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Day 3: 4:30 P.M

Osaka Streets: Blood Battalion Base

Food Supply lasts for: 2 weeks

Water Supply: Lasts for 5 weeks

Fuel supply: Too Small

Medicine Supply: Plenty

Ammunition list:

SMG bullets: 15 boxes

a.s.sault Rifle: 21 boxes

Shotgun: 250

Sniper Rifle: 40 boxes

Pistol: 50 boxes

Revolver: 2 boxes

Grenades: 25 pieces left

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 30 minutes left


They were able to avoid pointless confrontation and everyone returned to preparation. The base was surrounded now with the platform that can be used as the survey platform around the walls. They also build some fences so that they don’t have the risk of falling down accidentally. The whole group also begins on building the Guardpost tower to help survey the area surrounding the place. The back portion of the base is also building a similar Guardpost tower however, they have no choice but to slowly make it. The back portion of the base is not that troublesome and rarely, the undead do not really wander the back area. Might be due to the slope that made the undead falling when they tried to climb up. Still, the dead are not something they can underestimate. The dead seems getting stronger and plenty for some reason and they have to be sure that they won’t be having trouble with it.

The Household Group brought the dinner with them. Before the battle, they needed to have a hearty meal first to last for the night. Pastor s.h.i.+n lead the prayer for the food. Since not everyone are Catholic they just bow down to pay respects while Steven, Nathalie, Cindy and Risha are catholics and also did the sign of the cross. The prayer of Pastor s.h.i.+n was very heartwarming, allowing them to feel the peace and grat.i.tude to G.o.d for a while.

The hearty and happy meal lasted for a while before everyone returned to their jobs. Kyosei suspected that the dead are still evolving and he suddenly remembered that the sp.a.w.ns are still around the nearby houses. Kyosei remembered that the Mosquitoes did not appear last night making him sigh in relief. However, now, he almost forgot that there are sp.a.w.ns around the area. The mosquitoes are troublesome enemies during Night Rage. If possible, destroying them before they mature is the best and probable way of eradicating the Mosquitoes.

Kyosei ordered everyone to continue the survey and he will do an extermination process to do. Everyone nodded. Guarding the base is the most important thing and while the Night Rage is still not occurring, they have to make sure that there is no danger lurking in the surroundings. Kyosei also explained that he needs to look for some sp.a.w.ns. It will be really troublesome if they needed to defend against the dead and also defend against the Mosquitoes. That will be too tiresome.

After obtaining everyone’s agreement, Kyosei brought the AR15 with him. He can’t possibly smash there and risk himself getting infected by the hatched sp.a.w.ns. Since it is already almost nighttime, Kyosei begins to pack up a lot of bullets. If he is caught up during the Night Rage, it will be too hard to return back into the base.

Kyosei arrived in front of the SUV. He looked at it and he felt that he want it replaced with a Pickup Truck. It can also be good to attach a crane on its back and the pickup truck has a good amount of storage s.p.a.ce. Looting a lot is not a problem and many items can be stored. Moreover, he can contract Big Man Joe to refit the car. Kyosei shook his head before he goes inside the car. Kyosei wanted to play safe. If he saw a horde, he can just ram the car directly into them, which will be an easy way for destroying a horde. He did not mind damaging its b.u.mper. Cars might be good rammers but he can’t keep on relying on it. The dead are all easy to kill, just ram their heads into the ground, and bam, you killed an undead without help.

Souichi and Nejima opened the gate and the SUV reeves up. Nanami pull her thumbs up meaning that everything is ready. Kyosei steps on the gas and the SUV pulls out and speds out of the streets.

Day 3: 4:39 P.M

Osaka Streets

Time before the Night Rage: 1 hour and 21 minutes left


Kyosei steps on the gas and not too far from him is the horde that pa.s.sed by silently from the base. Hearing the revving engine sounds, the undead look at the speeding car and shows their hungry faces, ready to jump towards the car. Kyosei has no intention on stopping the car and with another push on the gas, the car speeds up to the group of the dead. In result, mashed up meat pastes slams into the car. Flesh and blood are all splattered into the winds.h.i.+eld and the b.u.mper of the car. Kyosei cared less about it. The dead were bulldozed by the SUV, breaking them all without thinking twice. After making sure that the horde are all smashed on the streets, Kyosei stopped on the nearby streets. Finding the Sp.a.w.ns are not easy. He might stumble on them but he is not quite sure about it. And the time is getting limited.

Kyosei randomly enters a building. Holding the kukri and the Colt 45 on both hands, he walks inside. The interior of the building are dark. It might be difficult for Kyosei to see so Kyosei uses a flashlight to light up the area. Since the flashlight is attachable into the head, Kyosei attached it to be more convenient in his situation.

Kyosei proceeded carefully into the darkness. He is not sure if sp.a.w.ns are in here and hoped that there was a nest so that he could hunt the other places and finish it before the Night Rage begins.

In the area where it seems to be an office has two undead standing there motionlessly. Kyosei sneak on them and uses his kukri to stab into the other one and kicked the other one, causing it to fall down, in which Kyosei took chance to pierce its brain.

Kyosei proceeded to loot the area but did not find anything useful except for the smartphones that they possess. Kyosei moved around the area once more and seeing no enemies, and signs of sp.a.w.n, Kyosei has no choice but to switch another building. Before he can move to another building, something fast movements caught his eye. It is abnormally fast and he didn’t get to see it directly but he is sure that it is not a human. Kyosei gritted his teeth. Another enemy perhaps? He was just looking for the sp.a.w.n, this is not good. And for some reason, Kyosei can feel the bloodl.u.s.t on the surroundings. The dead are now evolving, Kyosei can feel it. This enemy is an evolved form if not a mutated one.


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