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Chapter 1217: Devour!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jun Mo Xie instantly made a link in his mind. Could it be that I was lacking this kind of medium?!

The way that Jun Mo Xie looked at Zhan Kuang now was as if he was Pigsy from Journey to the West, looking at a ginseng fruit. That kind of eyes caused even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master to feel a s.h.i.+ver travel down his spine…

It’s a little too ambiguous, isn’t it?

However, Jun Mo Xie did not dare to make any light moves.

Because Zhan Kuang’s soul still existed within this thing! If he accidentally brought this fellow fully intact, into the Hongjun PaG.o.da, it wasn’t clear what kind of accident it would result in. After all, this fellow was great at messing things up…

It was better to take the cautious route.

But the question remained: how should he proceed from here? How could he separate the two elements?

Jun Mo Xie creased his brows and looked at the mist in the air, continuing to ruminate. What should he do to pry that fellow’s soul out?

Seeing that Zhan Kuang’s body had once again began to congeal back into a human form, Jun Mo Xie suddenly moved, his body disappearing instantly. He moved so fast that even the Blood of Yellow Flame did not have time to return as it hovered about on the same spot.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and Gu Han looked around with shock, not knowing what Young Master Jun was doing. Could it be that this kid suddenly had a change of heart, and decided to run away in fear? It can’t be, right?!

In the next moment, a cloud of water vapor materialized suddenly in the air, slowly covering an area of over a thousand zhang. Then, they gathered and formed around the green mist. Then, the vapor condensed quickly into countless water droplets, before beginning to freeze.

Still, the green mist remained completely unaffected by the drop in temperature around it. It continued to float languidly within the ice without any change.

Jun Mo Xie’s body once again appeared, and with a snap of his fingers, an extreme chill surged out, and the newly formed ice rapidly hardened into Xuan Ice!

This was the first time that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had seen such a shocking thing, and he couldn’t help but to rub his eyes with disbelief! But when he opened his eyes again, he received an even bigger shock!

The Xuan Ice that was there before no longer existed. Because, it’d already turned into Essence of Ice!

Essence of Ice!

It was actually Essence of Ice?!

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master felt as if he was about to faint!

This was an incredibly rare natural treasure that was difficult to find even in thousands of years. But it’d actually formed so easily right in front of his eyes?

Furthermore, it was formed with the power of a human, in such a short time!

Of course, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master did not know that Jun Mo Xie had once again used the power of the Hongjun PaG.o.da! If he wanted to instantly turn water into Essence of Ice, it was impossible if he wanted to rely on his own power!

The Essence of Ice was completely transparent, and although the green mist was still able to move, and there was even a small part that had already successfully floated out, it was obvious that its speed had clearly slowed down greatly within the Essence of Ice.

With a wave of his hand, the Blood of Yellow Flame floated into his hand. Jun Mo Xie did not hesitate, and in the instant that the green mist slowed down, he focused all his Spirit Energy into the Blood of Yellow Flame and slashed down!

The instant that the sword was thrusted out, its might reached a level as ferocious as if the heavens were breaking apart!

Jun Mo Xie’s target was precisely a corner of this Essence of Ice.

There weren’t a lot of green mist in this corner of the ice, and it was at most only five percent of the total amount.

With a shua sound, the blade came into direct contact against the Essence of Ice. In that moment, a burst of colors appeared, and without any pause, the corner of the Essence of Ice was sliced off.

The instant it was chopped off, a strange hoa.r.s.e cry rang out from the green mist, and a white shadow flew out instantly. Behind it, the green mist that was trapped within the Essence of Ice also seemed to be trying to flee with all its might.

Jun Mo Xie pointed with his finger, and the Blood of Yellow Flame slashed down quickly onto the weak white shadow. At the same time, Jun Mo Xie waved his hand, and the Essence of Ice that’d been chopped off also disappeared, taken by him into the Hongjun PaG.o.da.

As for the white shadow, it suddenly let out a soundless wretched cry that shook one’s soul, as Blood of Yellow Flame slashed through it. In that instant, it split into three sections, and two of the three sections instantly fled hurriedly. As for the last section, in the instant that it came into contact with the sword, the Blood of Yellow Flame shone brightly, having prepared itself long ago to swallow the white shadow completely!

As for the remaining green mist within the Essence of Ice, it suddenly vibrated madly, and with a few loud crackling sounds and a bang, the huge Essence of Ice directly burst apart, and the green mist instantly gathered together with a speed that far surpa.s.sed its earlier relaxed manner. Then, with a shrill whoos.h.i.+ng sound, it shot through the air!

Before one had the chance to blink, it was already gone!

A speed akin to a bolt of lightning was so instantaneous that even the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and Jun Mo Xie did not have the time to stop it!

Just as the three were looking at each other in a dumbfounded manner and unable to react, a myriad of colors suddenly burst out of the Blood of Yellow Flame’s body. The colors were so dazzling that the three could scarcely keep their eyes open. Then, with a cry that seemed to be filled with pain, the entire sword trembled intensely!

