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Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven is a web novel completed by Mars Gravity, 火星引力.
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Chapter 413: Swallow High Pill

“How do you know my name?”  Situ Luo Yu blurted out.

Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing following her came in at the same time.  When they heard Situ Luo Yu’s surprised voice, they were stunned at the same time.  When they looked at Liu Qi Yue in front of Situ Luo Yu, the two of them stopped moving at the same time…..forgetting to move forward.

Liu Qi Yue was holding her chest with both hands, gracefully standing there.  That delicate and charming body was swaying, giving off a soul moving charm, giving the best example of a devil’s body.  That was was filled with incomparable charm and an intoxicating fragrance filled the air. Situ Chana’s eyes lit up and his breathing became quick.  Even the always cool Situ Wu Qing was stunned at this moment.

“You are the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce’s…..master, Liu Qi Yue?”  Situ Chana unconsciously said. Other than Liu Qi Yue, would else had this absolute beauty that could make one stunned with a single glance.  Although Liu Qi Yue was famous, there were very few people with pictures of her. Although Situ Chana had seen it before, but seeing the real person, he understood that her charm had far surpa.s.sed what he had seen, even surpa.s.sing people’s descriptions of her beauty.  A single look could make him fall into a daze, even Situ Wu Qing beside him was in a daze…..Her charm, perhaps there was no man who could resist it, other than an abnormal man.

Liu Qi Yue’s beautiful eyes looked over and revealed a faint smile.  Situ Chana felt like a spring breeze was blowing over his face. That beautiful face seemed like it had lit up and filled the surrounding area with light, but it felt like it had suddenly dimmed too.  Situ Chana fell into a daze once again seeing this. Liu Qi Yue said with a faint smile, “I am the master here, Situ Chana, Situ Wu Qing. If I didn’t remember incorrectly, you two are not chefs.”

“We…..We were sending out little sister here.”  Situ Chana’s voice was a bit stiff. The normally agile minded him actually found something that could shock him…..Liu Qi Yue had called him by his real name.

“Then, I ask you to wait outside.  We will take care of little sister Luo Yu.”  Liu Qi Yue said with a faint smile.

“Ah…..Alright.”  Situ Chana nodded in a daze before pulling Situ Wu Qing who was completely defenseless out.

When they walked out of the Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce, Situ Chana finally came back to his senses.  He could not forget Liu Qi Yue’s voice and face for a long time. He let out a long breath and said, “She is Liu Qi Yue…..Alright, I have to admit, she is more…..terrifying than I imagined.”

Just a few words had made him unconsciously obey her.

Situ Wu Qing with the name “Evil Demon Eye” was also like this, there was no need to mention others.  Her beauty could collapse a nation. It was unknown how many men were willing to die for her. If this was ancient times, perhaps a single word of hers could cause a great war, destroying nations and killing millions.

Immediately, he thought of something and said in a shocked voice, “Sour face, she actually called us by our real names!”

Situ Wu Qing looked at him…..The meaning of his eyes was looking down on his shock.  Then, with an ice cold face, he spoke with his rarely heard voice, “Her father, Liu Qian Jun is China’s second highest official, with a lot of military power.  Her mother, Zuo Zhuan Rong is the sister of China’s number one official and the seventh official herself, controlling the largest government information network.  She is Zuo Zhuan Rong’s successor.”

Situ Wu Qing’s rare speaking represented that he knew that with Liu Qi Yue’s strength, she could easily find out who they were.  At the same time, it also meant…..that his heart had been unsettled by Liu Qi Yue.

Situ Chana was speechless for a long time.  China’s top three families, the Zuo Family with the most authority, the Murong Family controlling the strongest Sacred Domain, and the Liu Family with the highest military and intelligence power.  The three of these families married each other, entwining together, bringing the three of them as one. And…..with everything Situ Chana and Situ Wu Qing saw, the successors of these three families…..Zuo Po Jun, Murong Qiu Shui, and Liu Qi Yue were all very closely related to Xie Tian.

So, even if Xie Tian was an ordinary person, because of them, he would not be ordinary.

“Sour face, don’t you think that if we join the Heavenly Soul Mercenaries, doesn’t that also mean we can get closer to them…..I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.”

Situ Wu Qing said nothing.

“Un……Not bad.  If little sister can grab Xie Tian, ze, ze, even the worst thing in the world can become the best thing in the world…..Little sister, your big brother Chana will do his best for your happiness.”  Situ Chana put his hands together and began to pray.

Situ Wu Qing: “……”

“Our condition is very simple, join my Seven Moons Chamber of Commerce and become my head chef.  You can reject, but you cannot make what you learned in this cookbook for others, otherwise elder sister will find many ways to fill you with regret.”  Liu Qi Yue said with a sweet smile, speaking in a leisurely voice.

Her two big brothers clearly knew Situ Luo Yu’s temper and unreasonableness.  If anyone else said these words to her, she would have certainly beat them. Daring to threaten this old lady!  Are you tired of living?

But in front of Liu Qi Yue, her personality seemed like it had been suppressed and unable to display itself.  But she also wasn’t a soft tempered person, so she directly said, “Sure, sure, of course! However, I also have a condition.  If you can’t agree, I’ll immediately leave…..Pretty elder sister, I can tell you that it is impossible for you to find another high level chef like me!”

