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Chapter 330: Xie Tian, I’m here to save you!

With Son of Heaven’s death, the Wings of Shrouded Heaven fell into complete chaos.  The group of people did not have a single high command become like a headless chicken.  Those players that were closest to Ye Tian Xie did not know whether to attack or escape and felt helpless.  This was the first time Son of Heaven had died in a battle.

Son of Heaven appeared in Heavenly Stellar City’s resurrection point with a face as black as coal.  He had spent a large price to buy those four “Star Bombs” from that “profiteer. Indeed it was an incomparably greedy profiteer, charging thirty thousand gold coins for a single “Star Bomb”!!  Moreover, that was also only for the first one. The other side claimed it was a rare thing and there was one less every time one was sold, so they added 50% to the price for the next one. So, the second one cost forty five thousand, the third one cost seventy thousand, and the fourth one cost a hundred thousand…..

This was simply stealing money!

But in order to destroy Xie Tian, he accepted it.  Four “Star Bombs”, he wanted to use them on Xie Tian because there was no need to use these when dealing with anyone else.  He thought he could make him die twice with these four bombs, but… the end, Xie Tian did not die. A large group of his Wings of Shrouded Heaven members had died and even he had personally died to the “Star Bomb”.

Since he received the news that Xie Tian and Endless Cycle of Reincarnation’s King were meeting, he made his preparations.  He never thought that Xie Tian would be able to escape and he never thought that the first one to die would be him!

“Xie Tian!!  I cannot co-exist with you!!”  Son of Heaven picked up his communication device and loudly roared out at the Falling Wind Plains team through the guild channel, “Don’t fall into confusion!  All of you attack Xie Tian with all your might. No matter what price we pay today, we will make him die!! We must have him die!! We have an entire thirteen thousand people, don’t let me find out that you can’t deal with a single person, do you all understand!!  If you fail… will all be degraded to third cla.s.s soldiers and will only receive trash equipment from the first and second cla.s.s. The person that kills Xie Tian will receive three million gold coins and will never have to worry about money in their lifetime! Do you all understand!!”

Son of Heaven’s roars sounded out in the ears of every Wings of Shrouded Heaven member in the Falling Wind Plains.  The originally chaotic group quickly calmed down. Under these generous rewards, the players were all filled with excitement.  They raised the weapons in their hands and roared as they charged at Ye Tian Xie.

The crowd of people was like an unending tide, submerging Ye Tian Xie in the center.  The bows of the archers were drawn back again, the magicians began their chants, and the summoners released a variety of summons that could fly, all aimed at Ye Tian Xie.

The magnificence of this scene, the dense amount of attacks made the hearts of all the players watching beat fast…..This kind of attack was for dealing with a single person.  As for Xie Tian…..can he really stop this kind of attack? If he could, how long could he keep it up? This was not like the battle of the Red Leaves Guild versus the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  The battlefield was much more condense and the Wings of Shrouded Heaven had to attack a city and go against the Red Leaves Guild back then……But this time, the group sent out was several times bigger and it was just for dealing with Ye Tian Xie alone.  This was completely different, the pressure created on Ye Tian Xie this time was completely different.


With a cold snort, Ye Tian Xie used a Dragon Shadow Slash to change his position, dodging all the attacks aimed at him.  The Moment of Destiny in his hand slammed down and the players in front of him that could not react in time were all knocked down.  Before the small gap in front of him was filled with people once again, he gave a roar as his body turned into a shadow. Using all the speed he had, he charged forward, waving the Moment of Destiny in his hand as quickly as possible, clearing out all the people in front of him blocking his way.

In this kind of dense crowd, he could not be stopped otherwise, once he lost his ability to move, even he could not hold on long against those attacks that filled the sky.  Even with his various skills, he could not stop them. If he wanted to destroy ten thousand people……this kind of thing was impossible because this was something that only occurred in myths.  But if he wanted to leave, even without the Evil Dragon’s Soul, it was not a hard matter for him.

Because he was the previous Tian Mo Xie and the current Xie Tian.  Even ten thousand people could not stop him!

Once Ye Tian Xie began to move, he was like a wild tiger, with a very shocking aura.  He had a deep understanding of what was the best move in this kind of situation. He had to keep moving forward and could never stop, charging forward without even looking back.  He was piercing through this crowd in one breath like a knife……Once he was stopped, he would be submerged in the crowd. If he wanted to charge again, it would be difficult beyond compare.

