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Chapter 634: Falling Without Fighting?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the instant that Blood of Yellow Flame was unsheathed, Chu Qi Hun suddenly felt as if the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword which had accompanied him his entire life has abruptly lost control with him!

Chu Qi Hun’s eyes widened with shock. He almost believed that the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword was not in his hands anymore! However, the slight weight in his hand told him clearly that he was still grasping onto the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword!

This… what was going on?!

The Autumn Dew Invincible Sword was his most loyal and reliable partner! It was also his trademark as the Supreme! Chu Qi Hun cherished it as his life, and everytime he held it in his hands, there would be an intricate feeling of connection with his blood! It was as if he was the sword! Whenever he thought about killing somebody, he would also feel a bloodl.u.s.t from the sword! At times, the sword would even form a resonance with his spirit!

It was a real merger of man and sword as one, both inseparable from the other!

But in this moment, that amazing intricate feeling was suddenly gone, disappeared without a trace!

How could this be possible, how could it be like this!

Chu Qi Hun could feel his palms sweating heavily!

In this moment, Chu Qi Hun had completely lost his confidence in this fight, utterly and completely!

“Still want to fight? You’ve already lost! However, you did not lose to me, but to my sword! More accurately, your sword has already submitted to my Blood of Yellow Flame!” Jun Mo Xie had not expected such a situation! Ever since Jun Mo Xie used the mystical ability of the Power of Gold to refine the Blood of Yellow Flame, very few precious swords could stand before its proud aura.

Along with Jun Mo Xie’s advance in cultivation, the Blood of Yellow Flame’s arrogance also rose!

At such a critical moment, just when he wanted to have a good fight with Chu Qi Hun—a completely fair fight where he could battle to his heart’s content—that fellow actually directly lost before the fight even began! Who would have thought that the moment their blades were drawn that such a huge disparity would form!

This was a complete, crus.h.i.+ng advantage!

The sword rules all the weapons in this world, and its King is the ruler of ten thousand swords! With ten thousand swords in hand, who would dare to not submit?!

Although Chu Li Hun hadn’t lost yet, and even had lots of battle intent that had yet to be released, but… the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword in his hand had already lost its will to battle, completely submitting before the Blood of Yellow Flame’s royal aura…

Under the enormous pressure from the Blood of Yellow Flame, there was basically no way for it to even struggle. It was completely suppressed from the moment the Blood of Yellow Flame revealed its edge! In an instant, all its killing intent disappeared, along with all its battle intent!

Right now, Autumn Dew Invincible Sword was not even comparable to a common iron sword!

How was this fight supposed to continue?

Jun Mo Xie was also dumbstruck, not knowing if he should be laughing or crying. This situation was extremely strange, like two rabbits fighting each other. One rabbit ran off and brought back another rabbit as a helper. It was full of confidence and was laughing in glee, until it saw that its opponent had brought a tiger as a helper!

Isn’t this plain bullying?

Chu Qi Hun tried to rouse his battle intent, even focusing his killing intent crazily to incite his sword to recover its previous state, but his efforts were all in vain!

Chu Qi Hun grabbed the sword’s hilt so tightly that numerous green veins popped up all over his skin. He remained standing coolly, but he knew that he had already been defeated! Furthermore, he’d lost in the most aggrieved manner, to the point of being completely ridiculous and baffling!

Against this kind of terrifying that wouldn’t appear even once in ten million years, not to mention his sword losing control like this, even the tiniest bit of flaw would cause him to lose without a doubt.

In a fight between peak killers, to lose was to die, and a certainty of defeat directly meant a guaranteed death!

“Your sword is undoubtedly a good sword!” Jun Mo Xie smiled and said. “Throughout the years, you’ve killed an incalculable number of people and swept unrivalled through the lands. And your sword has also birthed a spirit from the nourishment of being baptized by the blood of countless people! It has formed a connection with your heart and mind, and even your blood. At this point, it could already be said to be a top grade divine weapon! However, it is still only a child among top grade divine weapons; thus, its innate response upon meeting my sword was to submit for the sake of self preservation!”

Chu Qi Hun furrowed his brows and a trace of doubt fleeted across his eyes as he replied coldly, “Oh?”

“However, if you ignite an intent to battle even though you’re sure of your death, that kind of intense emotion would definitely stimulate your sword and awaken the connection between you two! This is also the only way to rouse your sword at this moment and continue with the battle! Because although you won’t know it, but that sword of yours is very clear about one thing. The moment it clashes against my sword, it will instantly shatter!”

Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly and continued, “But if that happened, this battle would have lost its original meaning. If I fought against you with a divine weapon, it will not be determined to have been by skill if I won, and if I lost, I’ll still be a laughing stock! Although you have intentions to take my life, I only want to determine a victor among us two. I’ve said previously that if the Supreme perished, this world would instantly become much more boring. Those were my heartfelt sentiments, and it was not spoken lightly! I absolutely have no wish to kill a peerless like you, and I desire even less to destroy a treasured weapon that’s developed its own spirit!”

Jun Mo Xie lifted his head and looked at Chu Qi Hun. “Chu Qi Hun, why don’t we end our match here today.” He shook his head and sighed. “Actually, I am even more unwilling than you to see this compet.i.tion come to an end like this. In one’s life, it’s difficult to find a true friend; however, it’s even harder to find a worthy opponent! I believe that you can also understand my current feelings.”

