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Read Open A Clinic To Cultivate Myself Chapter 246 Selfish

Open A Clinic To Cultivate Myself is a Webnovel completed by Li Xian Yu, 李闲鱼.
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Read WebNovel Open A Clinic To Cultivate Myself Chapter 246 Selfish

One of the two armed men who were guarding the hostage was watching Tang Zixian, and the other was staring at Ning Tao who was coming at them. In his eyes, Ning Tao was just a nameless comrade with only a code name.

“Why did you come back?” The black soldier looked at Ning Tao and asked.

Ning Tao said, “Chief told me to bring a hostage. That hole is so d.a.m.n dark down there and we don’t know if there’s poison gas there. It’s better to let a hostage down there.”

What he said made sense perfectly, and the soldier couldn’t find any flaws. However, his accent was a giveaway and he couldn’t have solved the problem in such a short period.

That being said, the black soldier was apparently not someone observative. He casually said, “So who will you bring over? I think you should bring that guy. He looks tough.”

“I think so too,” said Ning Tao. While he walked, he put his right hand on his right side. Blade of the Solar Eclipse was right behind his hand.

At that time, the soldier who guarded Tang Zixian turned around. He looked at Ning Tao and said, “Got a b.u.t.t, bro? Get me one.”

“Sure.” Ning Tao suddenly lifted his right hand and Blade of the Solar Eclipse flashed in the air. Instantly, he sliced open the throat of the man who had asked him for a cigarette.

Blood poured out. The soldier who asked him for a cigarette didn’t even utter a sound and he just directly fell to the ground. Ning Tao cut off not only his carotid arteries and throat but also his cervical spine. A thin layer of skin held his head on his neck. He was nearly beheaded by a lancet.

The black soldier subconsciously held up his gun, ready to pull the trigger at Ning Tao.

Ning Tao didn’t even retract his right hand at all; instead, he stabbed forward depending on the force.


When the sharp blade sliced open the bones and when the cracking rang from his head, the black soldier didn’t even manage to squeeze the trigger. Blade of the Solar Eclipse had already struck into his head. He kept his eyes wide open but he couldn’t do anything. When that lancet left his head, he was already falling directly to the ground.

“Aargh—” Ma Tongtong was startled and opened her eyes to let out a cry.

Ning Tao had thought about everything except this one before his very eyes. However, before he stepped forward to cover Ma Tongtong’s mouth, Tang Zixian, who was beside the girl, suddenly stuffed her hand into the screaming girl’s mouth, while her hand was still tied by a rope.

However, Ma Tongtong still made a sound. Her cry attracted two armed soldiers who were guarding the entrance of the caves. The Asian found two men down on the ground through night vision equipment and suddenly roared. “Enemy attack!”

The moment he shouted it out loud, he turned around the a.s.sault rifle that was originally pointed at the cave entrance. He turned it around and aimed it in the direction of Ning Tao and the hostages. His partner, a white soldier, did the same. In the blink of an eye, the soldier pointed his a.s.sault rifle loaded with a grenade launcher, which was initially aimed at the cave opening, at Ning Tao and the hostages. The latter t.i.tled his gun upward. He should want to launch a grenade.

Nonetheless, Ning Tao didn’t have to turn around and he moved faster than them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The body of the a.s.sault trifle trembled and bullets flew one by one, hitting the two armed soldiers. Though clad in bullet-proof vests, they couldn’t take the force when bullets. .h.i.t their bodies. Sharp pain and huge force turned them over and made them fall to the ground. Nevertheless, bullets kept dashing at them. Some shot their thighs while some struck into their heads.

Clatter! Clatter!

There was a sudden air strike from the guard’s a.s.sault rifle—his a.s.sault rifle was out of bullets.

Ning Tao didn’t change for a new magazine. Instead, he just threw his a.s.sault rifle. The reason why he ran out a magazine of bullets was not how nervous and terrified he had felt, but was he knew he was bad at shooting and he needed more than one shot to kill them.

At this time, Tang Zixian withdrew her hand from Ma Tongtong’s mouth, staring at Ning Tao in the face. From the very beginning, she hadn’t shown any nervousness or fear. She was not a pract.i.tioner or a spirit in human shape, but had actually possessed such courage, which was something really weird.

Ning Tao drew out Blade of the Solar Eclipse and cut off ropes on wrists of the five hostages, one person at a time, and then said, “Follow me.”

Tang Zixian, however, scrambled up and wanted to pick up the a.s.sault rifle on the floor.

Ning Tao grabbed the gun himself and said in a low voice. “Don’t move!”

Tang Zixian didn’t say anything and just stared at Ning Tao.

Ma Tongtong had just collected herself and asked nervously, “Who, who are you?”

Ning Tao didn’t answer.

At that time, Tang Zixian faintly said, “It’s obvious. He’s Doctor Ning.”

Ning Tao was masked. Members of the archaeologist team, He En and Tu Wenjin, didn’t even recognize him. Nevertheless, Tang Zixian identified Ning Tao long ago.

“Doctor Ning? How… how come you’re here?” Ma Tongtong was shocked and excited at the same time.

Ning Tao said, “It’s no time for talking. Those soldiers will come back soon. We need to get out of here. Come with me!”

Ji Wengui said, “Doctor Ning, how can we go with you if you don’t explain this?”

