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Read Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 218

Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! is a web novel produced by Tsukigami Saki, 月神 サキ.
This webnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Outaishihi ni Nante Naritakunai!! Chapter 218

She and the Change 3

“Hey, Princess” “Nn?”

I returned to Freed’s room in the castle. Freed hasn’t come back yet. While I was relieved that I was able to come home first, Cain addressed me. Hearing his serious tone of voice, I readied myself that something had happened.

“… What’s the matter?” “Listen, we talked at noon before leaving the castle” “Aah, yup”

I asked him to please tell me if there’s something worrying him back then. When I nodded, Cain looked hesitant for just a moment, but shaking it off he spoke.

“Princess” “… What”

Hidden in his voice was determination. Somehow sensing it’s not something I can take lightly, I fixedly looked into Cain’s pretty red eyes and waited for him to talk.

“I’m thinking of going to Sahaja” “Eh…?”

For a moment I couldn’t understand what he said. Surprise slowly permeated me. Go to Sahaja? Cain?

“W, why?”

Contrary to the confused me who couldn’t understand what he meant, Cain spoke to me in a calm voice.

“Because I think it’s the right thing to do” “Cain?”

His red eyes gleamed for a moment. Those red eyes stared straight at me.

“Princess. Before I met Princess, I was an in Sahaja” “Y, yup”

I don’t understand why he suddenly told me that. However I nodded, overpowered. Cain confirmed I’m listening and continued talking.

“Before leaving the guild, I was entrusted one job by the guild master. I didn’t intend to undertake it, so I didn’t confirm the contents. I thought it wasn’t necessary. However, I regret it now” “…” “The job was to royalty of a foreign country. I only know that. But, an I met a while ago in the southern town of Lindwurm said” “Eh… In town? You met?” “Yeah, with a guy who had invited me before. A guy from another guild. He was brazenly eating an apple in the middle of the town”

Apple… I was surprised to hear that an had normally slipped inside a town, but hearing he was eating an apple, it kinda made sense; while I was having such thoughts, Cain said.

“That guy said. That he took over my job――――” “Eh”

Understanding the meaning of those words, I stared at Cain. Cain nodded.

“My replacement is in Wilhelm. In other words, the job I should have received was to Wilhelm royalty” “Cain…”

I just stared at Cain without saying anything. Cain made a troubled face.

“Don’t make that face. I don’t really care about who I kill. I’m not worried about that. The problem is who I was expected to kill. Apparently, a large number of people are moving for this operation. In the worst case, there may be more than one target. I want to ascertain that” “Ascertain… How?”

Cain scratched his head.

“Actually, I received doc.u.ments concerning the target. I left them in the hideout… That said, there’s a high chance they were disposed of. I understand that, but I want to confirm it no matter what”

Cain said he’d go specially to search for doc.u.ments that were very likely disposed of. Not understanding why he’d go that far without it being certain, I shook my head.

“Going to the hideout… You finally escaped from the guild, so why…” “… Princess may be targeted” “Eh”

Cain’s words were a surprise attack.

“It’s inevitable that Sahaja would hate Princess’s husband. They hold a grudge against him for losing the war two years ago. If he has a weak point, they’ll absolutely use it. It’s plenty possible the target is Princess” “But…” “I thought of sticking to and protecting Princess without saying anything. I’d turn the tables on anyone who came. But, it’s definitely better if I can obtain more information. It will be easier to move with information than without” “…” “Besides…”

Cain said to me, who was keeping silent.

“Princess, you have the Crown Prince, right?” “Freed?”

I didn’t expect him to come up here. Cain strongly nodded.

“That’s right. See, Princess. Since that Crown Prince is with Princess, I can go gather information. If it was anyone else, I would prioritize staying with Princess. But, I can entrust Princess to that Crown Prince with peace of mind”

Saying that it’s alright, Cain once again a.s.sured me.

