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Read Ordered To Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 63 Part1

Ordered To Marry Thrice, The Mysterious Wangfei is a web novel created by 莉莉薇.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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The treehouse was bigger than Hua YuMan imagined. Four or five people could be accommodated here and not feel cramped. The treehouse was also supplied with daily necessities. It seemed to have taken a long time to prepare and wasn’t rigged up haphazardly. Thinking of this, Hua YuMan couldn’t help but look at Li Yang more.

This man really hid himself deeply. He said on the surface that he was here just to play and his att.i.tude towards the treasures was casual. But his meticulous mind was not casual at all.

Li Yang knew what she was thinking about, so he smiled. “It’s very quiet staying here and the view is excellent. At night, you and I can stay in one treehouse together. The other one is for your two maidservants. I’ll take you fishing at Zi shi [11 p.m. to 1 a.m.].” He blinked mysteriously.

“Fishing?” Hua YuMan blinked in puzzlement. She didn’t understand whether Li Yang’s “fishing” was actual fishing or something else. But he just smiled and did not reply.

After tidying up a little, Hua YuMan couldn’t help but admit that the view here was really good. It was so good that when she looked around in boredom, she could see directly into a nearby tent. Li Ji was holding and kissing Leng YouYu, playing lovemaking games.

She turned her head and closed her eyes. She felt as disgusted as if she swallowed flies. Hei QingQing also saw the same scene. She comforted Hua YuMan with no expression on her face, “Xiaojie, if you think it’s disgusting, I’ll accompany you on a walk.”

Hua YuMan shook her head. “Forget it. I don’t know martial arts. It’s too much trouble to climb up and down. QingQing, if you want to visit home once, I’ll go back with you after two days.”

Hei QingQing shook her head. “My home was flooded. Arriving just here is like arriving at home. Don’t over-think, Xiaojie. My home is wherever Xiaojie is.”

“Silly yatou!” Hua YuMan lightly tapped QingQing’s forehead and sighed.


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