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Read Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 803 – Settling Down in Tian Fa

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Chapter 803: Settling Down in Tian Fa

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After a long and reluctant exchange of parting words, it was Dugu Zong Heng who put an end to it. “Stop with this wishy-washy att.i.tude! What use is there? It’s not like we are going to be seperated in life and death; if you feel like coming back, just come back! Hurry up and go! You’re already running out of time. The enemy might arrive any moment, so why are you still dawdling around?!”

Everyone laughed. Jun Mo Xie straightened his body and faced everyone. “Everyone here is a friend of the Jun Family. The Jun Family is forced to retreat like this due to a lack of better options. But I believe that one day, we will return and come back even stronger. Everyone, if there are any issues, you can send us a letter by eagle. If it is within our abilities, the Jun Family will definitely not decline your request!”

Jun Mo Xie cupped his hands. “Everyone, take care!”

Everyone returned the greeting. “Take care, Third Young Master Jun! Take care, Old Master Jun! Take care, Third Master Jun!…”

Jun Mo Xie chuckled loudly. Taking one final look at Tang Yuan, he laughed. “Fatty! The future top millionaire of the Xuan Xuan Continent! You can just wait quickly to strike it rich! Haha…”

Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi cupped their hands at the same time, bidding everyone else farewell.

On Jun Mo Xie’s command, all the Xuan Beasts were already ready. Everyone got onto their backs. Long Crane spread his wings and flew into the air with a whistle. Like an arrow, shooting into the sky like a bolt of lightning!

With a series of cries, thousands of flight-type Xuan Beasts rose into the air in formation. Under Jun Mo Xie’s command, they flew in a circle on top of Tian Xiang City before suddenly changing direction straight South!

Triggering thunder and lightning all the way!

Everyone looked up at the sky pensively, watching the entire Jun Family leaving…

This divine military family that had protected Tian Xiang for decades still left in the end!

Even though they were retreating, they retreated in such a grand manner that was unprecedented in all of history!

In the sky, Dugu Xiao Yi was full of tears, weeping till she fell unconscious in Dongfang Wen Xin’s arms…

The thunder eventually dissipated. There were no longer any traces of the Jun Family in the sky. A bright ray of sunlight shot from the East.

Emperor Yang Huai Nong immediately issued a royal decree the moment he returned to the palace: The Jun Family Residence will be now changed to the Divine Military Residence, and no one would be allowed to trespa.s.s! No one was allowed to move anything inside! And he even put someone in charge of cleaning and maintaining it, no matter when or for how long, they had to keep it clean and tidy!

Then, he set up another area to build the Tian Xiang Military Tomb for the General in White, Jun Wu Hui, Jun Wu Meng, Divine Iron-blooded Battle Commander, and the rest! To construct a statue and ancestral tablet to be wors.h.i.+ped by all of Tian Xiang!

The Grave of the Affectionate Couple would be made into forbidden grounds, and no one was allowed to go and damage it! Violators would have their entire family executed!

Asides from these, there were many more new rules set in place, and most of them were essentially related to the Jun Family.

Although the Jun Family was forced to retreat, the honour and love they received in Tian Xiang was extreme!

This was definitely unprecedented in all of history!

In Tian Fa Forest, Big Bear and the rest had never stopped in their work. They had been making significant progress, and it was almost halfway complete. This bunch of Xuan Beasts that was not lacking in their strength was definitely not meticulous, but they were definitely fast!

This saved Jun Mo Xie tremendous work.

While everyone else was touring Tian Fa Forest in curiosity upon arrival, Young Master Jun began his career as a laborer.

It couldn’t be helped. His Power of Earth was too convenient for construction purposes.

In a single day, Young Master Jun emptied the inside of an entire small mountain and created a large palace full of splendid and magnificent houses out of it! The countless night pearls he plundered from the palace of Nine Nether First Young Master could finally be put into use…

First, it was a road so wide that it could accommodate ten horse carriages arranged side by side. Giant stone pillars with dragons and phoenixes engraved onto it lined the road, supporting the entire infrastructure! The eyes of the dragons and phoenixes were all night pearls…

There were many other small roads on the sides of this main road. Although they were small roads, they were still relatively wide. At the end of one of the smaller roads was an extremely large hall. All the necessary furniture was inside. On the sides of the hall were a few other smaller rooms…

It looked like Jun Mo Xie was determined not to let the Nine Nether First Young Master’s design monopolize the limelight. But right now, although he had his great palace… the doors became Young Master Jun’s greatest headache… He didn’t have outstanding mechanism skills like the Nine Nether First Young Master…

He developed an actual headache from thinking for a long time. Young Master Jun finally decided to use the traditional, ancient method: a wooden door with a bolt. Making two holes on the stone walls, then tying the door frame to it before attaching the wooden door. This was also the simplest method…

Although it was the simplest method, it was still a lot of work, even to the great Young Master Jun. Young Master Jun had only realized halfway that all this work could be done by someone else… And thus, from laborer, Young Master Jun became supervisor… In a way, he was freed…

Jun Wu Yi’s family occupied a residential hall. Old Master Jun occupied one room alone. Dongfang Wen Xin and the other girls all shared hall, the largest one. The Young Master Jun built a personal s.p.a.ce for himself.

