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[Online Gaming] Love You 59 Seconds is a web novel created by Yun Guo Shi Fei.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Proofreader: Jesse

Little Wudang got irritated, so he turned to leave. He was too lazy to deal with this rich man; he had more important things to deal with, he needed to go to the warehouse to take out four delight pills to return the quest!

His character took two steps forward when the little girl suddenly came to a stop and then started to dash forward, within seconds she ran up to Love You 59 Seconds and stuck to him like glue.

Wu Han Ying felt like his eyes almost popped out of their sockets; he sat in utter shock for a moment before he slowly came back to his senses. He remembered that when his account is opened it automatically goes into following mode. The leader of the team just needs to click follow and the member will immediately run over to where the leader is; originally, this was to make it more convenient when doing team activities, but now it…

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: !!! Why did you turn on following!!!!

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Take you to the warehouse

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: There is one next to the blacksmith

After he read the last message in the team chat, Wu Han Ying saw that there is an NPC at the corner of the map and sure enough it had the t.i.tle Warehouse Manager on its head…

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ……

Six silent dots appeared over his head, Wu Han Ying thought that he had been making significant improvements since he had been playing the game for so many days, yet he felt like he is still a novice; so it seemed this place also has a warehouse. This was the first time he heard of this, he couldn’t help thinking about before when he wanted to organize the warehouse a bit, he had to run back and forth for many rounds…

Xia Chen dragged Xiao Wu over to take out the cooking food then headed back to Wei San Ye to return the quest. The female character named Bing*Xue in A Zhu’s clothing was still standing next to them, but she hadn’t moved an inch; it must be that she was too busy typing in the guild channel. He just simply blocked off the guild chat and only opened the team chat.

A Zhu’s clothing – name of a character and this is what she looks like.

He did not have cla.s.s this afternoon, so after he dealt with some business matters, he logged back into the game with the plan to take Xiao Wu. to level up. However, right after he logged in someone was quick to send a private message to him; it stated that they wanted him to take them as his apprentice and it also said that they know Xiao Wu. and the like.

Xia Chen did not think much of it and just casually agreed. The main reason he did not have any disciples before was because he did not want to be bothered, but after he had taken Xiao Wu. under his care he found that the little Emei was very obedient. Even though he would occasionally learn some bad habits here and there, overall it was not that bad and would not provoke any trouble for him. He realized that the more he nurtured a new account into higher levels, the more it gave him a very good feeling.

After accepting the new apprentice he soon regretted his decision, it was not every day that he can meet an obedient and well-behaved disciple and it became apparent that this new female disciple had neither trait that he valued so much. She kept on poking him about leveling up when she was standing right next to him, he really could not keep on ignoring her. Whenever she saw someone with fashionable clothing or rare pets, she would pester him to get one for her.

Xia Chen felt really annoyed, so he decided to go offline. He could not help but think about how Xiao Wu also donned that same blue and green Wudang clothing and had the same hair and face, yet even with all of these similarities, for some reason there was a huge difference between the two.

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Jiu Gong Box is broken…

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: This thing can also break…

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Um

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Use another one

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: If there aren’t enough, I’ll buy more

After Xia Chen saw Xiao Wu had reported the location’s coordinates, he was ready to drag him over to do the quest. Right at the same time he noticed the phone on the table was flashing; earlier when he was lecturing in cla.s.s, he switched it to silent mode and forgot to switch it back.

“Lao Da.”

Jun Zhe’s voice entered his ear right when he picked up, followed by a string of “haha” laughter. His hands did not stop moving though, he turned on following mode and took Xiao Wu to do the quest.

“What is it?”

“Ehem, ehem.” After Jun Zhe had laughed enough on the other side, he cleared his throat, “I’m telling you Lao Da, that thing…”

Xia Chen helped Xiao Wu finish off the monsters and then the two of them used Ding Wei Fu {Return Scrolls} to immediately return to Wei San Ye in Suzhou, “I’ll hang up if you have nothing to say.”

“Please don’t do it!” Jun Zhe hurriedly said in a breathless voice, “Lao Da, I’m innocent here. Keke, it’s Xiao Yan who told me to ask you! I was forced to do it! Lao Da, it’s true that you like that Xiao Wu person, eh.”

“Don’t know.”

Xia Chen answered nonchalantly, which caused Jun Zhe to choke on his words on the other line. After a long pause he finally recovered and said, “I’m telling you this Lao Da, if you like the other person a little bit, or even have a little tiny bit of feeling towards them; you should call that person out for a meet up and then quickly get together with them! Your old man confessed that he wants to see you have a wife, who can then give birth to a grandson. If you bring home one, he would not force you to marry that, uh what’s her name again? Anyway, you should hurry. You’ve been living away from home for more than a year already and don’t try to tell me that bulls.h.i.t of you liking men ah, that reason is invalid. If you really are gay, then how could I not sense it!”

Xia Chen listened to Jun Zhe’s non-stop nagging, knowing that the other did not know Xiao Wu is actually a man left him feeling somewhat amused, “You don’t have to worry about my business, it seems you have a lot of free time on your hands.”

“I’m very busy! Lao Da, you should hurry back, I’m about to vomit blood due to overworking. A few things happened recently and Xiao Mo got sent out to take a look at it; he hasn’t come back since then.”


