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Read Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 322: To Fail Miserably at an Easy Task

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Chapter 322: To Fail Miserably at an Easy Task

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

“Did you ignore the person who asked you a question? What have the elders of your family taught you? Where’s the person who came here a moment ago? Tell me quickly?!” Dongfang Wen Dao tried to restrain his anger. The opposite party was a kid regardless of anything else. How could a great Spirit Xuan expert fly into rage over this matter and start with his rebukes? That would be a huge loss of face.

“My family has taught me quite well! The senior needn’t get involved! Should asking a person for direction… or perhaps about another individual sound so interrogative?”

Jun Mo Xie then smiled in a warm and cultured manner. He was smiling brightly in an elegant and refined manner — much like Li You Ran. “Now, if the seniors were to ask me for directions… they should’ve done it like this — ‘If I may ask the senior… could you tell me where the person who was previously here gone to? I’ll be grateful for the information.’”

Jun Mo Xie chided them in a satisfied manner after he finished, “And, that is called ‘courtesy’. Oh yes! That’s what my family’s elders have taught me.”

[Humph! Spirit Xuan? So what? Just because you’re a Spirit Xuan doesn’t mean that you can ride on my neck and take a sh*t! I can’t beat you, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll give-in to you! I can’t kill you, but I can still embarra.s.s you!]

[Anyway, these three people appear quite cautious. It’s like they are scared of something.] It was then that Jun Mo Xie’s mind set to work, and he recalled his murderous aura from a moment ago. So, how could Jun Mo Xie not wave his banners?

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Do you wish to die?!” Dongfang Wen Dao asked angrily. He may have been rude, but he was no fool. How could he not understand the Young Master’s Jun irony-clad ridicule? …Especially that “my family’s elders” part?!

“Wis.h.i.+ng to die? I’m too young for that. Even the king of h.e.l.l may not be willing to receive me!” Jun Mo Xie looked at him in a cold and indifferent manner.

These two were unaware that they were uncle and nephew. So, they continued to glare at each other.

Dongfang Wen Dao was extremely angry. He stretched his hand to grab. The man antic.i.p.ated that he’d catch and strike that little brat to vent his anger. He wanted to teach the little brat a lesson even though it was inappropriate for him to punish someone so young.

Who would’ve known that his hands would grasp empty air? Jun Mo Xie had changed positions, and had appeared behind him in a flash. The third Dongfang brother suddenly heard a sound behind his body. It was the sound a blade’s edge makes as it pierces the air. He couldn’t help but feel his blood run cold.

The two men had just moved into action. However, the Spirit Xuan Dongfang expert had unexpectedly been pushed to a disadvantageous position. He had admittedly committed the fault of underestimating his opponent. However, the Young Master Jun’s movements had been lightning-fast, and were worthy of being considered as extraordinary.

“d.a.m.n it!” Dongfang Wen Dao cried out in alarm. He was a top-cla.s.s, and could adjust to any contingency. He had been startled by this, but he hadn’t panicked. He conveniently leapt forward. The Spirit Xuan’s speed was quite fast. His powerful leaps could cover over twenty meters of s.p.a.ce. He antic.i.p.ated that he’d be certain to avoid that brat’s pursuit and attacks. However, he unexpectedly felt the eerie cold wind behind him again. In fact, it had surpa.s.sed its previous level. [This is seriously unexpected!] The third Dongfang brother’s movements were also quite exceptional. Yet, he was still forced to hasten in order to avoid his opponent. Nevertheless, he dodged to the right. However, the cold air followed him like a shadow. Then, he went left… but the cold air was still there… same as before…

Dongfang Wen Dao had changed his body’s posture seven times in a split second. He had also increased his power by ten times. Yet, the cold air never left his back. It stuck to him like a disease, and continued to get worse. And shockingly, he didn’t even get enough time to make a turn.

Finally, his waist trembled. A cold knife had penetrated the third Dongfang brother’s lower back.

However, Dongfang Wen Dao was still a Spirit Xuan expert. He hadn’t expected such a sharp counterattack from Jun Mo Xie, but that didn’t affect his ability to transfer Xuan Qi to protect himself. The blade was being held by a mere Jade Xuan expert. It couldn’t have caused any damage to him even if it had been a divine weapon. However, the outcome of this fight had technically been his defeat… a resounding defeat.

Dongfang Wen Dao suddenly stopped, and stood dumbstruck. No cold or heat had ever invaded the borders of his body since his cultivation had reached the Spirit Xuan realm. However, he was sweating profusely at this moment. In fact, the sweat had soaked his clothes.

The eight spectators were also covered in cold sweat; especially the black-bearded middle-aged man, and the slim man. Their stares were so wide that it seemed as if their eyes would pop out.

The third brother had appeared like an indistinct demon to the eyes of Dugu Xiao Yi, Guan Qing Han and the others who accompanied them. He was like shadow who had suddenly rushed ahead… then back… then to the left… and then right. It appeared that tens-of-hundreds of small shadows had started to flit-about in the sky. They had been dazzled to look at the man’s skills. And then, they saw him come to an abrupt stop. He stood still thereafter.

As far as they were concerned — Jun Mo Xie hadn’t even moved from his place. It seemed that the short and stout man had been showing-off his unique abilities.

However, what about Dongfang Wen Qing and Dongfang Wen Jian’s eyesight? How could their faces not turn pale with fear after they had witnessed the events unfold?

This sight had been sufficient to corroborate the Spirit Xuan expert’s fate in this battle.