Chu Qi Hun fell silent for a moment and his lips tightened. “You are right, if I were to force things and insist on continuing the fight, that would just be arrogant and death-seeking. The original meaning of the fight would be lost, and I would be delivering my most treasured partner to death as well! But! I still wish to take a look at your sword. I want to know just what kind of divine weapon it is, that it could make my Autumn Dew Invincible Sword feel frightened before battling, and losing before the fight even began!”

Chu Qi Hun’s request was actually an exceptionally unreasonable request and could even be considered preposterous. A sword that perfected suited an was simply equivalent to a second life to that How could it be something that others could see as they pleased? The same went for Chu Qi Hun’s Autumn Dew Invincible Sword. How could it be taken out and shown to others so flippantly? Not to mention that this was Jun Mo Xie’s Blood of Yellow Flame!

Honestly, Chu Qi Hun also knew that his request was quite absurd. In fact, even if Jun Mo Xie rejected him, it would be within his expectations. However, he still looked resolutely at Jun Mo Xie because he was unconvinced with his loss!

Both our strengths are roughly on the same level. Why should it be I who should lose because of the difference in my weapon? Just what was so different about your sword that even the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword would submit to it completely, even losing the battle before it was fought!

Chu Qi Hun who had already formed a bond with his Autumn Dew Invincible Sword did not covet Jun Mo Xie’s divine weapon. However, his curiosity had reached an extreme level. Otherwise, he would not have made such a presumptuous request!

To this request, Jun Mo Xie only made a dull sound in his throat in acknowledgement as he lifted the long sword in his hand lightly, brought it to his lips and asked lightly, “This fellow is unconvinced about his loss and wants to look at you. Can he?” His voice was light and gentle, as if he was coaxing a child.

The Blood of Yellow Flame quivered and a sharp sword cry rang out. Even Chu Qi Hun who was standing opposite could clearly hear the arrogance and pride!

Jun Mo Xie smiled and beckoned at Chu Qi Hun. “You may take a look, but only by my hand.”

At this time, Mei Xue Yan and Dongfang Wen Xin had just walked over.

When they approached near, Mei Xue Yan and Dongfang Wen Xin’s both widened with disbelief as they noticed the same extremely inexplicable scene at the same time.

Jun Mo Xie and Chu Qi Hun, who were still fighting savagely a moment ago, were currently standing together, their heads touching each other’s as they stared intently at the sword in Jun Mo Xie’s hand!

Chu Qi Hun’s face especially was filled with a reverent expression!

This was a divine sword, the dream weapon of any Xuan cultivator! This was a good sword that was perfect as a companion to accompany a warrior their entire life!

But the thing that shocked Mei Xue Yan the most was that Chu Qi Hun had completely not put up the slightest defensive precautions before Jun Mo Xie. And the blade of Blood of Yellow Flame was pointing directly at him as it rested on Jun Mo Xie’s palm. If Jun Mo Xie decided to launch a sudden attack, Chu Qi Hun would not have even the slightest chance to escape!

A single strike was sure to slice him cleanly into two pieces!

How could a person with such low awareness still be the King of from before?

And there was Jun Mo Xie!

This fellow was showing off his prized sword with an arrogant expression on his face. His body was similarly wide open, without a single bit of defense!

What was wrong with these two fellows? Did they go crazy? Or went dumb?! Did their brains get flooded with water in the time that they weren’t looking?

After a long time, Chu Qi Hun tore his gazes away unwillingly and took a few steps back. That cold aura once again appeared around his body. He raised his head, using his face to receive the falling snowflakes, hoping that it could douse the fire in his heart. A long sigh rang out from his mouth. “Such a divine sword actually exists in this world! How amazing! It’s truly an eye opener for me! This match, it is not an injustice for me to lose; it’s even less of an injustice for the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword to lose! No—the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword has better judgement than me; it knows when to advance and when to retreat!”

Jun Mo Xie laughed happily/ “In this world, there’re still plenty of things that you do not know about!”

Chu Qi Hun lowered his head and touched his Autumn Dew Invincible Sword lightly as a deep emotion lingered in his eyes. Jun Mo Xie’s Blood of Yellow Flame was undoubtedly a peerless divine weapon under the heavens, and was even an all-conquering peak treasure! Compared to his own sword, it was superior in too many ways! However, Chu Qi Hun still felt that this sword in his hand was the most suitable weapon for him; the Autumn Dew Invincible Sword was the sword that was truly the most important to him!

No matter how good other’s swords are, this sword has already accompanied me for many ages! An has no kin, only his sword! This sword is my kin! No other divine weapon or peerless immortal weapon could ever replace it!

Chu Qi Hun stroked his Autumn Dew Invincible Sword gently. In this moment, he could clearly feel the consoling tone and agitated emotions coming from the sword! Chu Qi Hun’s body shook lightly in response. Previously, he had at most some affection for the sword and felt that it was well suited to him, or even that they had some connection by blood. However, he’d never once felt any sort of emotions transmitted from this sword to him!

But today, in this moment, he clearly sensed it! This sword was like a human; it had feelings and emotions as well!


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