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Chapter 430: The Stunning Sword Attack!

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

The Sixth Elder was as a Spirit Xuan expert. He was fully aware of the soon-to-come attack from Jun Mo Xie. So, he had made full-proof preparations to face it.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one. Everyone else was prepared too.

Jun Mo Xie’s best option was to attack the Sixth Elder with his best strike at this time. However, he would have to retreat if it wasn’t good enough. The Eight and Ninth Elders stood at a distance on the side. Their hands were on their swords’ hilts, and they were prepared to provide support to their comrade if needed.

Everyone had become wary after they had witnessed Jun Mo Xie’s supernatural and unreadable footwork. Even the Spirit Xuan experts weren’t an exception. In fact, even someone like the Solitary Falcon believed that he wasn’t guaranteed to win against Jun Mo Xie’s fast swordplay even though he-himself was world-renowned for his speed and agility!

A mere base-rank Sky Xuan should’ve been a small-fry in the eyes of the Spirit Xuan experts. However, he had become far more important to them. In fact, he had been promoted to an expert-on-par with themselves.

They had no choice but to be on the defensive!

Not only were they very cautious, but they had also taken very careful defensive measures.

Everyone could clearly see that Jun Mo Xie had stuck close behind Xiao Feng Wu’s falling body. In fact, they could even see his sword flickering with a cold light.

However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly disappeared the next moment. He then re-appeared behind the Eighth and the Ninth Elders.

The corners of his mouth curved in a cruel smile as a cold light flashed.

The divine weapon!

Blood of Yellow Flame!

The silent and brilliantly s.h.i.+ning sword suddenly swung at the Eighth and Ninth Elders’ legs! And, it seemed as if a flash of lightening had shaken the world for a brief moment!

In fact, that sword shone so brilliantly that no one who witnessed it being swung could resist its glare. And, everyone was involuntarily forced to shut their eyes as a result.

However, it had left behind a glittery radiance across the realms of world. The lightning had disappeared long ago. But, it still remained in the minds of everyone even though they had closed their eyes. In fact, it had left the most unique and exceptional impact on their hearts!

Then, the Young Master Jun’s body rose in the air like a soaring dragon, and disappeared in a flash. No one knew where he had gone off to again…

The Eighth and the Ninth Elders felt cold inside. They could feel that something was wrong…

Even the white-clothed girl raised her head in confusion and pondered. That was because she couldn’t sense where Jun Mo Xie had gone off to despite with her cultivation level. It was like he had suddenly disappeared from the world itself…

[There’s no trace of him! Even spirit sense can’t see him!]

[How is he doing this? He used that mysterious move again! But, I still can’t glean anything from it!]

[This can’t be the skill-set of a regular expert of this world. This is some immortal and divine move!]

The Sixth Elder was still holding Xiao Feng Wu with one arm in a dumbfounded manner. He stood trembling for a good while before he called out, “Eighth, Ninth… are you alright?” He had clearly seen Jun Mo Xie’s sword-light pa.s.s through the lower halves of both those men. But, why hadn’t either of them reacted to it?

[What’s happening?]

The Sixth Elder didn’t believe for a second that Jun Mo Xie had done that for show’s sake alone. [He must’ve had some purpose behind it! But, why do the Eighth and Ninth seem completely unaffected…?]

The Eighth and Ninth Elders looked at each other in a confused manner. These two had reached the Spirit Xuan realm, but they were weaker than the Sixth Elder. Consequently, the Sixth Elder had recovered enough to push himself into action. However, these two were still feeling some weakness.

Each of them inspected the other, and confirmed that there was nothing wrong. Then, they laughed out, and spoke-up, “We’re fine! That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jun Mo Xie is a mere Sky Xuan brat. He only played a trick and made a bluff. How could he do something to us…?”

However, they hadn’t even finished speaking when their expressions suddenly underwent a drastic and tragic change…

A piece of white cloth gently fell off from each of their thighs, and exposed their legs to the wind. Consequently, they felt a slight chill since their bare and loftily legs stood facing the cold winds.

[The upper and the lower half of our robes were obviously made from one piece of cloth. So, why did the lower half fall down?]

[Is it possible that… he cut them off?]

They had barely begun to think of this possibility when they suddenly felt an acute pain in their legs. The two of them looked at each other in extreme horror. They then tried to move their bodies, but weren’t able to take a single step…

Their bodies made one move forward, but the top halves of their bodies fell down like a toppling tower. The blood spurted out from their bodies like a fountain. In fact, it appeared as if four columns of blood had violently splashed out in all directions.

The two men gave out a sky-rendering howl of pain. In fact, their screams were probably heard for many hundreds of kilometers at a distance.

Two pairs of slippery and bare legs remained where the two men had stood a moment ago. They stood straight from the soles and up to the thighs like majestic stone pillars in lakes. They were stationary, but the apex of their thighs were violently foaming with blood.

Jun Mo Xie had used his sword-light to cut the four legs at an inexplicable speed. And, his Blood of Yellow Flame was so sharp that the two men hadn’t even realized that their legs had been cut off for a long time.

Perhaps they had become aware of it a bit earlier. However, neither of the two men had believed it to be a fact!

The entire vicinity slipped into deathly silence again!

No one could’ve imagined this…

[Someone possesses such a speed!]

[And, someone holds such a sharp sword!]

The white-clothed girl sighed softly on the side. Her voice was so soft that no one could hear it. She was the only one who had seen Jun Mo Xie’s swordplay in clear and proper manner. There had been nothing clever about it… nor had it been very ingenious…

There had only been one unusual aspect about it — it was extremely fast!

