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Read Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 1214 – Everyone Feels Depressed!

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Chapter 1214: Everyone Feels Depressed!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It wasn’t clear what one should call this creature. If one said that it was a human, there were no humans that were like this. But if one said that it’s not a human, it was completely similar to a human expert, apart from not having a face!

“I’ll take over from here. Hurry up and take a rest.” Jun Mo Xie took out a large jug of water from the Hongjun PaG.o.da, a pot of wine, and several large pieces of hot meat as well as tens of steaming hot buns. “Eat quickly! We might still need you to take over later!”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s eyes lit up. “Who would have thought that you’d be carrying so much good stuff with you! What kind of technique is this?”

“It’s a unique high level technique! You should at least look and see who this Young Master is.” Jun Mo Xie snorted proudly. But when he didn’t get a reply from the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, he turned around and saw that that fellow had raised the pot of wine and started chugging happily.

A loud gurgling sound rang out, and the water jug also emptied with a speed visible to the naked eye. Following that, without was.h.i.+ng his hands, he picked up a large piece of meat and took a large bite!

Jun Mo Xie’s widened with disbelief. This one bite had taken at least half a jin of meat! And that fellow only chewed it slightly for a moment before swallowing it.

From the looks of it, this Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had truly been exhausted quite heavily the two days and two nights!

The more he saw how the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was like this, the more he did not find the situation funny. Instead, his heart was filled with shock and terror!

What kind of existence was the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master?

Without any exaggeration, even if he did not eat or drink for a whole year, nothing would happen to him! There was no way that he would reach such a state from that!

Moreover, with the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s cultivation, he could easily breath through the pores on his skin, and absorb energy from the outside. As long as he wanted to drink water, he only needed to revolve his cultivation a little, and he would be able to suck enough water from the air around him.

Even if he was buried in the ground, he would still be able to drink the sweetest spring waters without moving a finger!

But for him to be so thirsty and hungry to this extent…

This meant that in the last two days and two nights, he’d been expending all his strength almost constantly, until he broke the defense of his enemy and smashed him apart. Even then, he could not rest and could only save some energy to await the next round of violent attacks!

In those two days and two nights, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had been in the absolute advantageous position. But against an opponent like this that wouldn’t die no matter what method was used, there was completely no meaning in having the advantage. At best, it would only ensure that he would not be killed by his opponent!

Apart from that, there were no other solutions!

Just what kind of terrifying creature was this, ah…

If it wasn’t the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, there was no way anyone would be able to endure to this point. In fact, it would be a problem to retreat unharmed. Fortunately, it was the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master that discovered this creature first!

Right now, even Jun Mo Xie was shocked to a completely speechless degree!

All of a sudden, a loud boom rang out, coupled with Gu Han’s enrage roar. It’s you! IT’S YOU! It’s actually YOU! You sinner of the continent, wretched thing that deserves a million deaths… this daddy will…”

Jun Mo Xie and the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master instantly whirred their heads around to look at Gu Han. So Gu Han actually knew this monster?

The monster did not say anything and simply continued to endure Gu Han’s frenzied attacks, looking for a chance to break past Gu Han and dive into the joint army tens of li away.

But Gu Han also seemed to have gone mad in that instant as he attacked without care for his life! He roared repeatedly, the veins on his face twitching. Jun Mo Xie could clearly see that Gu Han’s eyes had already turned as red as blood!

“Who is he?” Jun Mo Xie asked.

Even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master stopped eating as he looked at Gu Han.

“That is the Nine Illusory Quicksand! The Nine Illusory Quicksand that the three Holy Lands had acc.u.mulated for 10,000 years ah….” Gu Han sounded as though he was crying. “This wretched b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually used the Nine Illusory Quicksand to reconstruct this body! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this crazy son of a b*tch!”

“It’s actually Zhan Kuang!” Jun Mo Xie also jumped up with shock as he looked with disbelief at the exceedingly ugly creature that had no face. This is Zhan Kuang? Zhan Lun Hui?

Could he have used the Nine Illusory Quicksand to reconstruct his body after escaping from the volcano and left with no choice?

But… how could this be possible?

“Zhan Kuang? Isn’t Zhan Kuang one of the eight personal disciples of the Misty Illusory Manor’s Miao Qing Cheng?” Half a piece of meat dangled outside the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s mouth as he asked with disbelief. “He’s actually not dead?”

Without waiting for Jun Mo Xie to answer, he sighed. “No wonder he was so difficult to deal with. So it’s him. No wonder…”

Truthfully, Gu Han was not the only person that was in a rage right now. Ever since Jun Mo Xie and Gu Han appeared, the monster had not made a single sound. But when Gu Han accidentally exposed his true ident.i.ty and flew into a rage, it also made a strange sound!