That bit of shadow earlier, although little, was a portion of Zhan Kuang’s soul. His soul had been scattered among the Nine Illusory Quicksand after his body was broken apart. Once it was sealed with the Essence of Ice, his soul was also naturally stuck in many different parts.

The risky slash that Jun Mo Xie had done, was calculated based on the premise that the soul’s consciousness was unable to react due to being partially frozen with the Essence of Ice.

In the end, he’d managed to forcefully slice off a small portion of Zhan Kuang’s soul!

The Blood of Yellow Flame’s attack was also precisely on the point!

It’d immediately began to swallow the instant that it touched Zhan Kuang’s soul, thoroughly cutting off its escape paths!

The only thing was that Zhan Kuang’s Half-Sage level soul was indeed extremely tough. In the instant that he noticed that something was wrong, he managed to make a swift decision, tearing his broken soul apart into three sections, allowing for two sections to escape!

As for the violent reaction from the Blood of Yellow Flame, it was a backlash from swallowing just that little bit of Zhan Kuang’s soul.

Such an intense reaction had scared even Jun Mo Xie!

The Blood of Yellow Flame had swallowed Ji Bo Wen’s, who was a Second level Saint Monarch without any problems at all. But just a fraction of Zhan Kuang’s Half-Sage soul had resulted in such a heavy backlash, enough for the fraction of soul to vie for controlling rights with the Blood of Yellow Flame’s sword spirit!

Jun Mo Xie snorted and grabbed the sword’s hilt, instantly infusing his extremely pure Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune spiritual qi into the sword.

With the timely reinforcement to its sword spirit, the light around the Blood of Yellow Flame instantly grew more dazzling.

A moment later, a bright sword cry rang out, and a ball of sword Qi shot out from the sword’s tip, blasting through the cloudy sky, disappearing without a trace!

The Blood of Yellow Flame’s childish voice rang out again in Jun Mo Xie’s mind. “How close! How is that fellow’s soul that strong! This sword almost suffered a huge disadvantage from being taken by surprise!”

Jun Mo Xie seemed to be able to see the image of a seven, eight years old young master wiping sweat off his brows with a faint smile.

Shaking his head, he also breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Luckily, he hadn’t acted foolishly and taken the entire Essence of Ice statue into the Hongjun PaG.o.da. From the looks of it, if that fellow really managed to enter the Hongjun PaG.o.da, he might even be able to wrestle the controlling rights of the Hongjun PaG.o.da from him. And from the looks of it… he might even really lose to him…

Just one percent of the full soul was so strong that the Blood of Yellow Flame could not overcome with its own strength…

This Zhan Kuang was truly a little too powerful!

Jun Mo Xie thought about it and nodded. That fellow was an old monster that’d lived for over 10,000 years after all! How strong was the soul of a 10,000 years old monster? There was no need to even think about such a question. Moreover, he was even the Nine Nether First Young Master’s grand disciple. If he wasn’t at least this strong, it would instead be strange…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master and Gu Han, these two experts were simply staring blankly as they observed the strange development. The both of them looked at Young Master Jun in a lost manner, both of them utterly confused!

What’s going on here?

Wasn’t Zhan Kuang’s incarnate, the green mist, unable to move just now? How come it managed to move again in an instant? And it even moved with a speed akin to lightning? It was actually so fast that they were unable to even react!

That was too strange!

The two of them naturally wouldn’t know that Zhan Kuang had actually felt a life threatening sense of danger earlier and directly used a method that ignited the soul, provoking all the potential in his body to break out of the Essence of Ice and escape.

Although the Blood of Yellow Flame had only swallowed less than one percent of his soul, the damage it caused was actually a long lasting one! Although Zhan Kuang could temporarily move at the speed of lightning, the moment the strength granted by this secret technique was used up, he would fall back down. Furthermore, his strength would drop by a large margin!

“With him escaping like this now, it will be unclear when we will ever get a chance to catch him again!” Gu Han sighed. “If he consumed large amounts of essence blood and recreates the human organs, regaining the proper functions of a human body, Zhan Kuang’s strength would undoubtedly reach the point where he’d be at the peak of all his lives! At that time… the continent would once again sink into danger, one that is likely even more serious than our current danger…”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master also nodded deeply with agreement.

Jun Mo Xie similarly felt somewhat heavy in his heart. “No matter what, we can only take things one step at a time. It’s more important to deal with the large battle before us right now. The matters in the future can be discussed again later!”

At the same time, he mused in his heart. That fellow’s soul is not even complete right now. Can he still recover to the peak?

Gu Han and the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master sighed together and nodded. That was the only solution right now!

Inside the Hongjun PaG.o.da, Jun Mo Xie had just moved the chunk of Essence of Ice into the Sixth level of the Hongjun PaG.o.da. Right now, it was being dissolved slowly…

Countless Primal Chaos Purple Qi surrounded the Essence of Ice, probing it and breaking it apart…

Jun Mo Xie was waiting and also looking forward to the results. Could the Hongjun PaG.o.da turn this little patch of green mist back into the original form of the Nine Illusory Quicksand?


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