“That Crown Prince’s strength is the real deal. I don’t think I could fight him squarely either. If that Crown Prince and Princess are together, I have nothing to worry about. That Crown Prince can be trusted to protect Princess no matter what”

Princess knows it best, right, told that I silently nodded. I don’t doubt Freed will protect me. He’s been true to his word many times until now, and above all else I believe in what he says. Of course, I want to similarly protect him. Having confirmed that I nodded, Cain smiled a little.

“That’s why. I don’t need to unreasonably fixate on guarding Princess now. I will do what only I can do”

As Cain declared that, the flames of determination lit his eyes

“Sahaja is a country that doesn’t leak information to other countries. No matter how excellent Wilhelm’s intelligence is, they can’t bring back as much information as me, who knows of that country’s dark side. I should go. I will go… and investigate what Sahaja is planning” “Cain… But that is a job for intelligence, not a job Cain must do…”

Both Freed and Father with Brother should have sent spies to Sahaja. Is it still no good, I wonder.

“That’s right. But, I don’t like it. Knowing that Princess, who’s my master, may be involved, I can’t entrust it to somebody else. I’ll definitely grasp the full picture of their plans. And if they’re truly aiming at Princess… I will crush the source of it”

Cain tightly clenched his fists. I just stared at Cain without answering anything.

“I will talk to the Crown Prince before departing. Hey, Princess. Could you not stop me? If you say you respect my will, let me go”

The beautiful pigeon blood appealed that he absolutely won’t back down. Seeing that, I let out a large breath. Cain decided on his course of action. Then, as his friend and his master, I have to accept it. I smiled the best I could.

“Yup, I understand. Take care” “Princess… Is it fine?”

Cain blinked his eyes. Yup, I gave a little nod.

“Of course. I have no intention of denying Cain’s decisions. Especially if you think it’s the right thing to do. I also decided. That I’ll wait for Cain to come back. You will come back properly, right?”

When I asked that, Cain made a face like he’s about to cry.

“Naturally. There’s nowhere for me to return to but Princess. I’ll certainly fulfil my duty and come back. So until then, listen to what the Crown Prince says and don’t leave his side” “… Yup. I’ll stay with Freed properly”

And then, to rea.s.sure Cain I nodded my head.

“Sorry. I don’t think you’ll be able to go out to town for a while” “It’s fine Cain, you’ll do your best for me, right? I can endure not going to town. It’s obvious”

Saying that, I noticed. Perhaps Ms. Delris unusually told me various things today because she was aware I wouldn’t be able to visit her house for a while. It’s fully possible. Because she’s a witch.

“Are you going already?”

When I asked, Cain answered, Yeah, and stared at distance like he was struggling with something.

“Just as I said before, immediately after I talk with the Crown Prince, but… Master of mine. I will certainly return to your side”

With these words, Cain kneeled in front of me. Holding out his hands, he bowed his head. Realizing it’s the gesture from when I made a contract with him, I softly clasped his hands.

“Princess, please bless me”

Somehow, I understood Cain’s wish. I put strength into my hands clasping his.

“Yup. Cain, be safe and return to my side”

Then, with my lips I gently touched his left eye with the symbol engraved on it. After finis.h.i.+ng our special ritual, I said while taking a step back from Cain.

“Please, don’t get hurt. Cain, put maximum priority to returning safely. Other than that, it’s fine to do as Cain likes” “Is that an order?”

Having stood up, Cain’s mouth broke into smile as he said that. Yup, I nodded.

“Right, it’s an order.  That’s why Cain absolutely must return to me safely. Understood?” “―――― If it’s master’s command, definitely”

Cain nodded and beautifully smiled.

“Well then, Princess. I’ll be fine no matter what. I’ll quickly investigate and come back immediately. That’s why don’t worry. I am the man called Red s.h.i.+nigami of Sahaja, you know?” “Yup, I trust you”

Cain took my right hand and kissed its back. He grinned.

“I’m worried I’ll be killed by the Crown Prince before I go” “Idiot…”

Hahaha, Cain laughed and the next instant disappeared from before me. I silently muttered towards the place he had been until just before.

“… Take care, Cain”

My friend, my ninja. Until you come back, I’ll keep praying for you safety.

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