“Oh?”  Liu Qi Yue still had her faint smile as she said in an interested voice, “Then, what request do you have?”

“I want…..I want Xie Tian to play with me for seven days!”  Situ Luo Yu pursed her lips and said without any hesitation.

Liu Qi Yue narrowed her eyes and said, “One day.”

“No!  Just seven days!  Otherwise…..”

“Otherwise, I can go find high level NPC chef.  Little sister, if you’re not willing, you can leave.  Remember to come play with elder sister in the future.”  Liu Qi Yue had a calm expression as she stood there with her hand crossed over her chest.  Her lips pulled back to reveal a smile that was too beautiful to behold.

“…..Alright, a day is a day.”  Situ Luo Yu finally gave in.

“Little sister, come with me.”  Liu Qi Yue’s smile became even more mesmerizing.

The Red Sheep’s cookbook had clearly said that it required many ingredients, but before Situ Luo Yu came, Liu Qi Yue already had people prepare even though it was difficult to find.  However, if one didn’t learn the cookbook, it didn’t matter no matter how much ingredients there were.

In the Seven Moons Restaurant’s main kitchen, Situ Luo Yu held the cookbook and looked over the ingredients before saying in a shocked voice, “Can these things really be made into something delicious?  Xie Tian wants to eat this?”

“Little sister, just do your best and give it a try.”

“I am not little sister, which part of me is small?  Want to compare? Situ Luo Yu angrily turned around, putting both hands on her waist as she spoke.  With her movement, the giant milky balloons on her chest violently jumped several times, causing waves that could make people’s eyes pop out.

Liu Qi Yue’s eyes swept over her chest and her beautiful eyes revealed a rarely seen look of praise.  Her hands holding her chest slowly came down and she said with a faint smile, “Do you really can to compare?”

As Liu Qi Yue’s hands holding her chest came away, Situ Luo Yu’s eyes suddenly looked straight and she carefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva.  She the shouted, “Humph! What’s so great about it! Wait until I’m grown up and let’s compete, you surely can’t compare.”

Situ Luo Yu’s were big, even more so in contrast to her tall, slender body and her thin waist.  If they were to compare purely on size, she would just be a bit smaller than Liu Qi Yue’s……Looks, figure, aura, and gracefulness, she was all lacking in.  Even the most proud part of herself was lacking in comparison. The little girl was suppressed in front of her, unable to let her temper out.

Situ Luo Yu used the cookbook which turned into white light that entered her body, disappearing without a trace.

Following this, Situ Luo Yu picked up the cooking utensils…..The Red Sheep’s cookbook was called the «The Red Sheep’s Cookbook» and there was only a single recipe on it called the “Red Sheep’s favorite dish”.

Liu Qi Yue took a step back and silently stood there, watching Situ Luo Yu with a faint smile…..When she picked up the cooking utensils, she found that this girl’s aura had completely changed.  It had become focused and that unreasonable and rebellious look on her face had completely disappeared……It was like she had suddenly turned into a different person.

After three minutes, a sharp voice suddenly shouted, “Ah, what is this thing!!”

The one who shouted was Situ Luo Yu who had been cooking and had just lifted the pot lid.

Liu Qi Yue was surprised as she walked over and found that there were several dozen black b.a.l.l.s in the pot…..Those materials that were close to one kilogram in weight was actually turned into something this small.

Red Sheep’s Sheep Dung Ball: In order for the Red Sheep to prevent the dish only it knew how to make from being spread, it placed a strange curse on the cookbook.  Even if one learns the cookbook, if they don’t use the special pan to cook it, it will become….

A pile of Red Sheep’s Sheep Dung Ball.

Liu Qi Yue: “……”

“Little sister, first wait a bit.”  Liu Qi Yue spoke with a strange expression before leaving the kitchen.  Not long pa.s.sed before she came in with a normal sized pan, the Red Sheep’s Pan.

……After ten minutes.

In another place.

In the high mountain that entered into the clouds.

Nameless sat on the peak of the mountain with closed eyes, as the gentle wind blew.  Looking at him from the distance, his head almost touched the dark cloud above.

He had already been like this for a very long time.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and in his calm eyes, there was a trace of shock.

“……The sin of gluttony has disappeared.”  He opened his palm and spoke in a slow voice.

The Indigo Soul lying on the ground opened its eyes and looked at him.

“What is going on…..It hasn’t even been a day.  Did something unexpected happen?”

Nameless muttered something before closing his eyes, making a strange sign with his right hand.  Not long pa.s.sed before he opened his eyes and said with a frown, “So it’s like this…..It’s the Swallow High Pill.”

“Swallow High Pill?  What is that?” Indigo Soul asked.

“It is something that doesn’t belong in this world, but rather comes from the highest plan…..It can block the power of the sin of gluttony, but it isn’t strange.  He, where did he obtain this Swallow High Pill…..” Nameless closed his eyes and said in a puzzled voice.

“This also means that the sin of gluttony ends there?”  Indigo Soul stood up and asked.

“That’s right!  It’s over like that.  Tomorrow is the sin of l.u.s.t.  Only…..” Nameless gave a rare curve, “Although the effect of gluttony has disappeared, he will not think the sin of gluttony will end like this.  He will think that this sin will continue for another seven days, then he will certainly be caught off guard by the sin of l.u.s.t tomorrow and will not be prepared for it.”

Indigo Soul: “……”


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