Ning Tao was anxious and almost wanted to kick Ji Wengui. However, he suppressed his anger and m.u.f.fled his voice. “Explain what?”

Ji Wengui said, “First, you wanted to join our team, but we declined. And then you showed up when we found the inters.e.x people’s city. You’ve been following us, right? And, when Miss Tang wanted to pick up the gun, you took it. You don’t want to see us fighting with guns because you want to control us, right?”

Ning Tao was bombarded with the series of questions and didn’t know how to answer him.

Ji Wengui didn’t let Ning Tao go. “Answer me! Who on earth are you? And where are you from?”

He probably took Ning Tao as a spy from an enemy country.

Ning Tao turned around to look in the direction of the forest and suddenly threw himself down onto the ground.

Bang bang bang!

In the direction of the woods, rang the sound of gunshots.

A barrage of bullets poured down like rain, swooshing. Some of them even grazed Ning Tao’s back and then kept flying forward.

On Ji Wengui’s forehead, there was a bullet hole where blood was oozing out. He seemed to have more questions for Ning Tao, ready to jump out from his gaping mouth, but he couldn’t make any sound. If time rewound, he might not have so many questions to ask, instead, he might choose to leave with Ning Tao.

Along with him, Ma Tongtong and Yang Chen also fell down onto the floor. Nonetheless, the two had been luckier. Ma Tongtong was shot in the stomach and leg, while Yang Chen was shot in her shoulder and stomach. They were both heavily injured but would not die on the spot.

Tang Zixian and Tu Wenjin lay flat on the ground the moment the sound of gunshots rang. Neither of them was injured.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bullets dashed to them like a storm. The armed men who dived into the forest just now all returned. They moved forward Ning Tao while kept firing to protect themselves.

“Gimme the gun, or we’ll all die here.” Tang Zixian finally sounded a little threatening.

Ning Tao tossed his rifle to Tang Zixian and then kicked the gun which fell off from the soldier who asked for a cigarette to Tu Wenjin, saying, “Cover me. I’ll get the wounded out.”

Tang Zixian coldly said, “Why do you still care about them? They’ll gonna die!”

“Shoot!” Ning Tao roared and then scrambled to Ma Tongtong and Yang Chen.

Bang bang bang!

Tang Zixian and Tu Wenjin fired at those armed men. Those soldiers who just came out from the forest all lay down on the ground; some found the nearest shelter to hide. There were eight of them, but they couldn’t look down upon the two a.s.sault rifles in Tang Zixian’s and Tu Wenjin’s hands. Before the flying bullets, no one could be sure that they were the kid who lady luck would smile at.

During the short but safe time, Ning Tao suddenly scrambled up from the ground and carried Yang Chen on one of his shoulders, and carried Ma Tongtong on his other one. Then, he lowered his head and ran toward the cave. Though carrying two people on his shoulders, he ran faster than Bolt in a 100-meter race!

In just the blink of an eye, Ning Tao already dived into the dark cave.

He was a doctor, a cultivating one in Sky Clinic. He couldn’t watch people die. That being said, before saving others, he needed to protect himself first. Therefore, he carried Yang Chen and Ma Tongtong on his shoulders, instead of in his arms.

If those armed men shot at him, Ma Tongtong and Yang Chen could block the bullets coming at his back. As long as those bullets stayed away from Ma Tongtong’s and Yang Chen’s heads and hearts, he still had a chance to save them. Moreover, he lowered his head and ran all the way, which made the bullets impossible to hit his head. He might act a little selfish, but how would anyone care about anyone else whole-heartedly?

“He…” Tu Wenjin looked into the pitch-black cave and wasn’t sure about what to say. He suspected that the man wasn’t Doctor Ning, but some kung fu masters like Linghu Chong or Guo Jing.

“Let’s go!” Tang Zixian decisively picked herself up from the ground and held the gun shooting while running to the cave.

Bang bang bang!

A barrage of bullets swooshed to them. Rocks blasted and gravel bounced in all directions. Tang Zixian lay back on the ground. She and Tu Wenjin couldn’t stand on their feet before the flying bullets.

The two shot aimlessly but soon ran out of their bullets.

The white commander dashed out from behind a shelter, shooting while running. Behind him, several armed soldiers rushed toward them like cruel beasts of prey.

“What to do? What to do? I don’t wanna die…” Tu Wenjin cried, tears streaming down his face.

“That guy sold us out! d.a.m.n!” Tang Zixian cursed in the direction of the pitch-black cave. “Ning Tao, you’re an a.s.shole!”

No response came out from the black cave. Ning Tao had run to somewhere they didn’t know.

“They’ve run out of bullets! Catch them!” The white commander shouted.

Bang bang bang!

Several soldiers ran to Tang Zixian and Tu Wenjin under the cover of bullets, drawing near to them.

Tang Zixian smiled wryly and probed her belt.

At that moment, something swooshed in the air. A rope suddenly flew out of the pitch-black cave and circled around one of Tang Zixian’s arms.

Tang Zixian was startled and grabbed the rope with the other hand. The action was instinctive, but she made another strange reaction at the same time: she retracted the hand that she put into her trousers.

Tu Wenjin rolled over and also grabbed the rope.

It was the herb-collecting rope.

Just as Tu Wenjin got hold of the rope, the herb-collecting rope suddenly retracted, dragging the two, vanishing into the dark cave with a swoosh.


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