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Read Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 108

Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! is a web novel made by Tsukigami Saki, 月神 サキ.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Childhood Friend’s Lingering Attachment

Author’s note: ※ This chapter takes places behind the scenes of the main story, so there’s no problem if you don’t read it. However, even if you’re not good with Will’s point of view, I’d be happy if you could read it.

“Something seems to have happened to Lidi. Come to the office immediately” “What? Is she safe! I will also go search for her…” “Freed went out so there shouldn’t be any problem. I want you to stand by here just in case. I’ve already instructed Glenn to conduct the search” “Ah… Yeah, I got it”

Sudden emergency communication from Alex. I was suspicious of the contact since he doesn’t use telepathic communication much, still I connected the line only to hear an unbelievable story.

His Highness suddenly called her name and disappeared――――.

Seeing the rarely fl.u.s.tered appearance of His Highness, Alex seems to have judged it’s a state of emergency. I think he was correct and that it was appropriate to instruct Glenn to conduct the search. But, the uneasy feeling of being in the dark about what’s happening is unbearable.

“Will, it’s fine to relax a little”

As I paced around the office, I directed an astonished face at Alex. When I came to this room, his face looked much worse than mine, but now he seems to have completely regained his calm.

“Aren’t you worried” “Of course I am. But see, Freed’s flushed in anger as he left. Since he went, there’s no way something would happen to Lidi” “That’s… right”

I can use more types of magical arts, but when it comes to the absolute amount of magical power His Highness is overwhelming. Moreover, His Highness is a swordmaster. Thinking about it calmly, it’s absurd to worry. I understand that, but I can’t stay calm thinking that something may have happened to her.

“After all I’ll go search as well…” “Stop that. It’d be inefficient. Sooner or later Glenn will contact me… Ah, it came”

Having interrupted my words, Alex received telepathic report from Glenn. After a moment the telepathic communication ended and, showing a relieved face, Alex spoke to me.

“Lidi is safe. Details are still unclear, but it seems Freed was in time. I told him to bring them here, I think they’ll come soon” “I see… I’m glad”

Hearing she’s safe I breathed out in relief. After a long breath, Alex’s expression too slackened, and he nodded.

“… Really, we’re saved that Freed noticed” “How did His Highness notice?”

Struck by a sudden doubt I asked, but Alex tilted his head unaware.

“He just suddenly stood up and leapt. Didn’t he put some kind of tracking magical art on Lidi beforehand? Well, for me it’s relieving this way though” “… That’s right”

Unfortunately, I can’t deny it. It’s the routine that as soon as you take eyes off her, she blunders somehow. I don’t mean that she needs a bell on her neck like a cat, but I’m relieved if she can be helped as soon as something happens. After we talked for a while, the door opened. Lidi who suddenly appeared had her usual expression, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart to see her like this.


Despite not looking like he had been worried just a while ago, as soon as he saw his little sister’s face Alex rushed to her anxiously. Despite his att.i.tude not showing it, he must’ve been considerably worried. That guy cherishes her, who’s his little sister, a lot. To such Alex she replied that she’s okay with an apologetic face. But, from behind her an arm reached out, and pulling her in embraced her. His Highness who entered after her tightly embraced her. Being tightly held by His Highness she seemed embarra.s.sed, but she snugged inside His Highness’s arms looking slightly happy. Seeing them, Alex tried to tear her off while His Highness wouldn’t give in. I decided to let the two who started quarrelling be and approached her. To be honest, I didn’t want to see her happily embraced by His Highness, but after all I had been worried about her. I strongly felt I wanted to confirm her safety from up close.

“Lidi” “Will”

She turned only her face my way and apologized for causing trouble. As I shook my head and spoke in a mutter, His Highness indicated us to take a seat for a moment. Everybody obediently followed his reasonable directions. Then we started listening to her story, but the mention of ‘magical reduction bottle’ piqued my interest.

