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Read Ordered To Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 10 Part1

Ordered To Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei is a Webnovel completed by 莉莉薇.
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Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious w.a.n.gfei Chapter 10 Blaming Her, Part 1

The next day after returning to the Manor, Yintao took Xugen near Tian Ta Temple and found the woman who lost her child. After recognizing his mother, Xugen stayed at his own home. The next day, he went to Hua Manor. He said he wanted to work there to repay Xiaojie. General Hua was moved, saw that Xugen was an honest and dependable person, and took him in.

Because of this incident, Hua YuMan decided to visit the WenShi Ge [Literature and History Pavilion]. She wanted to find some information on what the flower on her forehead was and confirm whether she had the power of foresight.

She was about to go out when she was stopped by someone General Hua sent over, “Xiaojie, Laoye asks you to go to the main hall.”

“Ok, I’m coming.”

Hua YuMan turned around and went towards the main hall. She saw General Hua looking at several boxes of silvers, his head hurting. Seeing his daughter come over, he immediately asked, “Man’er, when did you become friends with Thirteenth w.a.n.gzi? Why would he send you so much silver?”

Hua YuMan’s eyes showed momentary surprise. The big boxes in front of her were piled with silver [ingots]. There must be 10,000 or 20,000 in value.

 “Man’er?” Seeing his daughter not speaking looking at the silvers, General Hua called her again.

Hua YuMan contemplated shortly. She pointed to her forehead, “Father, you see this flower pattern?”

“What about it? The flower pattern is really pretty,” General Hua did not understand.

Hua YuMan frowned, displeased. “Father, this is actually a scar. I covered it with the flower. A few days ago at Tian Ta Temple, Thirteenth w.a.n.gzi injured and almost disfigured me. That’s why he gave me money as compensation.”  “What?” General Hua was alarmed. He looked her over carefully for a long time before he gave a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, it’s not visible or I’ll use these silvers to smash him to death.”


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