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Read Online Game: I Possess A Monster Merging Simulator! Chapter 189 – Mining Robot!

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Chapter 189: Mining Robot!

Seeing that Lorne was not tempted, the Gnome Shop Manager, Tully, asked, “What’s wrong, Mr. Tyrant? Are you not satisfied with these products?”

“Yes.” Lorne nodded, “These things are too ordinary. I want to check more precious products. Can you help me unlock the higher access rights?”

“This is against the rules.”

Tully shook his head, but then smiled, “However, I would like to ask, Mr. Tyrant, how did you obtain the aura of light? It does not seem to be the simple power of light.”

Aura of light?

Since you are asking about it, I will show you the power of the Holy Angel.

Lorne directly used [Angel’s Descent]. Holy light blossomed, and a pair of holy light wings appeared behind him.

“This! This is…?!”

Just like when Barres had seen this scene, Tully was also stunned. He froze on the spot, extremely shocked.

When he recovered, Tully immediately said respectfully, “I didn’t expect you to obtain the angel’s inheritance at such a young age. No wonder you have such a rich aura of light.”

“In that case, let me help you unlock the highest authority. Although this is not in line with the rules, I’m willing to believe in the judgment of the Dragon G.o.d.”

An adventurer who had not even reached the Earth Realm had actually inherited the power of an angel. From this, it could be seen how much the Dragon G.o.d valued him.

Tully was a businessman, so how could he not know what this meant?


“Congratulations on obtaining the Gnome Reputation, Reputation+10,000!”

“Congratulations on obtaining the affinity of the NPC Tully. Affinity+1000!”

“Congratulations on reaching [Friend] affinity with Tully!”

A series of notifications appeared.

Lorne did not expect the other party to be so generous. He gained 1,000 personal affinity points and 10,000 Gnome Reputation points.

Not only that, but the shop information in front of him had also been directly promoted to the highest level. With this authority, he could check all the products sold by the gnomes.

Indeed, the reputation of the Dragon of Light was still useful.

Overjoyed, Lorne quickly checked.

There were a large number of mineral veins near the region where the Cold Desolate Dragon City was located. Moreover, many high-grade mineral veins required people with high-grade mining skills to mine them.

It just so happened that the gnomes had such robots for sale.

However, when Lorne checked the item’s information, he was dumbfounded.


[High-Grade Mining Robot]

Price: Not for sale

Introduction: A magic robot developed by the mechanical research department of the gnomes. It has a body constructed from precise machinery. It can be provided with the ability of ‘magic crystal’ to allow it to move. It can conduct ore mining in the harsh underground environment.


If he only talked about its function, then this robot was completely in line with Lorne’s idea. Moreover, it had high-grade ore extraction technology. If he could buy it, he could immediately bring these robots to the Lake of Death and let them start work as soon as possible to acc.u.mulate funds.

However, the problem was that this robot was not for sale!

Wasn’t this making things difficult for him?

“Manager Tully, I hope to purchase your company’s high-level mining robots. I will pay you a sufficient price.”

Lorne stated his thoughts.

This mining robot was an equipment that he urgently needed. Otherwise, without high-level miners, the mineral veins buried in the ruins of the war would not have been able to be mined.

If he could not mine the ores, he would not have money to repair the Cold Desolate Dragon City or to build his own territory. The loss was too great.

“Adventurer, the gnome’s mining robots are the highest-grade items that are not for sale. Even the Duke of Iron Skull City will not be able to purchase them.”

“Unless, you have the rarest and most precious Dragon Crystal.”

Tully smiled and shook his head. In his eyes, this adventurer might really be a genius of Iron Skull City, but he could not have something as rare as the Dragon Crystal.

“Is that what you’re talking about?”

Lorne took out a palm-sized crystal gem from his bag. It was pure and sparkling.

“My G.o.d, you, you really have a Dragon Crystal!”

Tully immediately jumped up from his seat and leaned forward to carefully examine the gem. After confirming repeatedly, a shocking light immediately burst from his eyes, causing him to fall into a state of ecstasy.

This was a real Dragon Crystal!

With such a gem, they could trade with dragons!

One had to know that the rare materials in this world were all in extremely dangerous places, and dragons were the only existence that could enter such dangerous areas at will.

If they needed materials that all races could not find, they had to find the dragons. Their treasure vaults contained anything one could possibly imagine!

After the shock, Tully reluctantly retracted his gaze and said, “Adventurer, this Dragon Crystal fragment of yours is indeed expensive, but it’s still not enough to purchase a mining robot.”

“If you want to break the rules to purchase the mining robots, you must take out the complete Dragon Crystal. Moreover, a complete Dragon Crystal can only purchase ten high-level mining robots.”

“If you have found a high-level mineral vein, just ten mining robots will not be enough. Therefore, I suggest that you cooperate with our company and develop together. We can earn the most benefits for you in the shortest time possible!”

“Of course, if you only represent Iron Skull City or the Dragon G.o.d, you can ignore my suggestion.”

d.a.m.n, how cunning.

Tully and Lorne had only just met, but he could a.n.a.lyze everything from these actions. Such business sense was ridiculous.

He had to admit that the other party was right.

Lorne indeed needed to pool a large amount of funds in a short period of time, so he was very concerned about the suggestion from Tully. Because the player’s subcla.s.s system had just been released, it was impossible to mine through hiring the players in the short term. At the very least, medium and high-level ores were too much for them.

In addition, he could not cooperate with the Iron Skull City. After all, the ruins of the war was under their jurisdiction. If they mined there, why would they divide the profits with him?

Therefore, there was only one path for Lorne, and that was to cooperate with the gnomes!


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