They had seen their younger brother launch ahead, and then use his extraordinary skill to evade that brat’s extremely quick blade. However, they saw that white-clothed brat disappear the next moment. And then, he appeared at their brother’s back like a ghost. Moreover, he held the knife in a resolved manner…

Then, their third brother had evaded left, then right, then ahead, and then back in circles. He had a.s.sumed seven stances in a split second. The man had moved in nearly forty directions in an instance. Yet, that brat’s flit figure managed to appear behind their brother’s back every single time — like a disease. Their third brother had executed his exceptional moves to perfection, but he was still stabbed in his lower waist.

The fact was that the brat could’ve easily cut the neck instead of his waist. The Spirit Xuan’s Xuan Qi would’ve obviously protected the body, and would’ve prevented him from getting hurt. However, the fact that the youngster had stabbed the waist instead of the neck… was indicative of his mercy.

The third brother’s agility was much superior to their own. Their family had always recognized him for his agility. In fact, he was world-renowned for it. No one in the present era could compete with him. The Solitary Falcon was known for his speed, but even the Great Master would retreat when faced their third brother’s agility.

The Solitary Falcon excelled at speed. But, his agility was somewhat lacking in front of the secret skills that had been pa.s.sed down in the Dongfang Family.

[But, this brat… is just at the Jade Xuan realm!]

[This is scary!]

[What’s the meaning of this?!]

[Isn’t this too terrifying?]

The strengths of the two men differed by nearly twenty levels.

[Good heavens me…! This world has gone crazy! It’s like humanity is trying to consume the sun! The rat is trying to become the cat’s bride! …like an ant is violating a King Xuan Beast!]

[What kind of martial arts is this? Even the Lord of Tian Fa might not be able to achieve such a speed! This, this… how did this youngster achieve this?!]

[Who is he?!]

[He’s young by the looks of it… The brat appears to be sixteen or seventeen years old. Yet, he already has Jade Xuan cultivation. So, won’t his master be even more difficult to deal with? We are fortunate that his cultivation isn’t very high; he still can’t defeat a Spirit Xuan defense. But, wouldn’t he have been able to kill the three of us with ease if he were as strong as us?]

[In fact, he wouldn’t even need to be a Spirit Xuan expert. He would be able to injure a Spirit Xuan’s vital points as long as he reaches the Sky Xuan Peak. Isn’t this inference extremely scary in itself?]

There was pin-drop silence in the area.

The three Dongfang brothers… Young Master Jun’s company… all of them remained silent.

Dugu Xiao Yi looked amazed for a long time. She stared at the ‘foolishly standing’ Dongfang Wen Dao with a sense of adoration on her face. Then, she clapped her hands in acclamation, “Excellent agility move! It was very intricate! It was extremely wonderful; it was unrivalled in this age!”

Heavens must have pity! Dugu Xiao Yi had truly meant those words by heart. One could say that they were akin to words spoken in wors.h.i.+p or adoration. That short and stout man wasn’t very handsome, but his agility skills were a beauty. It had transformed his image in that little girl’s mind. And, this ‘virtual’ image had dazzled the little girl. In fact, it had almost made her swoon. So much so, that the little girl would’ve taken him as her master if he was a younger man…

[This is beyond the regular level of Xuan Qi display. This is extremely outstanding!]

Guan Qing Han was similarly shocked. However, she could vaguely sense that the atmosphere was fishy. So, she pulled Dugu Xiao Yi’s arm and softly whispered to her, “Sister Xiao Yi, don’t speak much.”

However, was Dugu Xiao Yi’s acclamation genuinely that sweet? It was similar to that ‘cackling’ sound under the pear tree. It was horrifying for the people who’re nearby, but melodious to the ones who’re at a distance.

Dongfang Wen Dao stood with a stupefied expression on his face. His complexion had become deathly pale.

This incident had hit his self-confidence hard. Its effect was incomparable. He had always been extremely proud of his exceptional agility. However, it had turned out to be completely worthless in front of this youngster… A youngster of mere Jade Xuan cultivation had surpa.s.sed the speed he had always been immensely proud of. In fact, this boy hadn’t even given him the time to change directions properly… [My life’s hard work has lost its meaning…]

It was like a huge sailboat had flipped over a small ditch. He had failed miserably at a very easy task.

Then, that sound of acclaim came through to his ears, “Excellent agility move! It was very intricate! It was extremely wonderful; it was unrivalled in this age!”

That voice was very loud and genuinely heartfelt, but…

He was a Spirit Xuan expert… How could he endure this?!

It was possible that even ten-thousand talented writers and their flowery pens couldn’t properly explain the third Dongfang brother’s frame of mind. His deathly pale face turned red in an instant. The naked eye could see that redness travel to his neck, and then to his chest. One would’ve been able to see his reddened toes if he had taken out his shoes…

“Bluergh!” Dongfang Wen Dao’s vision became blurry. He felt so ashamed that he vomited blood, and tottered on the verge of collapse.

He had become so angry that he had vomited blood…

That innocent and heartfelt acclamation had made this Spirit Xuan expert belch blood…

Dongfang Wen Qing and Dongfang Wen Jian quickly leapt forward to provide firm support to him. However, Dongfang Wen Dao stubbornly pushed them aside.

Then, the third brother took a deep breath, and slowly turned to look at Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. His expression was extremely complex as he hesitantly spoke, “You have guts! I admit defeat!”

“I admit defeat!”

Those three words had somehow emerged from his mouth. Each and every one of them had been extremely difficult to speak. Each and every one of them was like a heavy mountain to him. However, he had still spoken them.

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes couldn’t help but reveal heartfelt appreciation.

A Spirit Xuan expert had been defeated by a young Jade Xuan expert in front of everyone. And yet… he was willing to admit it publicly…

[What kind of bearing is this?]

One’s reputation was as important as one’s life in this world. There weren’t many people who could accept their defeat in such a magnanimous manner.


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