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“Individual human beings have no free will and cannot be held responsible for their actions”

– Burhuss Fredirick Skinner

Day 1: 6:31 P.M

Kiris.h.i.+ma High School – 4th Floor Hallway: Elevator

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 29 minutes left




These mosquitoes attacked them one by one and striking them down causes it to burst and die in the hands of Kyosei. Kyosei holds the baseball bat that he let Chie hold earlier since the Cleaver is small and cannot hit hard against the mosquitoes so it is actually a bad idea to use it to them. Bats are for swinging and a wide weapon so it can actually kill most mosquitoes that are caught in it and you can smash them on it, leaving the splat sounds..

With the support of Kyosei’s shoulders, he supported Chie barely up the shaft of the elevator while also trying to let the mosquitoes stay away from them.

“H…hurry… you’re so…. freaking…heavy…” Kyosei groaned as he supported Chie.

Chie did not respond since she is grateful that Kyosei is already helping her to escape the mosquitoes. She grab the ledge and force herself to climb up. Kyosei on the other hand, started sweating, despite the darkness, he can manage to see the mosquitoes via sound. His years of experience hiding and pinpointing locations using the sounds an individual or a thing makes him capable of pinpointing the mosquitoes right now. He swings his hand when a nearby mosquito appeared in front of him and that causes the outbalancing of Chie on Kyosei’s shoulder.

“Don’t move Kyosei! I can’t climb properly!!” Chie wriggled as she keeps herself on the elevator shaft. Kyosei gives her a good push and Chie is able to climb up the shaft.

Kyosei wiped his sweat and swings the baseball bat again and to ensure that they are dead, he smash it once more on the wall. He can hear a few buzzing sounds approaching and he is going to face danger if he keep himself down there. Without further ado, he goes back a few steps and sprinted towards the wall and of the elevator, below the shaft. With a running start, he uses his momentum to run in the wall temporarily and ejected in the opposite direction to grab the edge of the shaft. He quickly pulled himself up and put the shaft door back to its place, preventing the mosquitoes from entering. Kyosei sighed in relief seeing Chie is safe and also for being safe. Good thing for him is that he is exceptionally good in parkour and climbing up walls is easy for him to reach. In the past, this skill saved his *ss when some thugs tried to catch him, fortunately, he saw an abandoned construction site and parkoured his way, up to the middle floor of the unfinished building. The thugs lost him inside and escaped by jumping on a nearby stack of leaves which cus.h.i.+oned his fall from the middle floor. This time, it saved him once again and he really felt grateful for possessing the skills.

“Wow, Kyosei! I didn’t know you can see in the dark!” Chie became excited.

“Huh?” Kyosei did not understand what she is saying.

“You killed those mosquitoes despite the dark hallway!” Chie explained.

“Oh….that,” Kyosei disregard it since he finds it useless for him. If it is about that, he pinpoint them using the sounds and despite the music in his headphones continuously playing, he can still hear many things properly.

“What’s with that nonchalant answer?!” Chie frowned.

Kyosei continued to disregard her and looked up above. He uses his almost low battery phone to illuminate the walls. He scanned the area until he saw a nearby ladder which leads towards to the clocktower. Without talking, he sheathed all of his weapons back on the backpack and started his climbing activity.

“Hey!” Chie pouted. She already heard some rumors but reality really shows that he is so cold towards others. Seeing that Kyosei continues his climb, she decided to climb up too up to the the elevator door to reach the clocktower.

Day 1 : 6: 37 P.M

Kiris.h.i.+ma High School – Clocktower

Duration of the Night Rage: 12 hours and 23 minutes left


After a long climb, they finally reached the end of the ladder that leads to the doorway of the elevator to the clocktower. The first thing that Kyosei saw when he stepped on the floor is a dead lackey nearby with a broken neck. Despite that, he can see that it died without struggle. He also noticed that the corpse is pale and blood is practically drained. The only thing he can see is that, this guy has no severe wounds that can cause severe blood loss but for some reason it is dried up since he tried slicing a bit of its flesh to confirm his speculations. Seeing the wound producing not a single drop of blood, he is confused further. Kyosei and Chie walked around for a while since the clocktower is wide and also, it is dark so they still need to trace their way slowly or they will get lost. Soon, they finally see the group of Miyuki, blood is splaterred around and Souichi, Nejima and the girls are clearly exhausted. Kyosei’s brow creased when he noticed a few splattered parts of mosquitoes around. He also noticed the lackeys that were previously tied up, lifeless and are devoid of life. Even the brain matter can be clearly seen around since the place is illuminated.

Kyosei dropped the backpack he carried earlier since his arrival in the cafeteria. Only then that Souichi noticed Kyosei’s arrival.

“You’re back,” Souichi struggles and he looked so tired.

Kyosei also felt tired from all the running but he is still fine to go on fighting. He can still feel his heart beating rapidly and he feel the thirst again. Chie already drink the water from the backpack he brought. He shook his head and pulls out a bottle and drinked all of its contents. Looking at them, they all look exhausted, Nanami is half asleep and might woke up when disturbed. Miyuki, Sena and Nejima are quietly sleeping in the pile of old couches junked in the clocktower since the clocktower also serves as the warehouse of wornout things like the old couches from the faculty. Now, it serves as good beds for them. Souichi and Chie also feel the tiredness atmosphere and sleep in different couches. Only Kyosei feel his sleepiness not kicking in at all. He grabbed a single bread he manager to nab in the canteen and he is delighted seeing the melon bread he grabbed in the bag.

Tearing off the packaging, he leisurely eat the bread for he might not be able to taste things like these again. Also, he needed to conserve food or these people will nag him to find food since he can manage to get loot without problem. Kyosei looked outside from the transparent gla.s.s and he can see the red eyes staring him in the distance. He never felt fear on death at all and facing the undead is nothing to him. His only fear is to talk to others. He really sucks on this one and coordinating is hard for him. He prefer to act alone than to let someone be a burden to him.

He sighed once more. He listened to the music from his headphones. He wondered if he and this group of his can still survive. He looked away from the transparent gla.s.s and looks for something when he heard another buzzing sound from his headphones. He is sure that it never came directly on his headphones but from the outside. Also it is a bit familiar. He lowered the music of his headphones and listened intently on his surroundings. Holding the baseball bat, he scans the place for possible trouble. After a few seconds of scanning, he spotted a flying figure ahead. It is somewhat reddish but it is still in the realm of the darkness so he can’t see it yet but he can he is sure that it is flying.

“Is that the mosquito species we encountered earlier?” Kyosei talked to himself.

His suspicions is now right when he saw the flying mosquitoes. It is reddish since it is the swelling thorax of these insects full of blood! Looking at the sleeping people behind him, he can’t let them wake up.

“Guess, I will do all the job,” Kyosei held his baseball bat and swings to the nearest mosquito.

Splish splat

Several pieces of the mosquito exploded and blood covers the baseball bat. It revealed the danger of the mosquitoes and rushes towards him! Kyosei did not flinch and attack repeatedly without a single pause. He also stomped some of the mosquitoes and blood is all over his feet, hands and some on his uniform. The floor is also not safe from the blood.

Repeating the same movement again and again, he finally killed most mosquitoes that he can pinpoint on. Kyosei’s face really show the fatigue that he can’t be sure if he will survive once more if the mosquitoes appeared. Good thing the wave of mosquitoes did not appear again. Looking at the others who are quietly resting, he cussed as he spit the saliva forming in his mouth.


Dogs howl in the distance. The group of students in the clocktower did not know what they are going to face later as the raging night continues to show its wrath.


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