‘Magical reduction bottle’

It’s one of famous magical tools among magicians. It’s a rare magical tool from Sahaja with high value. The effect when used is confining anything that touches it, it’s highly useful and fetches high prices at underground auctions. Hearing that such a magical tool was defective, I started pondering. Usually a magical tool with a magical effect put on it being defective like that would be unthinkable. But it’s the fact that Lidi was safe. According to her story, it doesn’t seem like the bottle broke on contact. The unusual case aroused my interest. Unconsciously I immersed myself in thoughts. While intently lost in the world of my own, I listened to the talk. During it a topic of her living in His Highness’s room came up, I felt a slight pain in my chest, but if it’s for her safety I could ignore it. A powerful barrier like His Highness’s is difficult to make even for me. There was nothing to argue about Alex’s words that being on his side will ensure her safety. As the talk roughly finished, Glenn stood up. I also followed. I want to try investigating the magical tool a little more. I have old magical art books in my room. If I look through them once again, I might find something like a hint. I thought so when I suddenly became interested in what she’d do next. His Highness and Alex have work. I thought she’d be pitiful returning to His Highness’s room in the royalty quarter alone. Besides, I want to talk with her a little more. With such feelings I suggested I’d see her to the room. I can enter the royalty quarter without problem, it should be much more rea.s.suring than entrusting her to guards. I thought so, but the suggestion was rejected by her herself. I was informed she wants to stay with His Highness a little longer. No, she didn’t say this clearly. But, I could only hear it like that. Probably everyone except her noticed that. In response to her words His Highness showed a happy smile, despite being half-shocked Alex too gave his permission. It’s the truth she felt scared today. So Alex’s words that he doesn’t mind must be his true feelings, but it’s obvious to everyone she brought it up wanting to be at His Highness’s side.

It hurts… My chest tightened. I felt my eyes suddenly grew hot.

Having acquired the permission, she happily smiled. She apologized to me, and although I said that it’s me who lacked consideration, unable to endure I cast my eyes down. But what I caught sight of then…

She and His Highness were sitting on the sofa side by side. They were so close it’s like they were snuggled. I could see His Highness’s right hand tightly grasping her left hand on the sofa in a place I couldn’t see while sitting. With a twitch she trembled. Seeing her react like this, His Highness’s eyes relaxed, and entwined his fingers with hers, not letting go of his tight grasp. Even though she flushed up to her ears at His Highness’s sudden action, she also entwined her fingers in response. I can’t stay calm if you show me such a display.

“… Then I’ll excuse myself”

It was too much for me to endure, so I left the place. … Even though I knew. When I left the office, I closed my eyes tightly and clutched my chest. My little brother’s voice followed after me.

“Elder Brother!”

Not wanting anything like sympathy I ignored my little brother’s voice and started walking. It was I who chose to continue to have feelings for her. What’d I do if I couldn’t stand this much. I’ve understood long ago she loves His Highness.

She chose His Highness… Not me.

“Elder Brother!” “Shut up. Don’t follow me. Return to your post” “But!”

I bluntly drove away my little brother who came chasing after me. Please, I want to be left alone. I don’t want sympathy or consolation like you understand. I don’t wish for that. What I want, what I want is…

“Elder Brother…” “What do you know. Changing women every night, don’t you touch my wounds as you please” “!! I apologize…”

I wonder if I hit the nerve, I looked back on Glenn who stopped, and began walking anew. Glenn didn’t chase after me. That’s fine, although I thought that, I couldn’t shake off regret off my chest. ―――― I didn’t intend to say that. He has his own thoughts. I knew, and yet I lashed out at him.

“… I’m the worst”

I let out a large breath and pressed my forehead. I can’t say anything to my beloved woman, so I lash out at my little brother… I can’t even honestly bless His Highness and her who love each other. I’m becoming more and more miserable. Still, I can’t give up on her. Pathetic. I’m so pathetic tears came out. It would be so easy if I gave up on her――――. I’ve thought that so many times. But――――.

“It’s impossible”

There’s no way I can sever my feelings for her this late. They are everything that keeps me going. If I lose them, I’ll have nothing left. I’ll become empty.

“Painful… isn’t it”

I recalled Alex’s words. It’ll be harder from now on. He said that. It was none other than me who said that it’s fine. That’s why this is something I should accept.


I came to a stop and let out a large breath. There’s still more to come. The pain will only increase. If I dislike that, if it’s for much for me to endure, I have to give up on her. I know that. And I understand the day when I’ll be rewarded won’t come. But――――.

“Even so, I can’t give up. I love you… Lidi”

Even I could understand how pathetic the words I spat out with a sigh were.


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