Since it didn’t have a face, it naturally did not have a mouth as well. One truly wonder how it makes its sound…

That growl that came from its throat was actually also filled with indescribable hatred and anger!

This monster was naturally Zhan Kuang, and also Zhan Lun Hui!

The main sinner who caused the Pillar of Heavens Mountains to collapse!

At this time, there were also unspeakable rage and frustration in Zhan Kuang’s heart!

He’d single handedly destroyed Mount Heaven Saint and caused the disaster of the continent. And he’d also destroyed the three Holy Lands, drawing the hatred of the three Holy Lands. But at the same time, he’d also been pushed into a volcano by Jun Mo Xie and the combined forces of the three Holy Lands, having his body completely vanquished and unrecoverable!

Although his spirit was still alive and could barely take on a human form, but it was in essence, just a puff of smoke!

Zhan Kuang was also incredibly enraged ah…

Truthfully, the reason he’d ended up like this was also completely his own doing.

Unless he had a choice, he would definitely not use the Nine Illusory Quicksand as material to cast a new body. The Nine Illusory Quicksand was a natural treasure and had countless uses. But it was ultimately not the same as a body of blood and flesh, born from a mother who’d held the baby for nine months. Compared to a real human body, the Nine Illusory Quicksand had many more extra functions. However, it’d lost even more functions!

And the most important thing was that the Nine Illusory Quicksand that he’d stolen away this time, was an extremely precious thing that the Zhan Family had coveted for over 10,000 years!

The Nine Illusory Quicksand was something that the Misty Illusory Manor could not do without, to maintain its normal operations! As long as one had control over this treasure, it would be equivalent to having grasped onto the throat of the entire Misty Illusory Manor. Having owners.h.i.+p of it was the same as having owners.h.i.+p of the leading position of the Misty Illusory Manor. So this thing was much more important to the Zhan Family!

If Zhan Kuang did not care about the Zhan Family so much, why would he plot so painstakingly for over 8,000 years? If he hadn’t been left with no choice, why would he use such precious and irreplaceable materials to construct his body?

The reason was simply because he didn’t have any other choice! If he didn’t use it, his soul would dissipate and die!

After 10,000 years, he’d finally managed to obtain the Nine Illusory Quicksand. Yet, he was forced to use it to construct a fleshly body… How could Zhan Kuang not feel angry? How could he not feel aggrieved?

On top of that, even though he’d managed to keep his life with the Nine Illusory Quicksand, it didn’t mean that everything was fine!

Because of the unique nature of the Nine Illusory Quicksand, even though his spirit was now very safe, he was no longer a human!

An empty sh.e.l.l that did not have any human characteristics, any sense of touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight… could not be considered a human, right?!

He was just a monster!

Although Zhan Kuang was a peak expert, he was still a man at the end of the day. He would still feel an impulse for that kind of thing. But after using the Nine Illusory Quicksand, even if his heart was aflame with desire, that thing below would not budge at all!

Well, it seemed that he didn’t even have that thing below…. If he didn’t even have a face, how would he have such an intricate and profound organ… the only thing that was left was the unquenchable fire in his heart, and the memory of those wonderful feelings in his mind.

It was also easily imaginable, how when this fellow was hungry, he would shove a bunch of food into his mouth, only to feel that his stomach felt strange. Yet, he couldn’t let the food exit in the normal way, and he would have no choice but to dig open his stomach and take all the food out in its original form…

Anyone who encountered such matters, even if it was a mere bystander, would be unable to accept the feeling right? Moreover, the Nine Illusory Quicksand was a nearly completely transparent material. If he drank a few cups of water, one could even see the water rocking about in his stomach…

He was like a human shaped gla.s.s container that was much more st.u.r.dier and wouldn’t easily shatter. Even if he was shattered, he could form himself back together in a short time…

So when he received even more blame from Gu Han, Zhan Kuang was so depressed that he nearly went crazy. Do you think I wanted to use this d.a.m.n thing? I still want to be a human as well! However, it was you guys that forced me to a point where I can’t even be a human! The most horrible thing was, you all forced me to lose even my qualifications for being a man! And now, you still want to admonish me for using the Nine Illusory Quicksand to cast a body?

If he hadn’t destroyed the Pillar of Heavens Mountains and caused everyone to die or flee from the area, he would still have been able to easily find a human body in this area, and possess it first. Then, he could look for more options later on.

But after he stole all the Nine Illusory Quicksand away, causing the Pillar of Heavens Mountains to collapse and setting off all the volcanoes in the area, this place had become a completely desolate land without a single human, apart from the experts of the three Holy Lands!

And after the three Holy Lands were destroyed, the people there also completely threw away all their inhibitions!

Nearly everyone had reported to the battlefield!

Indeed, since they didn’t even have a ‘home’ that they could return to, was there still a need for them to station people to look after the home?


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