His speed had continued to increase until it had reached the pinnacle. Then, he had coupled the speed of his sword-play with the speed of his light footwork. And, this had increased the speed of his attack even further. And, it was then that he had slashed his sword!

There’s nothing that cannot be achieved. There’s no speed that can’t be beaten. And, there’s no speed that can’t be attained. Everything can be achieved, and everything can be destroyed!

Jun Mo Xie was a youngster who hadn’t been a base-level Sky Xuan expert for even two days yet. However, he had already crippled two Spirit Xuan experts in front of so many people. The two Spirit Xuan experts had surely exhausted a major portion of their strength. This held true for their mental strength and Xuan cultivation alike. In fact, anyone who had been subjected to such high pressure would surely have their strength reduced very significantly….

However… they were still Spirit Xuan experts at the end of the day!

And, Jun Mo Xie had managed to inflict serious injuries to them… without them even realizing it.

Their legs had obviously been cut off from their bodies. But, they had still remained attached to the bodies for some time. In fact, even a single splash of blood hadn’t splattered out…

Whether it was the speed of the moves, the speed of the sword, or its sharpness… every aspect had reached a frightening level!

“Eighth! Ninth!” the Sixth Elder roared with anger and despair. His eyes had become bloodshot. Xiao Feng Wu’s body fell from his hands as he roared. However, the Sixth Elder’s trembling figure stood there dumbfounded.

The Silver City had sent out a group of unprecedented strength for this event. Xiao Bu Yu had personally taken the lead of the group. He was a level-four Spirit Xuan expert, and he was also the strongest expert who wasn’t considered a Great Master. The Head of the Xiao Family had sent four of its elders. And, two more from the Han Family had accompanied them. Thus, a total of six Spirit Xuan experts had moved out in one team. Then, there were the Seven Swords. And, these seven experts could prove a match to almost anyone when the fought together! And, the two Sky Xuan experts… Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong had also accompanied them…

Such strength would surely create a sensation no matter where it went. Would there be any force they couldn’t dare to face head-on?

However, such a formidable power had suffered repeated losses for some mysterious reason. In fact, they had suffered a ruinous blow even before they could retreat. Moreover, the Xiao Family’s forces had been thoroughly defeated by now…

And, the reason behind this had been a very trivial one to its merit — Xiao Han had wanted to challenge Jun Wu Yi for a fight! They had known that the Jun Family had the Solitary Falcon’s strength to support them. Therefore, they hadn’t dared to underestimate the Jun Family. However, they knew that they could beat the Great Master with their combined strength of six Spirit Xuan experts and the Seven Swords…

Jun Wu Yi could’ve employed a sea of tactics, and could’ve put the numerical advantage of his troops to play in order to get away. However, how could a large force of ordinary men have dealt with the speed of Spirit Xuan experts?

However, they could’ve never antic.i.p.ated that Xiao Han would’ve become thoroughly crippled in the first fight. Then, Xiao Bu Yu had blown himself up in shame after Jun Mo Xie had exposed that despicable and shameless act of the Xiao Family…

They had lost every ounce of their reputation!

Only the Sixth Elder remained at this time. And, it could be said that he was besieged from all sides.

The Jun Family obviously wanted to sort him out. Moreover, even his own companions wanted to deal with him!

He had truly come to regret it…

[Why did that mysterious person appear and confine the five of us? Would the Jun Family have had enough strength to face the five of us Spirit Xuan experts along with Xiao Bu Yu if that hadn’t happened?!]

The Sixth Elder looked around in dismay. However, he only saw that the eyes in the vicinity were looking at him like he was some prey. The old man sighed upon this realization. Then, he pierced Xiao Feng Wu’s throat with his sword!

[It’s better to be dead than to live a life of such extreme humiliation!]

[There’s no hope today. And, barely holding on will be a greater tragedy! I don’t have any chance of an escape. My two brothers’ legs are also cut. So, they can’t carry on like this either…]

[The only thing that I can do is relieve their misery… and kill myself afterwards. Then, we will all go together on the road ahead…]

“Ancestor… your children are incompetent…” the Sixth Elder looked up to the sky, and cried out bitterly as tears flowed from his eyes. The concentrated sword-light split into two, and flew towards the Eighth and the Ninth Elders.

However, he had become absentminded. In fact, he hadn’t even realized that Jun Mo Xie had appeared behind him.

“Puff!” A bright and s.h.i.+ny blade appeared from the inside of the Sixth Elder’s chest. And, it disappeared before the fountain of blood sprayed out.

That sword attack had destroyed the Sixth Elder’s bodily functions. The Elder’s eyes bulged as his body stood there. The split sword-light he had sent went awry about half-way as his sword fell to the ground with a “Thud!” Then, his body started to sway. The spirit of his life became chaotic in his eyes as he swayed and fell to the ground. The man twitched a couple of times before he became permanently still…

“Clinch!” the divine weapon returned to its scabbard, and made a satisfied consonant. It seemed that it had eaten its fill, and was quite satisfied with its first battle’s result.

It had consumed the blood of four Spirit Xuan experts, and one Sky Xuan expert.

The blood of these five lowly and despicable people had come as the first offering to the Blood of Yellow Flame after its forging.

Such an achievement was difficult… even impossible to believe. In fact, anyone who had witnessed it with their own eyes would’ve found it difficult to be convinced in their hearts.

Jun Mo Xie still stood calmly at this moment. He then turned his expressionless face towards the Silver City’s remaining elders and the Seven Swords. Then, he slowly spoke-up, “The grudges between the Xiao and the Jun Family have been settled on this day. Do you have anything to say for it?”


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