysterious fox that no one else knew about was a terrifying legend to his dragon race.  Even the strongest dragon G.o.d had no choice but to sacrifice its own life to fight against it, but it could only seal it and could not kill it.  Thinking about this, it was hard to imagine just how strong this thing was.

However, the pressure from Long Mo Ya’s aura quickly eased because when he used his aura to scan the mysterious fox, he found that there was a pitiful amount of energy coming from her body.  She was weak just like a weak monster that hadn’t even reached level ten.  She was just absolutely no threat to him.

The little fox’s look at this moment touched Ye Tian Xie’s heart because that pitiful, startled, scared, and pleading look was just like Guo Guo when she begged for lollipops.  He could not help thinking of the little girl’s voice that rang out in his mind from before…..That should have been the voice of this little fox.  In his mind, he began to imagine a pitiful young girl looking at him with hope in her eyes.  She was hoping that he would protect her……

Before Long Mo Ya could release an attack, Ye Tian Xie squatted down and picked up the little fox, holding her in his chest.  In that moment, he saw joy coming from the little fox’s eyes.  She rolled up against his body, trying to dig deep down into his chest, almost as if she wanted to rub her body against his body.

Profound Snow Spirit Fox: Level 0

HP: 100

Comes from an unknown origin.  It was sealed within the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone seventy million years ago by the dragon G.o.d and has just escaped.  It has an exquisite style, gentle nature, and is extremely ornamental.  It will not take the initiative to attack another creature.

Skills: None.

Weaknesses: None.

The minute he looked at the little fox, his Evil Dragon’s eye showed him her stats.  What surprised him was that…..she was level zero and only had a hundred HP…….This was little fox was the Black Fox that could instantly kill him and force the strongest dragon G.o.d to sacrifice his life to seal?

But……Sealed for seventy million years…….Being able to survive after being sealed in the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone for seventy million years, this little fox was not as simple as it seemed.

“Put it down, I need to make it disappear.”  Long Mo Ya knit his brows and said.  He was about to attack the fox, but now he was afraid he would injure Ye Tian Xie so he stopped his attack.

Ye Tian Xie slightly shook his head and said with a smile, “Senior Long, you can already sense that it is currently very weak, it is even weaker than me.  Even if it is an incomparably evil fox that will cause disasters, there should be no reason to kill it, right?  Also, you’re a dragon in the Mysterious G.o.d Realm, how could someone like you make a move against something this small and helpless?  Also, don’t you think it is very cute?”

The little fox raised her head and looked at Ye Tian Xie with eyes filled with grat.i.tude.

“You’re wrong.”  Long Mo Ya shook his head and then said in a deep voice, “If it wasn’t an evil being, the dragon G.o.d would not have sacrificed his life to seal it.  If it was truly small and weak, how could it force the dragon G.o.d to use all that power and how could it survive being sealed in the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone for so long.  It is currently weak because it has been sealed in the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone for over seventy million years.  During this time, its strength has been slowly corroded by the power of the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone and it was slowly consumed by the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone until this day.  I would have never thought that even after seventy million years, this fox would still be alive.  The strength it had must have been even beyond what the rumours say……”

Long Mo Ya wore a serious expression.  His eyes were filled with awe as he continued, “This Black Fox will slowly recover its abilities after leaving the stone.  Once it recovers its full power, who would be able to fight it then……At that time, because of it, perhaps a unprecedented disaster will occur.  So, put it down, I must exterminate it.”

Ye Tian Xie did not have the same opinion as Long Mo Ya.  Under the little fox’s description, it clearly said ‘ It has an exquisite style, gentle nature, and is extremely ornamental.  It will not take the initiative to attack another creature’.  How could a fox like this be an evil creature?  Even if one just looked at its appearance, it was very different from the word ‘evil’.

Ye Tian Xie tightly held the little fox in his chest.  Perhaps it was the pleading voice or the pitiful appearance it showed that touched him, but he found that he was unwilling to see this little fox die in front of him.  And when he decided to protect something, no matter who was on the opposing side, he would never make any concessions.  He shook his head and said, “I trust my own judgement, this is not an evil fox.  Rather, it is a very pitiful being that has been sealed for many years and needs to be protected and cared for, rather than being persecuted.  I believe that there were many facts hidden when the dragon G.o.d sacrificed its life to seal this fox.”

Long Mo Ya’s brows knit together and his voice became more serious.  He locked gazes with Ye Tian Xie, “The powers of light and dark have exhibited themselves in your body at the same time and you have created a strange new dragon’s power.  Your potential is so strong that you can make the Dragon G.o.d’s Stone disappear.  This kind of power terrifies me and makes me wish to see your future.  If possible, I want to help you as much as I can…….so, I don’t want to see you get hurt.  But, you are still young and are easily swayed by your emotions.  A person like this will suffer a loss sooner or later.”

“Ah, I never regret my choices.”  Ye Tian Xie shrugged and indifferently said.  He held onto the snow white fox with one hand and rubbed the fur on its back with his other hand.  It was astonishingly soft to the touch and made him somewhat unwilling to put it down.  The little fox seemed to enjoy his touch as it lied down peacefully in his arms without moving.

Long Mo Ya calmed down and said, “Appearances can fool people and one’s feelings can fool oneself.  How can you know that this is not an evil fox?  Why else would it have been sealed all those years ago?  Even if there is a slight chance that it is evil, with its terrifying powers, we can’t allow that slight chance to happen.  Otherwise, the ones who will suffer that terrifying consequence will be… and me!”

He slowly raised his right hand and a small ma.s.s of light condensed within his hand.  A giant pressure appeared and suppressed Ye Tian Xie, “Put it down now!”

Ye Tian Xie did not hesitate to shake his head, “Let it go.  I’ll be responsible for it……if there really are any consequences.”


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