Wherever Ye Tian Xie went, people were being sent flying by him.  The ones that weren’t sent flying were still sent flying by the bodies. .h.i.tting them at full force…..In the blink of an eye, a line was cut out in the group by him.  This line was created by Ye Tian Xie’s quick breakthrough……This line was also followed by a long line of corpses.

Seeing their team being quickly penetrated, the higher up members of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven were all filled with panic……If Ye Tian Xie could escape from such a large group, their Wings of Shrouded Heaven would become a laughingstock to everyone…..At this moment, several dozen leaders all sent down the order to completely block off Ye Tian Xie!

Once his path forward was cut off and he was surrounded, he could only be drowned to death!

The atmosphere became tense as the attacking players all stopped attacking and just threw their bodies at Ye Tian Xie to block him.  In the blink of an eye, in front, to the left, and to the right of Ye Tian Xie were dense walls made of bodies. These walls were becoming thicker, becoming a black, dense patch of people.

Ye Tian Xie had finally been stopped.  In the distance, the long range Jobs locked onto him and the sky was filled with attacks like raindrops.

Ye Tian Xie knit his brows.  He used the “Dragon Shadow Slash” that had just come off cooldown and pa.s.sed through the weakest wall, while cutting down several dozen players at the same time.  The Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s team moved along with Ye Tian Xie, they already knew what to do to trap Ye Tian Xie once again……

When fighting many with a few, the most terrifying and desperate situation was being tightly surrounded, not to mention fighting many alone.

In the distance, the dense crowd of players looked at the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s sea of people in a daze.  Being submerged by this crowd, they could not even see Xie Tian’s shadow. But what filled them with incomparable shock was that…..with ten thousand people going against a single person, such a long time had pa.s.sed and they still had not taken care of him…..Moreover, there had been calls in their group saying that “Son of Heaven had already died”.

While everyone was watching this battle, no one noticed that to the north, a young girl was rushing over.  Until she was shouting and pushing her way through the crowd did they notice her demonic beauty, making everyone that saw her unable to look away.

“Move, move, move, move, move, move!!!”

It was good that this crowd was not as dense as the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s team and with her pet.i.te figure, she pushed her way to the front without that much effort.  She quickly asked a person beside her, “Is Xie Tian dead? Is he dead?”

She who did not have a source of news had finally heard that Xie Tian was here and immediately returned to the city.  She quickly ran over here, afraid that he would leave again. She heard that he was currently surrounded by the Wings of Shrouded Heaven on the way here and felt even more joy.

“Eh…..He shouldn’t have.”  That person unconsciously replied.

“Ah?  This many people fighting him…..he’s still not dead?  He really is the legendary strongest person! Yeah!! I’m not late at all!  Xie Tian, don’t be afraid, I’m coming to save you!”

After the young girl said these words that almost made everyone around her fall down, she shouted in a delightful voice while charging at the dense sea of people from the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.

“Don’t go over!!”

All the players around were staring at her and over half of them unconsciously called out.  Although they could only see her back, her slender back was enough to tell them that this was a beautiful young girl.  If she were to approach the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s team, anyone could imagine the consequences. There was no one that wanted to see this simple hearted girl die at the hands of the Wings of Shrouded Heaven.  Not to mention this girl, with the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s prestige, there was not a single player that dared to approach them.

It was unknown if the young girl did not hear them or if she didn’t care, but she kept running forward.  She was not wearing any shoes and those slender feet were as white as snow, like they had been carved from jade.  Those people looking at her feet all felt a deep enchanted feeling come over them.

Ye Tian Xie burst left and right in the crowd, like a tiger on a slaughter in a flock of sheep.  Sometimes his HP bar did not move at all and sometimes his HP bar instantly almost emptied, but it was quickly filled up.  While he moved, the people around him also moved, tightly following behind him while trying to trap him.

“Xie Tian, I’m coming!  You have to remember to give me lots of money!!”

That young girl’s perfect, beautiful face revealed a fox like smile.  Then with a soft cry, she took out a small ash grey bead from her inventory and forcefully threw it into the dense crowd in front of her.

It was what Son of Heaven had used, the Star Bomb!!


-20000, -20000, -20000, -20000, -20000……..

When the Star Bomb fell, it caused a giant explosion that was also filled with pitiful screams.  Over a hundred Wings of Shrouded Heaven players were sent flying as an empty s.p.a.ce appeared in the dense crowd of people.  This sudden change had made the Wings of Shrouded Heaven’s north team fall into confusion.


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