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Other World’s Monster Breeder is a web novel produced by 柑橘ゆすら, 読専チャンB.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Other World’s Monster Breeder – Chapter 41

Translator:  Jason

The Morning of the Beginning
The Second Chapter Starts Today

One morning.
When I opened my eyes, there were three beautiful girls sleeping on the same bed.


While rubbing my drowsy eyes, I checked the state of each of those three.

“Munyamunya…. Souta…still eating—?”

First, the name of the beautiful girl snoring and hugging a dakimakura1 near me was Aphrodite.

Aphrodite, with her extraordinary blonde-haired, blue-eyed figure, was the self-proclaimed G.o.ddess of beauty and had a flawless appearance.

Even now it felt like my reason was going to fly away staring at her two b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were peeking out through the gap in her nightclothes and that were so big they were about to fall out.

“Suu…. Master…I’m so happy. You have finally noticed your true ident.i.ty….”

Next, the name of the girl apologetically sleeping on the edge of the bed was Carolina Burton.

Carolina, who had silver hair and red eyes and who was slender and well-proportioned, gave off a bewitching appeal different from Aphrodite’s.

Carolina, who was born into the unique race of vampires, was surprising because, with this appearance, she was already over 300 years old.

“Souta-zan…there is no good! It’s embarra.s.sing…. As I thought…Souta-zan is a brute….”

And the last introduction.
The name of the girl with bad sleeping posture and who had fallen half off the bed was Sheryl O’Telrod.

Before she met me, Sheryl was managing a weapons store, but due to unavoidable circ.u.mstances she is now travelling with me.

Sheryl, who had a short stature of 150 centimeters2, was endowed with the cuteness of a mascot, unlike the other two.

There were various places to tsukkomi, but let me just say this.

You guys…what kinds of dreams are you all having!?

Sharing a bed with beautiful girls is supposed to be good, but because this room was originally rented for one person, I was unable to sleep well for various reasons.

Previously, the three of them had obediently stayed in the ball without complaint, but recently there were many times where they wanted to leave one way or another.

In order to protect my pleasant sleep, I somehow have to come up with a countermeasure.

Let’s try listening to their reasons once they wake up.

“Eh~. Before we venture out today, I want to talk to you guys.”

An hour later.
I peeled Aphrodite, who wouldn’t wake up no matter how much time pa.s.sed, off the bed, gathered the three of them, and began speaking formally.

“What is it, so suddenly? Was it necessary to disturb the sleep of I, the G.o.ddess of beauty?”


Because she was woken up forcibly, Aphrodite was clearly unhappy.

I prefer this to having my sleep disturbed, but….
She always ends up putting her fiendish b.r.e.a.s.t.s on display when she wakes up!

“Recently you guys seem to blatantly hate being inside the ball but…is there a reason?”


When I asked them that, I felt like the three of them blatantly averted their eyes.

According to what Aphrodite said earlier—.

Inside the ball is a complete environment unimaginable by Earth’s common sense where you don’t get hungry or thirsty and where stress won’t acc.u.mulate.

Why would they choose the cramped bed over such a pleasant environment?
I’ve thought something was strange for a while now.

“Th-that is…that! Certainly the comfort inside the ball is good but…all the same, I’m tired of being restricted in what I can do.”

“…I see. You’re tired of the inside of the ball, huh?”

It can’t be helped that I don’t understand since I’ve never been inside it, but since the person who has said so, it must be so.

“Caro, do you have the same reason?”

“No. If I had to say, I come out with the goal of monitoring if Aphrodite is going to attempt a yobai3with you, Master.”

“Haaaaaa!? Wait! Caro! Who is going to go after whom!?”

Aphrodite, having received Carolina’s remark, blushed furiously and denounced it.

“You already have a previous offense, don’t you? When you received the Mad Marsh’s Disorder Powder…don’t tell me you forgot?”

“Uu. C-certainly I feel like there was such a thing, but…. That was more like an accident….”

The Mad Marsh’s Disorder Powder, which was effective at inflicting a “s.e.xually Excited” status on the target, was effective at destroying the reason of living creatures.

Having been admonished by Carolina, Aphrodite withered like her authority earlier was a lie.

“By the way, what’s your reason, Sheryl?”

“Umm. It’s not that I was bored, but… when the other two were outside, I was lonely being the only one inside the ball.”

“I see. There are various reasons, huh….”

In any case, I was able to identify the cause of the disturbance.

Having gotten to the bottom of things, it seems that Aphrodite’s boredom inside the ball was the beginning of everything.

In that case, I can only think of one way to resolve it!

It should be fine if I put things in the ball that can distract from boredom.

And so I listened to the requests the three girls had for supplies inside the ball.

“Eh? Things I want to use inside the ball? Hmm. Well. …I guess a high-cla.s.s, fluffy bed like the one I used when I was in heaven?”

“It doesn’t matter to me what kind of good if it’s something I can receive from master. But, if I had to give a specific example, probably books? I think that if there were a library in the ball then everyone would be able to stave off boredom.”

“For me, definitely materials to make weapons! The moments when I process high-quality materials is a time of supreme bliz for me!”

And so when I listened to the girls’ requests for items to bring into the ball, the result was as below.

Aphrodite → A fluffy canopy bed
Carolina → A library with books from anywhere and any time
Sheryl → Ores that have the toughness and stickiness4 necessary to make weapons

They gave me requests with a considerably high difficulty.

Sheryl was especially awful.
What the heck are “Ores that have toughness and stickiness” …?

This already transcends the level of supplies!

They are not things I couldn’t gather if I received money from quests.
This doesn’t mean that I have a problem that needs solved quickly.

Let’s aim to acquire the things they requested in a short time.

I headed to the Adventurers’ Guild with a new determination.

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1.A dakimakura is literally a “hugging pillow”.
2. 4 feet 11 inches
3.  For those who don’t know, yobai literally means “night crawling” and refers to the practice of sneaking into someone’s bed at night with s.e.xual intentions.
4.  I don’t know why they need to be sticky; that’s what the j.a.panese says. My best guess is that it is a word with a specialized meaning in the context of smithing  
5.  This is just a note from the author at the end of the chapter. It has no relation to this series


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