The countless smaller roads led to where the servants of the Jun Family lived. There weren’t many of them, since most of them were dismissed. But the money given to any random one of them was enough to ensure a peaceful and comfortable life…

To those who had followed them over, Jun Mo Xie was not unsympathetic. He said, “No matter male or female, as long as you have a partner, inform me and I will set up another lodging for you.”

If anyone could not get used to staying here, they could just bring it up anytime. The Jun Family would send them out of Tian Fa with money to settle down and seek livelihood elsewhere…

Everything finally began to settle down after half a month…

Big Bear looked at the Jun Family getting busy. Then, he looked at that splendid palace Jun Mo Xie created. After returning to his own den, he suddenly felt displeased with what he was looking at…

That is what you call a home… This… What is this?!

The disparity was too great. Although he had never felt this way before, as there was nothing to compare to in the past, but now…

If what the Jun Family is staying in is a house, then what we live in is at most a shack. Even the servants of the Jun Family reside in better rooms than us! This is too much! We are the magnificent Beast Kings of Tian Fa! This is too embarra.s.sing!

All the Beast Kings could only drool silently in envy after touring the new residence of the Jun Family… After suppressing their grievances for two days, they finally brought it up. Stammering, they asked. Brother-in-law, we are all our own people… do you think we can also stay in that sort of houses? We are your related brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws….

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes. Looking at this bunch of brother-in-laws, he was left without a choice. What else could he say? They even emphasized on ‘related’. He could only continue to work. By the time the seven brother-in-laws and one sister-in-law happily moved into their new homes, Young Master Jun was so tired he couldn’t even move.

The eight Beast Kings no longer had any brother-in-law in their eyes after getting their new homes.

Who is brother-in-law? We need to enjoy our new homes!

There seemed to still be an ocean of brother-in-laws staring hopefully at him. Young Master Jun declared weakly: From today onwards, one could only get this sort of treatment after reaching the level of a first level Venerable! Big Bear and the rest were the only exceptions for this one time, and there would absolutely be no second time…

First level Venerable!

Even the eight beast kings did not reach this level. Although their physical strength had surpa.s.sed it, but in terms of actual skills, they were still far from it. Amongst all the kings, only Big Bear and Long Crane were close to that level…

The Beast Kings glared till their eyes turned red. They looked at the new homes of Big Bear and the rest, their eyes full of envy and jealousy. They’d s.n.a.t.c.h it and make it their own if they could! In order to get new homes like this, Young Master Jun’s one single sentence triggered a craze for training in Tian Fa Forest!

It persisted on without break!

If reaching the level of a Venerable was something that could be achievable by mere determination, perhaps Young Master Jun would have to spend the rest of his life on this tough mission of building houses!

Although he had temporarily deflected numerous brothers and sisters-in-law, Jun Mo Xie was still extremely busy. First, he used the power of wood to free up an entire patch of land worth a thousand plots of fields. Then, he used the Power of Earth to flatten the entire place to use it as a base for growing crops.We’ve already moved into here; we can’t possibly go without food, can we? Although we can purchase food supplies, but it seems a little wasteful compared to growing them ourselves!

But having soil and land was not enough to grow crops. How could you make plants grow without water and irrigation? With the aid of the Power of Water and Power of Earth, a few deep wells were created. Near the fields, with spring water drawn from elsewhere, a small little lake-like pond was also created. Thus with this, most problems were resolved…

In the duration Young Master Jun was busy working, their neighbors came to pay a visit. In Tian Nan, under the commission of the new Emperor, General Wan delivered many household essentials and supplies, piling them all outside Tian Fa Forest. The quant.i.ty of those items was enough to form a mountain.

With a wave of Jun Mo Xie’s hands, all of the level nine Xuan Beasts got to work as temporary movers, moving everything back within a single trip. But the side-effect of this was… the number of level nine Xuan Beasts deployed was enough to scare General Wan out of his wits…

Young Master Jun was completely engrossed in his construction. He turned the nearby area of the new Jun Residence into a large-scale garden. There was food and all sorts of entertainment facilities. He even set up a few seats for fis.h.i.+ng on the side of that small lake for Grandpa and the rest to use for leisurely purposes…

Young Master Jun really had it tough during this period of time. In the day, he worked laboriously, at night, he studied the different tactical formations. Finally, at the end of almost one month, he successfully set up a Heavenly Five Elements Formation!

Young Master Jun situated this formation outside the new Jun Family Residence. The day it was activated, the entire mountain range was shrouded in thick white mist instantly, leaving all the Xuan Beasts of Tian Fa in astonishment.

Big Bear decided to test it out, sauntering his way in. Only a couple thundering noises were heard, then Big Bear came flying out with the smell of burnt bear paws. His entire face was covered in dirt, and his whole body was quivering. Thank G.o.d Tian Fa Beast Kings had impressive defenses, otherwise he would have already turned into a roasted bear…


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