“What do you mean by ‘um’, ah!” Jun Zhe’s voice revealed an ironic helpless cry.

Xia Chen’s mouth pulled back into a smile, “If I were to pursue Xiao Wu, you would cry.”

“How can it be!” Jun Zhe saw a ray of hope and quickly said, “Lao Da, go for it; all of your loyal subjects are supporting you!”

“Alright, I’m going to hang up now I need to collect Ice Pieces.”

“Ok, ok, ok, you need your loyal subject to give you more Jiu Gong boxes; I have bought quite a few boxes on the world chat channel before, around like 400; I can give them to Sao Zi to make Bang Bang Tang. She can make one in each color: red, blue and green!”

Xia Chen hung up the call and saw that Xiao Wu had already returned the quest and was standing next to him waiting.

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: We can go now

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Ok

Wu Han Ying typed in the new coordinates and then followed Love You 59 Seconds to complete the quest.

Right when he got out to West Lake from the Suzhou portal, he noticed a message from Love You 59 Seconds in the team chat, but there was no bubble on top of the character; it must be that he sent out this message a few seconds ago while Wu Han Ying was still in the teleporting transmission.

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: I’ve just received a call from Qian Qian Junzi

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ???

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: He told me to woo you

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: =口=

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: He told me to ask for your phone number

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: =口=

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: 999

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: That’s the number!

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: (Laughing Expression)

{Translator Input: 999 – an emergency number in China kekeke because the p.r.o.nunciation for “9” is the same as the word for “help”}


Wu Han Ying looked at the laughing emoticon on the screen and felt like his brain was automatically blasted into pieces; the image of this murderous Wudang who is always wearing a poker face suddenly laughed “ha ha ha”…he felt a chilling north wind blow by.

{Translator Input: Geographically speaking, the northern part of China is very cold (I think this is applied to all places, or maybe it’s just me). So the wind coming from the north is being listed as the “cold wind”.}

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Shifu, you’re acting weird today

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Your disciple is not getting used to it

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Um

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: I got stimulated the whole afternoon

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Ha Ha Ha, I’m not laughing

Wu Han Ying of course knew the reason for Love You 59 Seconds stimulation this afternoon, it must be from that Bing*Xue girl poking him the whole afternoon. He usually did not talk much in the guild channel, so it did not take a genius to know that he dislikes it when someone disturbs his peace.

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: My apprentice?

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Let’s get married

Wu Han Ying did not get to laugh to his heart’s content before he suddenly choked on his saliva and coughed furiously; the three words on the screen caused a huge impact to him.

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Shifu…

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: You forgot to take your medicine

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: ……

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: How about you give me the Xiao Wu account

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: I’ll give you XC

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: =口=

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: I have my own principles too you know!!

Wu Han Ying furiously typed out each word on the keyboard; he was a very principled person, he really is. This rich person was very hateful, even wanting to make a deal in exchange for his precious daughter! Is that account even going to be worth it! All level 7 stones, JP {high quality} babies, JP equipment ah and also being the deity character in the server…

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: T-T you have to treat my daughter well

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Don’t bully her

However, principles cannot put food on his table…

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: (Laughing Expression)

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Deal

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Let’s get married at 3 o’clock tonight

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Too many people now, really troublesome

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Ok…

Wu Han Ying reluctantly decided to part with this account, it was not a big deal anyway; if nothing else he would not log back into this account after tonight! He made some calculations and decided his laptop battery could last without power up to an hour at least.

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: I’ll logout at 11pm due to the power outage later and then log back in at 3 am

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Your place has a light out period?

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Nonsense, I’ve already told you this a long time ago

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Wifey is already getting so feisty before being married

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ……

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: You’re not allowed to hara.s.s my daughter!!

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: I’ll teach you how to perform electricity congestion

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: ???

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: After you’ve done the electricity congestion, the power will not be shut off

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: !! So magical

Wu Han Ying really did not understand what “electricity congestion” meant until Love You 59 Seconds typed out detailed instructions in the team chat. After reading it his chin dropped.

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: Look for a high-powered electrical appliance, wait until 5 minutes before the power outage time and turn it on. The circuit breaker will switch off, but the school system has a setting where it is automatically switched back on. Keep repeating this process for 5 minutes after the light out time. Then you can turn off the electrical appliance and the power will not shut off

{Team}[Xiao Wu]: Shifu, are you an electrician or something =.=

{Team}[Love You 59 Seconds]: It’s common knowledge

Translator Note:

Here is the list of name of the characters and their game name

Wu Han Ying – [Xiao Wu]{Wudang Cla.s.s}//[Xiao Wu.]{Emei Cla.s.s}

Xia Chen – [Love You 59 Seconds]

Jun Zhe – [Qian Qian Junzi]

Slang Corner!!!!!

JP/极品/jípǐn – Something that is high quality, but used online by netizens sarcastically to refer to the extreme opposite, a very annoying or obnoxious person, something that is extremely lousy. In a sense, depending on the situation, we can translate this as being “super high/rare quality” or “extremely obnoxious and lousy thing/people”.

Da Shen/大神 – Deity – in Chinese gaming culture, or maybe netizen culture; when someone who is so good at something and is known as an expert in that certain area, other people will call that person “Da Shen” as a form of admiration. It does not have a negative meaning or mocking meaning. It’s a form of respect ^^

End of Chapter 31


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